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  1. Currently playing M3 10.5* with Graphite Design Tour AD DI 7X @ 45" and swing weight of D5 & TS2 15* with Graphite Design TOur AD DI8X at 43" with a swing weight of D5 Wondering what Ventus shafts you would recommend that might get a little higher launch without added spin. Playing in the PACNW I can use as much carry as possible for the soft fairways. Also trying to figure out whether I should order a SIM2 or SIM2 MAX in a 10.5* /15* the data below is from a fitting I did with Club Champion a while back.
  2. Can we get a retro TW13 & TW14 in all the color ways please?!
  3. Also still have the Graphite Design Tour AD DI shafts as backups. Just in case.
  4. I am ordering new clubs for the 2021 Season and I have a pretty good understanding of my specs. Here is some trackman data from my last fitting. What I am wondering about is I have access to order a new Driver, 3 wood and hybrid and I am unable to get fit locally and wondering what ventus I should order? AS you can see I could use a little help in the launch area but a little less spin. What I am pondering right now is do I order the SIM 2 Max or SIM 2 in a 10.5 with a Ventus Black 6X untipped or Ventus Blue 6X untipped. Same goes for 3 wood do I order a SIM2 or SIM 2 MAX in a 15* with a Ventu
  5. Callaway, Cobra (I really want to like Cobra just doesn’t suit my eye), Ping. Pretty much stick with Taylormade, Titleist and this season Miura is going in for the first time.
  6. Looking for a set of irons until my Miuras get here in Mid April to keep the rust off until they arrive. Don't want to spend a ton of money as they will be a practice set mainly.
  7. I'd want a tour caddy to read all the greens. Had a guy caddy for me at Chambers Bay that caddied on the LPGA and the guy saved me so many strokes on the greens during my round. Including a 60+ foot putt. I have never chunked so many approach shots in my life and still somehow shot 76 from the tips!lol! Then probably at least 3-4 Mulligans per hole. Being in the fairway would be a must attacking tour pins and you would definitely want a mulligan in your pocket (or 2) for those speedy tour greens.
  8. I am finally moving off my M3 10.5 with a AD DI 7X Black. Until 2021 I hadn't been able to find anything to beat it or justify beating it. SIM 2 with Ventus Black 6X did just that. Test and compare that's your best bet. If the new stuff doesn't justify the purchase then stick with what works.
  9. I prefer the $-tapers. X100 feel like I am working way too hard to swing. I get a better trajectory myself with the $-tapers. With that said I tried them in my wedges and they were a no go and went with DG TI S400's. $-tapers are smooth IMO. It's the perfect blend of KBS Tour and C-Taper IMO. $-tapers have solved the what iron shaft should I play question for several years now. If you can swallow the price they are really solid.
  10. Miura TC-201 for me. Anxiously waiting on a set but fell in love with it when I got fit for them.
  11. You’re on golfwrx of course it’s better!lol! Just from address it looks way better!!
  12. 245-250 off the deck. Off the tee it really depends on how wet it is living in the PACNW it can either plug in the ground or roll 15-20 yards. Id say 260 would be a good average off the tee with it getting closer to 275 in the summer time.
  13. Could be April before I get my irons in but here’s what’s on order for the 2021 season: SIM 2 10.5 Ventus Black 6X SIM 2 MAX 15* Ventus Blue 7X SIM 2 Max 19* Ventus Blue HB 9X Miura TC-201 4-PW KBS $-Taper 130’s Vokey SM8 Raw DG TI S400 46/50/54/58 Taylormade Juno TP (Old Trusty) 2021 Taylormade TP5X
  14. Thanks for the input. Forgot I had a buddy who works for a custom golf shop and am getting a fitting to find out what’s best for me.
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