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  1. I get half my towel wet and leave the other half dry. Then have a brush or a tee to clean grooves as needed. The wet portion of the towel helps clean my clubs and the ball.
  2. I went Miura TC 201’s but also have a set of MC-501’s and Nike VR TW blades that I rotate in.
  3. Super stroke Pistol GTR 2.0 I wish they made a completely blacked out grip but I make due as it just fits my hand and feels comfortable.
  4. I play KBS $-taper 130 irons and have tried nunberous KBS wedge shafts and I always end up going to DG tour issue S400’s in my wedges. Just familiar and solid on partial shots. Something about them just bring a consistency to my short game and they stand up to full swings.
  5. I switch back and forth between a TP Juno and my Spider X. Had my lowest round ever with the spider x but I don’t think it would have mattered what putter I used that day. When the greens are slower I usually go with the spider x when the greens are faster I lean on the Juno.
  6. I’m going for a set of TC-201’s 3-PW & a set of MC-501’s 3-PW and will compare. From my initial testing with fitting clubs only the TC-201 felt better and performed better for me hands down. Ball speed and distance was drastically different on most hit shots and solid shots. TC-201 felt easier to hit and more forgiving for me. Got such a good deal on them the MC-501’s will be a once in a blue moon type of set unless blending them makes sense down the road and my ball striking improves.
  7. I love NW Golf Guys and Travis is awesome. They run a great tourney. However I don't like the 6 hour+ rounds. However they have a ton of great players and courses. Very fun club. Also nice that you can request your own foursome if you have enough buddies to fill it up regularly. Makes the 6 hours more fun in my opinion. I have been interested in the OGA events however they always seem to be on work days. I am pondering joining Club Green Meadows one for the cost, secondly it is a few minutes from my house and it's a course that would require me to work the ball both way
  8. If you haven't been go check the place out! Looks like a totally different place compared to Smitty's (Formerly). Updated equipment and launch monitors (GC Quad), Beer, Great repair shop.
  9. Dicks and Golf Galaxy here locally have gone to $#!T here in the Portland area. Used to have some solid knowledgeable staff and now it seems like anyone who knew anything was let go or fired. I have given up both other than browsing to either decide what I want to buy online or order thru my local golf shop. Forget these big box stores don't waste your time! #supportyourlocalgolfshop
  10. Trails is my favorite although I haven’t played SR yet.
  11. 8X is definitely stout as I believe it falls closer to 90 grams is memory serves correct. Have you considered Tipping a 7X if you liked the feel and weight. You could go as much as 2” in the tip and knock some spin off. Or have you watched the TXG video on the Ventus red that they tipped 2”?
  12. I saw that and if they had the pistol 2.0 I’d have no problem putting that on.
  13. Love this grip but I hate the white on them. Tried using vinyl / interior spray as others have done and it left the grip slick and not the feel I prefer. I have played the red & black GTR 2.0 since they came out and my stash has run dry and looking for something in all black. Anyone have any luck with finding something similar?
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