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  1. The typical problem in the past with oversize grips was weight, and how you had to compensate with tip weights. Years ago I was playing Avon Chamois oversize at 66 grams, until Winn came out with the DryTac oversize at 50 grams. Good to see JumboMax has jumbo grips that aren't heavy. I'll have to check them out.
  2. I was never the proverbial Club Ho but at one time I had six bags. Before a round I would find myself spending a ridiculous amount of time pondering which clubs I'd like to take. Four years ago I got fed up and donated four bags to the local high school boy's golf team. Now it's my main bag with a travel/guest bag in reserve. So nice to just grab and go.
  3. Callaway, because their bore-through irons couldn't be bent for lie, and I was too cheap to buy new at the time.
  4. I would love it if my wife was scratch. As it is, she doesn't care much for golf. She used to accompany me on the course because she liked the walk, but after a while she figured out I was using her as a caddie more than a companion, so that was the end of that.
  5. Well, if anything some seniors may find these appealing. IMO, a beginner should start with something harder to hit than hybrid irons.
  6. My son is 24. He came up through the youth leagues but no one advised him to switch to the left along the way.
  7. Sounds like it's time to get some LH clubs. My youngest son is a lefty but swings the bat right-handed. I tried swinging a LH driver once (I'm a righty) and it just felt too weird.
  8. I went to Recoils this year and love them. I'm 67, have been playing Ping G's with XP 95's in soft reg. with a swing weight of D2. My swing speed has slowed a bit so I bought the Recoils (660 F2) in A flex. They're +1/2 and swing weighted to D0. Dispersion is good (my main concern) and I've picked up around 10-12 yards with the 6 iron. They feel good, too.
  9. I bought a 6 iron to try out but I didn't have the swing speed for it. While I found it was a club short in my case, the dispersion was tight and I was impressed how forgiving it was. A 20 HC player could play them well if their swing speed is up there.
  10. Adams - Hybrids. Lot of guys still play them. RIP Adams.
  11. Hybrid for me is literally a "rescue" club in that they've replaced the long irons I don't have the swing speed for any more. At 67 years, my longest iron is a 6. I relate to them more as a wood type club but with more control since the shafts are a little shorter.
  12. I agree. I was being satirical. Courses play long enough as it is.
  13. Exactly. I was being satirical regarding longer courses.
  14. I get the impression this is a Bryson thing. They don't want a new generation of "Iron Mikes" driving the ball 370 yards. All they need are longer courses.
  15. The grinding I did was on Tommy Armour 855's from the 1990's. Admittedly, stainless steel and not chrome. Solved the problem. Not exactly like you're grinding wedge soles . . .
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