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  1. Can anyone recommend a brand of golf short that carries 12" inseams? Oakley Take 2.5 were a perfect fit for me and some of the older Adidas styles also had 12" inseams, but those styles are no longer available. Thanks.
  2. Thanks guys, really appreciate all the feedback!
  3. We've got a foursome going to the Masters this year for the Tuesday practice round. We'll be driving, so the question is: how early do you need to get to the course to take advantage of the free parking adjacent to ANGC? Thanks.
  4. So to celebrate our retirement, a buddy and I want to head to the 2014 Masters. In doing some research, it looks like a variety of package tour companies provide Thurs/Fri round packages starting around $4k. We're okay with spending up to $5k each if necessary. We plan to drive to Augusta, so only need the lodging/tournament package for Thurs/Fri rounds. I am looking for any recommendations from Masters veterans on travel vendors that you'd recommend (or not recommend) that provide the most bang for the buck, best service, etc. Thanks!
  5. Tour Edge Exotics cb1 three wood - five years and counting..........
  6. No problem......I have a set of these irons which were bent 1 degree upright when I ordered them via Discount Dans.
  7. I have sweaty hands as well and have been playing Perma Wrap Classics for years. Not as pricy as other grips and very durable as well.
  8. I am a tweener as well and have played UST shafts over the years. Contact Jamie Pipes at UST. You can find his contact info at the UST website. He has been very helpful to me in the past.
  9. Was at the range yesterday demoing some possible new drivers. Because I am a "tweener" who usually seems to end up tipping regular shafts to firm them up, demoing drivers never seems to be an exact science for me. Most recently, tipped Proforce V2 75 and the Aldila VS Proto 65 shafts have been my shafts of choice in my most recent drivers. That said, the driver that intrigued me the most yesterday was the Ping Rapture v2 with the Diamana Blue stiff. When I made a perfect, agressive swing, this thing hit some of the best drives of my life. Perfect ballflight, carry and longer that anythin
  10. Thanks, Kurt, will check these guys out.......
  11. It has been a long winter and based on a few sessions at the range this month, the swing needs a serious tune-up. I am looking for suggestions on a golf pro in SE Mich anyone would recommend, preferably on the Eastside. Your thoughts?
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