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  1. FJ - large- grey and black stripe - $35 FJ - large- white and black stripe $35 Nike - xl - navy white black strip $25 Greyson - large- navy - $30 Greyson - large - purple $30 SOLD Greyson - large - white $20 (some discoloration around sleeve) Puma - xl - button down grey $30 RLX - xl - hard to find floral $40 Travis Mathews - xl - grey blue $25
  2. Titleist TS3 19* hybrid - $110 obo HZRDUS black shaft, see specs Plays to 41 inches High quality Robert Mark hybrid headcover $40 obo Scotty Cameron putter headcover - $30 great shape, Velcro still holds awesome Polos Greyson Blue (large) - $25 Grey Camo (XL) - $40 FJ (large) black and blue paisley - $35 Puma (XL) button down golf shirt - $25
  3. Jordan V - size 12 - $sold worn twice Scotty Cameron Futura 5W - $sold obo Brand new grip, black shaft, head cover lots of compliments on this one Scott Cameron Select Mallet 1 - $SOLD obo brand new grip let me know if my pricing isn’t fair, but based on what others have listed similar items for these are great deals. may be open to trades.
  4. Id learn to hit that 90 shot with 3-4 clubs in your bag. The feel and touch improvements from that alone should help in many aspects of your game.
  5. Would love to have seen video of the shot out of the tree.
  6. I was. For this one I was trying to just go with a dark bronze and not get carried away chasing the purples and blues from torching. Happy with the result.
  7. First up two custom scottys. Won’t be upset if neither sells, truly beautiful in person. A little disappointed in my picture taking. Happy to text better pics. First is a SC select mallet 1. Hasn’t been gamed since the changes. Includes brand new grip and headcover shown. Plays to 35 inches. $375 obo $335 obo Next is a SC Futura 5W. Again, brand new grip, not gamed since changes, includes headcover . Plays to 35 inches. $375 obo. $335 obo Jordan V golf shoes. Not trying to get rich re selling these. Worn once. Comfy but not my style. May even have receipt still. I
  8. Here is the end result. Not sure it’ll kick my gamer out of the bag (old golo in background) but really enjoyed the project. ended up doing two of them. And also a similar insert SC.
  9. Torched. Waiting on the aluminum piece to come back from powder coating.
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