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  1. I appreciate fine things but I don't spend much on watches. I have a friend from high school who was robbed of his wallet and Rolex at an interstate gas station, so I don't like to advertise bling. Currently have a Fossil Q, Seiko Kinetic and Seiko Coutura Solar.
  2. There are other gross things. Like tour players finishing a round, remove their hat, run their hand through their sweaty hair, then use the same hand to shake hands with everybody.
  3. If the car already has a luggage rack, I'm having trouble conceptualizing what the golf club carrier would look like. If it's a period piece it must be pretty rare.
  4. I'm a walker and usually play 9. At 67 years, it just feels right, and I have the rest of the day to do other stuff.
  5. I wish there was a modern equivalent of Gene Sarazen narrating the game. I love hearing him on the old Shell's WWOG.
  6. The blue ones are hardest for me. If the ball lands in the shade I can't see the green ones well, either. In the higher cuts, dandelion flowers hide yellow balls and dandelion seed heads make it hard to find white balls because they're white and round, too. Pink or orange colors stand out more for me.
  7. Why blame Cobra when there aren't any manufacturers out there that can build what he wants? And if they could build such a club, it most likely wouldn't conform to the rules of golf.
  8. I don't have enough ego to be "club shamed", and I feel sorry for anyone that would feel that way, regardless of handicap. Hit what works best for you and critics be damned . . . real or imagined.
  9. My physical stats are practically identical to yours. I have a longish torso, so shirt tails have always been a problem. Over the years I've gone to being untucked in sport shirts designed to be that way. My wife got me a PGA Tour Pro Series shirt from JC Penny for my birthday sized XLT which looks and fits great. I plan to get more of them.
  10. If you feel uncomfortable teeing off on tight fairways and are less confident with a 3 wood, I'd go with the Ping. If you can't hit the diameter of a nickel coin in the middle of the face consistently, go with the Ping.
  11. Thanks for the few responses here. It's rather telling that there aren't many 60's+ bikers, at least in this discussion forum, and I get it. I suppose I should appreciate the fact that I'm relatively healthy at my age and should try to stay that way. It wouldn't be good for my wife to end up caring for me if I ended up in a debilitating accident. I have to think of her as we age together and I suppose it would be selfishness on my part to do otherwise. We're both in our late 60's. Discussing the matter with my wife and kids produced stronger pushback than I anticipated, in a kind of lovi
  12. Golf is like billiards in that every shot is a calculation of multiple factors, but even more complex because of the added dimension of loft, wind direction and lie, among other things. It truly is a game played on a 5 1/2 inch course between your ears, as a famous golfer said. Despite my best mental calculations, I'm at the total mercy of my swing and hope for the best. I suppose that hope is what sustains me in this game.
  13. That's the rub, isn't it? And it's all subjective with regard to risk/reward. I live on the outer fringe of town with easy access to quiet country roads. While that's no guarantee of safety, I feel it's worth the risk. I have a coworker my age who was laid up for six months from a horse riding accident. He couldn't wait to get back in the saddle. Maybe we're both fools.
  14. I'll bet his bike looks pristine, too.
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