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  1. Looking for up to 5 dozen. Thanks!
  2. Selling a set of FH1000s. Some of the best blades ever, just absolutely fell in love with some i210s and don’t want to stray. 3-PW Modus 105 X. 5-P regripped with MCC Mids and lengthened to play +1/2”. Pics are of the 8 iron as it has the most wear. Looking for $550 shipped, obo. As far as trades go im interested in DH89/Anser putters DM me any offers or if you have any questions!
  3. Selling a beautiful Toulon Atlanta in fantastic shape. 35” with a Stability Tour shaft and SS Claw Grip. Pics tell the story. Looking for $275 obo plus shipping or will trade for another flow neck putter. I also have a weight kit I will include for $45. Don’t hesitate to message me with any questions!
  4. I have a freshly pulled head, 2 iron loft, standard L+L. Used rarely on course so very little wear besides one toe mark from a lie in the rough that was a little deceiving. Great club, just no real need for it. I also have the stock shaft (pictured) with a UTX midsize grip. Will throw in the shaft for $25 plus whatever the difference in shipping is. Looking for $145 shipped for the head OBO. Willing to listen on trades, putters or 3 woods preferred (even head only). If you have any questions let me know!
  5. Set is 6-P 770, 5i 790. Offset on the 790 5 iron blended better than the 770 to my eye. The clubs were used maybe 4-5 range sessions, 8 iron was used the most and shows little wear. Most other clubs were likely used for under 20 shots. BBF ferrules, UTX midsize grips, TI S400s +1” (pulled from my past set so a couple labels show some wear). All club building was done professionally at a local shop. Clubs are great but I can’t move away from the Ping shape. Face pics are P-8, 7-5. Looking for $850 shipped but will trade for ping or PXG irons (+1/2 or longer). If you have any q
  6. First up is a TS4 head, in awesome shape. Got the head on here and haven’t hit it yet - Titleist heads just don’t appeal to my eye. Headcover included Looking for $225 shipped - SOLD TS Hybrid Weight Kit Not too sure what market price is for these - I guess $75 shipped? If you buy the driver head and kits I’ll knock $25 off - SOLD Prices are OBO, interested in flow neck putters or 3 woods for trades. Thanks!
  7. Just listed mine on the BST. Need a little more heel relief personally with that wide of a sole. Very impressive wedge, I just think the M grind is perfect for me.
  8. Up first is the highlight of the show, SM8 Wedgeworks Raw Low-Bounce K grind. Absolutely incredible grind, paired with a BB&F Ferrule and Onyx TI S400. This is +1” with an Lamkin UTX grey grip. Used for literally 1 round, a little too low bounce for the soggy PNW. Looking for $200 plus shipping SOLD 2nd item is a SC Pistolero. Nearly new, pulled from a putter that was lightly used before switching to a Superstroke. Looking for $25 plus shipping. SOLD if you have any questions feel free to PM me!
  9. I’m a fan of Uniqlo but just an FYI Adam Scott wears Lululemon pants. I will say my pair of Uniqlo pants was pretty good but the Old Navy pants mentioned above are some of the best pants I’ve worn. Up there with the Nike 5 pocket as the best pant I own.
  10. Sooo... your assumption over one shot you saw on TV over numerous personal experiences? I would take them over my hard spike shoes any day of the week.
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