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  1. Bryson I guess. If Tiger has an exceptionally good day and his back holds up, good for him.
  2. Waited a month for a driver head cover, Fla. to Ohio. Seller shipped it two days after I had ordered. Tracking said, In transit Louisville KY, for like three weeks.
  3. I'm sure I lost some of my hearing from cranking VH back in the '80's. An explanation of Eddie's "Brown Sound": https://www.roland.co.uk/blog/guitarists-brown-sound/
  4. Counterfeit grips are a huge problem. Stopped buying them online except for Billy Bob's and GolfWorks. Forget Ebay and Amazon.
  5. The USPS performance slump reminds me of city gov't workers I see driving city gov't vehicles, slowly cruising around, milking the clock . . .
  6. I don't know why you post it here . . . I wouldn't say this is a heated topic. Outside of tournament play, I'd say golf is a leisure time activity. There. I've managed to get someone upset.
  7. Raycons are decent: https://rayconglobal.com
  8. Rick Shiels has a recent review of these in the black finish. Gorgeous!
  9. Twice a week is enough at my age. Ten years ago I'd probably said four times a week.
  10. Yes, Ruth Gordon was a good fit for that part.
  11. Usually a 56 for green side bunkers
  12. I keep a backup set, which is the one before my present set up. Club for club, the flexes, swing weights and lengths are the same, so there isn't a lot of difference. There might be half a clubs length difference in the newer irons. I almost never trade-in clubs because they don't give you squat for them, anyway.
  13. I'm waiting for the cardboard cut-out fans and dubbed cheers. At that point I won't watch any more. Never liked the canned laughter on television sitcoms, anyway.
  14. The Corolla is the 7th most stolen vehicle in the U.S. according to Insurify.
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