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  1. Quick sale today. I ship USPS. Thanks! 1) New Level 902 irons 5-Pw with DG X100 shafts. Specs are +1/2 inch and 1 degree upright. Just had lofts and lies checked and adjusted and they're on spec. Used for approximately 1.5 seasons and show wear expected from soft forging. One nick on the PW shown in separate picture. Just making room for a set of new New Level irons this year! These irons have had the longest tenure in my bag for the last 10 years or so (I'm a hoe so 1.5 years is a long time). Looking for $350 $320 shipped OBO. It wouldn't hurt my feelings too bad if these didn't sell and I had them in the backup bag. Thanks!
  2. TSI3 3 wood X stiff. Thank you.
  3. Two items for sale today. I ship USPS. Thanks! 1) Srixon ZX 3 wood 15 degrees with Aldila NV 75X shaft. Only used 2 rounds but took an unfortunate nick off a cart path. Very minimal and of course no impact to performance but wanted to note. I'll also send the shaft that came with it which is Tensei White 7TX and it comes with HC. Shaft just might need cleaned on the tip area. Length shown in picture. $160---$150 shipped OBO. 2) New Level NLU-01 utility iron 21 degrees with real deal Fuji Atmos Black TS 9x hybrid shaft ordered from Will Peoples. Very good condition. Thing is a rocket launcher. I'll also send with the stock shaft that came with it which is the RDX Black 6.5. Length shown in pic. $160---$140 shipped OBO.
  4. Contemplating this to replace my trusty Rescue 11 hybrid that I've had in the bag for almost 10 years now. Looks very similar! I've always been a fan of the Adams hybrid look and this one checks a lot of boxes.
  5. Dang that PD looks cleannnnnnnnn
  6. Mint condition Srixon ZX7 driver 9.5 with Ventus Black 7X. Ordered straight from Srixon at 44.5” and used 3 rounds. Came standard with 8 and 4 gram weight but this comes with an extra 12g weight. Standard GP Tour Velvet grip +1 wrap. Comes with headcover. SOLD shipped OBO. Thanks!
  7. Correct. Exactly my point. If your goal is to shoot your best score every time, and not necessarily just go out to enjoy the game and play clubs you have fun playing, GI type irons might be best for you bc we all have off days. I’ve learned to just scrape it around and get up and down on those days lol
  8. My mindset has changed on this. To me it comes down to understanding what of 2 things is most valuable to you. 1) Shooting the lowest score possible every time you play, or 2) Just getting out to enjoy the game of golf. If your goal is to shoot the lowest score possible, it makes sense to use something that is more helpful on off days so your misses are "better". If your goal is to just enjoy the game of golf (like mine is now) - I just want to play something I enjoy hitting and buy from companies I like supporting (i.e. DTC companies like New Level, Sub70, Snell, Vice, etc.) Sometimes to people that means playing blades for that butter feeling when you strike it perfect or when you have a great ball striking day, and the value of customer service and personal interaction with owners like Eric from New Level is much more valuable to me than buying from a big company with crappy customer service for marginal (if any) performance gains. Play what you fit into and if your optimal setup for low score happens to align with what gives you the most enjoyment, it's a win-win!
  9. I'm interested in these and the 902 OS. My 902's are legitimately my favorite irons I've ever owned but can always use a little more help in the long irons.
  10. Got it. In terms of high and soft flight and playability off the turf, it doesn't get any better than the new Mizuno STZ 3 wood IMO. HIGHLY recommend. It went TOO high for me which is why I ditched it.
  11. Wait - how often do you have to hit something high that lands soft from 270?!?
  12. Looking like I'll be ordering a set of Sub70 699 Pro in the near future. Not that the prices are high (at all), but just curious - does Sub70 run any sort of Black Friday deals at all? I'll be buying regardless but just wondering if I should hold off (no rush)
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