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  1. Watch out for all the tweakers in Lakeview!lol! Oh and the bugs certain times of the year can be insane! I recall a junior tournament where we had to play practice rounds in the evening with towels over our mouths to keep from swallowing bugs. However with that said you are about 2 hours from some amazing courses in Central Oregon and about 4 hours from Bandon so within driving distance of some world class golf courses. Running Y is definitely the best option to play around there.
  2. NO chance in hell he catches Phil let alone Tiger. Morikawa could potentially be that guy because he is so well rounded and doesn't seem to rack up a lot of injuries.
  3. NEVER!!!lol! Always based off of what performs best and that has always been different from the irons I am playing throughout my golfing life.
  4. 2019 Masters. Was the first Masters I watched with my son and who didn't enjoy seeing Tiger win another one?!
  5. 10/100 so far. Mostly in Oregon / Washington / California / Hawaii Totally disagree with the rankings for the Bandon courses Trails is my favorite. I do enjoy Pacific Dunes as well though. Not a fan of Old Mac or Bandon. Looking forward to playing sheep ranch. COVID & kids threw a major ranch in chipping away at these lists.
  6. Still chasing my first after 30+ years playing. Get this in HS we had a course that had a 90-105 yard par 3 over water with a severe slope from back to front. Flew the ball in the cup on 3 separate occasions only to have it pop out and spun it back into the flag another 3 times. Hit a 4 iron in the cup from 215 on a par 3 and it kicked out. I used to joke with my Grandpa when he was alive that he used up all the families hole in ones. He had 9 when he passed away and my Uncle and I have 80 years old golf between us and zero hole in ones. Thanks Gramps!lol!
  7. They teased us a bit with the Cantlay special one off. I am praying they release it in all grips next season?!
  8. I also play the 6X in my driver and 7X in my 3 wood. They beat out the trusty AD DI 7X & 8X that was in the bag forever. I have the 9X HB Blue in my DI and 3 hybrid and have zero complaints.
  9. SuperStroke Pistol GT/GTR 2.0 Hands down. Now if they'd bring the all black version it would be amazing.
  10. I play $-Tapers 130's in my irons and KBS 610 wedge shafts and have a Ventus Blue HB 9X in my Callaway UT and love it.
  11. Title says it all if you have one I will take it. Message me if you have either.
  12. I have a good buddy who signed his son up in Utah and has had nothing but great feedback. Can't wait until my little guy is old enough. Already hitting balls like a maniac at home at 2.5
  13. SM4 or 5 I can't recall. However they got me back from Taylormade once the SM6's came out and I have had SM6's, SM7's and SM8's since. Although if Taylormade's new MG3's are as soft as they sound they might have some competition.
  14. It's going to be hard to beat this year's version (SIM2). I switched from a M3 and it barely got beat out by the SIM2. Always excited for new releases but once I find a driver that works it's is in the bag for a while.
  15. I typically have heard use the same shaft you use in your irons. It depends on what you do with your gap wedge however I typically like to hit partial GW's to help me flight wedges or to hit a yardage and with the matching iron shaft I haven't had a lot of success. I recently switched to the KBS 610 wedge shafts and love them. They give me stability on full shots and feel on partial shots as well as the trajectory I am looking for. Could use a little more spin but if I can get 3/4 things I am looking for in a wedge shaft I can adjust the ball I play to make up the difference.
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