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  1. The install was done by my local shop. It fits the current ZX model drivers
  2. Below is a list of each item including prices srixon ZX 3 utility with Tour AD 95X and will include stiff recoil $old Srixon ZX7 4-PW with Nippon Modus Tour 120x great shape and normal bag chatter-$old Cleveland Zipcore Raw 50,54,58 with Tour Issue Spinners $old Tour AD IZ 5X with Srixon adapter plays 44.25" in ZX5 Driver has some paint wear $135 Tour AD HD 7X with Taylormade adapter plays 44.75" in SIM2 only used about 10 rounds $225
  3. As the title says this driver is meant and I have used it about 5 rounds. Driver is 10.5 and has a Riptide 6.5X. Only reason I'm switching is the mini driver works better for my game. I paid $499 plus tax and will take $375 shipped including headcover.
  4. It’s a very solid putter and to me sets up better than any of the phantom x stuff of the past. With the retail 11.5 not having a slant neck it makes the H20 a little more desirable in my opinion. It will hold me over until they start making the CT version in other colors.
  5. Looking to move my extra driver. Driver is 10 degrees, plays 44.5” and includes cover. I have used it off and on for roughly 2 months and driver still looks great. Sold
  6. Looking to move my QB10. I got the putter from the hive about a month ago and played 4 rounds with it. Putter is 33.5”,360g head, and has black shaft Great putter but I just putt better with dass compared to carbon. Asking $1150 obo
  7. Looking to move an extra putter. The SS28 has been used 2 rounds and mostly looks new. Plays at 34” and has a new golf pride classic grip. Price includes stock cover $old
  8. Both clubs have very minimal play on them and are in great shape. I’m not looking for any trades and could drop shipping cost on one if you want both together. All prices are shipped Sim UDI 3 iron with thump 90 stiff shaft and tour velvet align grip-$old Spider FCG plays at 33.75” long and has golf pride grip comes with spider x cover also-$old
  9. Looking to move my Inspired by JT and extra JYD cover. Everything is brand new and the putter has only been rolled on my indoor putting mat. I was lucky enough to pick the putter up from the very few the Gallery received but it just doesn’t set up well for me. Putter was cut to 33.75” and new grip installed while I was at the gallery. Not looking to make a bunch of cash like other guys I’m really just looking to get my money back out of it. $1200 shipped for everything. If using paypal g&s I will ask for the 3% fee to be added.
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