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  1. Get some pretty slick discounts through the PGA PGM program at the University of Idaho so I think I'm gonna be a pretty happy guy these holidays. All white DryJoy Tours DryJoy Tour Short Sleeve Rain Shirt 6 pack of Titleist Perma Soft Gloves Couple Dozen of Pro V's I'll probably hit up the local Izod outlet store too. They make some great stuff for cheap.
  2. LeftyI'm off to U of Idaho to study Marketing and PGA Golf Management this fall. They have a nice University owned golf course right on campus, so I'll be able to play more than I have the last few years which is very exciting. My bag hasn't changed a ton since my sophomore year in HS (I'm 21), but I have made a few updates. Driver: Taylormade R5 N 9.5* Fuji Vista Pro Sixty S Shaft Fairway: Ping i15 3 Wood 15.5* Proforce AXIVcore Tour Red 79g S Hybrid: Adams A7 19* Proforce AXIVcore Black Hybrid 85G S Irons: Nike Pro Combo 4-PW DGS300 (Medallions removed) Wedges: Mizuno M
  3. Currently...47/51/56/60 but I got a 19* Adams A7 hybrid that I'm really liking, the only problem is the gap between that and my 4 iron (24*) is like 25 yards plus. Thinking of putting my 3 iron (21*) back in the bag and scaling back to a 3 wedge setup 47/52/58. Few brands offer 58*'s in lefty though but I'm thinking I might go with a pair of cg15's.
  4. Yup saw the same thing when demoing it at a local golf shop.It was pretty extreme too if I remember (it was a few weeks back). If anything the alignment aid on drivers should be printed slightly towards the toe.
  5. Not a huge fan of his swing actually, I like seeing a guy with bit more set at the top of the swing. Ernie actually casts the club on the transition quite a bit. It was good to seeing him play at an elite level again though, even if it wasn't for a very long stretch.
  6. Thanks wolf, these shuold be fine then because my fingers are on the shorter side.
  7. Hey guys, just was searching on ebay for some new golf gloves for next season when i came across a 6-pack of footjoy StaSof gloves. Their rh medium-large "Cadet" size, i was just wondering what is the difference between a reg size glove and a cadet sized glove.
  8. Yesterday, i decided to play a quick nine last night and it was an odd one at the least. When i got to the course i checked in and went straight to the tee....BAD IDEA. The greens had just been sanded( our greens crew seems to be very bad at sanding, very incosistent, alot of sand is some spots, not alot in others))..and it was so hard to judge the speed at first because the ball would not roll on the green but instead skip across somewhat. This led to a miissed birdie put on #1 from about 7 feet, a missed 5 footer for par on #2, a three-jack from 15 feet after leave it short in the bunker
  9. Shot 36 at an easy 9 hole local course ( 1 birdie, 1 bogey) Fairways- 1/7 Greens- 7/9 Putts-15
  10. My Setup: 15* 3 wood 20* hybrid 24* 4 iron 27* 5 iron 31* 6 iron 35* 7 iron 39* 8 iron 43* 9 iron 47* PW 52* GW 56* SW 60* LW
  11. Off the deck: these are whne these babies shine, probably the esiest to hit fairywood out there. Off the tee: your goin to have to tee them pretty low almost like an iron because of how shallow the face is, but if you can get past that they will do the job, just not as well as those deep faced fairway woods
  12. Here's mine: Driver: 245-265 3 wood: 230 20* hybrid: 195-205 4 iron: 185 5 iron: 175 6 iron: 165 7 iron: 155 8 iron: 145 9 iron: 135 pw: 125 52*: 110 56*: 85-95 60*: 75-80
  13. Wow, im suprised most varsity teams only play 9 hole matches..that sucks.Since we start the golf season in the spring, we always play 18 hole matches, 5-6 players, top 4 scores count. We some times have 2-day 36 hole invitationals and districts and a 36 hole state championship.
  14. I think it's great!!! I used to have a nike T60 but I don't have a fast enough swing speed to get it up in the air consistently off the deck. And seeing that i don't hit many 3 woods off the tee, i thought the adams would be perfect for me as it is the complete opposite of the T60- very easy to hit off the deck and not as great of the tee, which was exactly what i was looking for in a 3 wood.
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