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  1. I’m a fan of Uniqlo but just an FYI Adam Scott wears Lululemon pants. I will say my pair of Uniqlo pants was pretty good but the Old Navy pants mentioned above are some of the best pants I’ve worn. Up there with the Nike 5 pocket as the best pant I own.
  2. I play +1 so fresh or over length preferred. Thanks!
  3. Sooo... your assumption over one shot you saw on TV over numerous personal experiences? I would take them over my hard spike shoes any day of the week.
  4. Head only preferred but will take a whole club as well
  5. Seamus or similar preferred but will entertain others.
  6. Prefer M or D grind though I would likely take an S grind. Thanks!
  7. Prefer blades but not picky. Thanks!
  8. I haven’t played Harding but have played both courses at the O and Lake Merced. LM is a solid track, it’s been a bit but I felt like it was a well designed course. #4 will most likely kick you in your teeth!
  9. Looking for a hybrid (older ok/preferred) with a 85g+ shaft. Chipped paint etc is ok
  10. 770s are pretty forgiving, I don’t think you’ll have an issue!
  11. Damn I wish that HZRDUS Green was a little cheaper. Freaking dream shaft
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