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  1. M3 stayed in the bag for a long time. However the SIM2 has been even better for me. R7 425 TP was pretty bad a** too.
  2. I am loving mine! Played 3 rounds last weekend and have zero complaints. Softer than any of the MG series wedges and I can hit any shot I want to with them. Great wedges and so good they kicked the SM8’s out of the bag.
  3. Man I have always had great experiences at Pronghorn. Course is always in tip top shape. However this time of year and spring time I always ask about punched greens due to being burned too many times in the PACNW. However never had this issue at Pronghorn as the course is usually pristine. Especially the private side.
  4. It all depends on what the course is going to require. I have a Driving Iron (2 iron 19*), 3 Hybrid (20*) and 4 iron that all get used depending on course and how I am hitting the ball that day.
  5. Only difference between the generations of TM wedges is feel in my opinion. I played the original MG1’s and then switched to SM7’s, SM8’s and now MG3’s. Haven’t had enough time with the MG3’s to say whether they are better than the SM8’s but the only thing Vokey has on the new MG3’s is more bounce options. If money’s not an issue let him pick and go somewhere he can demo several wedges and let him choose which one feels and looks the best to his eye.
  6. MG1 new would do the trick but I’d consider adding 2 degrees of loft to the hi toe in order to gap the wedges better and not have to buy another wedge. This would put his clubs at 46* PW , 50* GW, 54* SW & 58* LW in the high toe. Extra bounce won’t hurt either in a junior player.
  7. If only it was that simple!lol! I am in the PACNW and rarely see a tourney sub 5 hours here no matter what group you play with unless it is at a private course.
  8. The time commitment for competitive golf is what kills me. 5-6 hour rounds are just painful. Love the competition always have just can’t handle how long a competitive round takes. Even the club I belong to you can request to play with specific members and even with a great group of buddies it’s painful to wait after every shot.
  9. 14 way is the only way to keep things organized in my opinion!lol! Every club has a home then.
  10. LASIK Surgery and whatever you like best after that. Best money I’ve ever spent. I struggled with rx sunglasses and golfing.
  11. Had no issues at all with them and had them in my sets of irons since they came out. I’m my opinion it’s a better finish than the black onyx finish on the S400.
  12. Still can’t do it. I just recently started being able to do adidas and Nike and it still feels weird!lol!
  13. Taylormade TP5X since they came out and haven't looked back since. Prior to that it was the Nike X version of their tour ball which I played religiously until I ran out of them.
  14. Had some of the best experiences and worst getting paired with random people over the years. A coworker and I went out late for a twilight round and got paired up with a stick and we proceeded to have a battle between the 3 of us the whole round. Insanely well matched up and all of us were sub 5 handicaps. Was highly enjoyable and we all finished within 1 shot of each other. Also got paired up with randoms at Torrey Pines and got to play with a local Father & Son and a Navy Seal. Two of us had never played the course so the locals helped tremendously and the vibe in the group was AMAZING! One of the best rounds outside of the PACNW. Any round where the rest of the group is not keeping up with the pace of play drives me crazy! My buddies and I play fast and have even phased out buddies who can't play fast. Those would be the worst rounds in my opinion. I don't have 6 hours to spend playing 18 holes. It is also why I do not play in tournaments any longer.
  15. Troutdale and PDX are the worst!! Don’t know how many times I’ve had to drive out to the hub and just get it myself because they can’t get their sh*t together.
  16. I have been playing the $-Taper 130's for some time now and love them. I just recently started using the KBS 610 Wedge shaft in the S+ flex and love it. Gives me the mid trajectory wedges I am looking for and pairs great with my irons and mid trajectory Ventus Blue shafts in my woods. I struggled with $-Tapers in my wedges also and tried KBS tours, DG TI S400's and just wasn't getting the results I wanted but so far so good with the 610's.
  17. I would say either a 5 wood turned down a bit or a 4 wood with a high launching shaft that keeps the spin in an acceptable range. You would need something like a Tour AD DI HY shaft or something else high launching and maybe a touch weak in flex for your swing to get the height and soft landing you're looking for.
  18. I have been playing this season with the ZX-7's with $-taper 130's and really like them alot. The V sole helps me as I am a steeper swinger and tend to take some monster divots. I just got last week my set of Miura TC-201's with the same shafts. Now bear in mind it's been raining here in the PACNW so the turf is soft and this season is also the least amount of golf I have played in sometime. Most likely swing related and lack of reps in this case but the Miuras take some huge divots and I notice a huge dip in ball speed and distance on off center hits. Also caught quite a few thin resulting in the low screamers. When you do catch the center they are pretty damn hard to beat however these might go into the closet until late spring when it warms up and dries out a bit before I can actually put them through their paces. I was going to sell the ZX-7's but they are just so good for me I removed them from ebay and will be taking them on a golf trip to Central Oregon next weekend.
  19. funny how things work out that way sometimes!!lol!
  20. This thread reminded me to check the BB&F site and scored 2 sets of them!
  21. Where did you score the Rico's? Beend looking for these forever! Love this ferrule design. PM me if you got a line on some extras.
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