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  1. This way of thinking is a big part of what's wrong with Golf, in my opinion: Too stodgy and full of itself. What is actually "toxic" about this banter? I think it adds some color and texture to a game that is sometimes way too "buttoned-down". I think that gentlemanly and civil conduct will always rise to the top and that we don't need to "intervene" or do something for the game to retain its class. In the meantime, it'll be great fun to see those two deal with themselves and each other while on the same team.
  2. Nance and Faldo and the CBS Golf producers should all be forced to watch that Nationwide commercial several times per hour, which is less than we have to.
  3. I think it's unfair to make fun of people because of something they can't help or were born with. What you wear, how you look, whether you bathe or not, and sounding preachy are fair game. You don't have to be a professional comedian to comment on these things. Just having fun.
  4. I'm not sure people are saying that acting calm and professional all the time is a bad thing. At the same time, the PGA and LPGA need to get over themselves and stop trying to present players as cookie-cutter versions of the perfect gentleman-gentlewoman. How arrogant and manipulative. I think the PGA Tour needs to be ok with more honest and likable or dislikable players; the game is made up of real people as players and fans. It's fun to have somebody controversial, if not dislikable.
  5. Are you serious? Forget to put the brake on? That's a very feeble argument in my opinion. Forgetting to put the break on is likely as forgetting to lay the bag down and leave it standing on end.
  6. I bought three pairs of cheapo left and right handed golf gloves do use when I'm outside walking the dogs, getting the mail, etc. I spray them down with peroxide for reuse. Is this Friday afternoon Covid-19 boredom, or what?
  7. And that zombie dragon was the greatest animal character in the history of film. Now, what was the topic of this thread again?
  8. The Ping Eye 2 irons and wedges of old worked so well because they were so ugly the ball couldn’t wait to get away from them. I love those irons. Something about that gnarly look gave me confidence. As for these 3.0 wedges, the round leading edge is a bit offputting for me but I love that high toe. I’m going to give them a try.
  9. Look at that crazy lag K. Aphibarnrat has in the 3rd pic he's in. Impressive
  10. Luck had nothing to do with Tiger keeping his ball dry on the 12th hole. He's smart enough to know that you put the ball in the middle of the green there and don't go directly at the pin on Sunday. Tiger consistently plays much smarter than his opponents. If there is any luck involved, remember that "luck is the residue of design".
  11. I wonder if a non- golfing president who's less impulsive would give the award to Tiger at this point in his career. Not saying he might not deserve it some time in his life, but this seems a bit early to me.
  12. Totally agree: the older TEE fairways had a sound and feel unmatched IMHO. Wish I still had my CB3 3W.
  13. All of this is only displaced resentment/jealousy that we are watching rather than playing. I know this because I'm a psychiatrist who's analytical skills are on fire right now...just "golfing my ball...." and having the "courage to go low..."
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