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  1. Looking at experimenting with a 5 wood. No particular model or brand in mind. Just has to be X flex 75 gram or more and has to be adjustable. Thanks!
  2. Now that I’m thinking it out - it almost sounds like I could just swap out the 18 degree for something like a 21 or 22 degree and have close to the same effect but better gapping. It’d be 275 carry 3w, 245 carry 18 degree hybrid, probably 230 carry 4 DI, then 215 carry 5 iron. That seems like it makes much more sense and would still give me an iron to hit off the tee but probably more versatile into greens with extra loft (it’s a New Level NLU-01). Lots of options and great feedback in this thread!
  3. Does anyone who moved away from the DI use a hybrid off the tee at all? I will say back when I was playing more competitions my tee club was 3 wood but now I’m playing more recreational golf and member tourneys they’re almost always from the white tees so I don’t need the 3 wood as much and can get away scraping it around with a 245-250 carry. Just never tried the hybrid off the tee. That’s kind of why I’m thinking driver, 3 wood, 5 wood, 4 hybrid, then 5 iron. 5 wood would be my new club tee which should help for versatility and gapping. Man I wish we could have 15 clubs!
  4. Trying to figure out my bag for this year and the club(s) between 5 iron and 3 wood always throws me for a loop. I currently go 5 iron, 3 hybrid (19 degree), 2 iron (18 degree) then 3 wood. The hybrid and 2 iron fly the same distance but are for different things so there’s a gap I need to address. Curious if others have had this same issue and what you ended up going to as a setup. I’m thinking I should go 3 wood, 5 wood, 4 hybrid (21 degree-ish) then 5 iron. Won’t have that club for stingers or fairway finders but would have versatility and yardages covered. Just wondering what others have do
  5. 1) Krank F11 LD club 4 degree with Fujikura FlyWire 3X. Plays at 48” and has a counter weight inserted to reduce the overall swing weight. Comes with the JumboMax UltraLite Small grip (like new - 1/2 session). Excellent condition only used indoors. Comes with headcover. I’ll also throw in their Fujikura Groove 3X as well as I got both to test out. $300—$250 shipped OBO. 2) Mizuno CLK hybrid 19 degree with Tensei CK Blue 70S. Very good condition used 1/2 season. Comes with headcover. $160—$140 shipped OBO. 3) Juan Putt long putter 46”. Good overall condition. A lot of people u
  6. Accra TZ6 fairway shaft M5 flex with Callaway left handed tip on it. Comes with midsize Lamkin grip. 42” tip to grip. $175—$140 shipped OBO. Thanks!
  7. 1) Bobby Grace Amazing Grace NYC Edition 35” with Flat Top grip. Has radial face technology. Comes with headcover. Top line and face are mint but the bottom has a couple of nicks. Retails for $425. Selling today for $175 SOLD shipped OBO. Thanks!
  8. TXG did a video on it in a UI. Highly recommend watching that if you’re in the market!
  9. Last year I tried the Titleist, Taylormade, Callaway, and HMB but I gotta say - I think the New Level NLU-01 is the best of the bunch. Pair that with the ability to add a Ventus hybrid shaft and you have an awesome cannon of a driving iron for around $225. Best value best performer out there IMO.
  10. I’m going to go Ventus Black 10TX for no reason other than the fact I have Ventus in my driver and 3 wood. This shaft is good enough for me but I’m just a ho
  11. Quick sale today. Going to buy the same club but with a different shaft! It’s my favorite driving iron I’ve ever owned and I’ve had all the big guns (Titleist, Taylormade, Ping, HMB). Thanks! 1) New Level NLU-01 18 degree (1 degree strong to 17) with PX Hzrdus Smoke 100 6.5. -1/2” (for easier center strikes) standard lie. Thing is an absolute cannon. Great shape. $140 SOLD shipped OBO.
  12. A few things to sell today. Thanks for looking! 1) Srixon ZX5/7 combo set. ZX5 5-6 and ZX7 7-PW new in wrapper Project x 6.5 LZ standard golf pride tour velvet grips 1 degree flat, standard loft and standard length. $950—SOLD shipped OBO. 2) Taylormade P790 UDI 3 iron with Accra iSeries 100x. Plays at 4 iron length. Looking for $200 shipped OBO. 3 Taylormade P7 MC 8 iron practically new. KBS $taper 130X standard everything. $110 shipped. 4) Titleist TS3 3 wood with Hzrdus Smoke RDX Black 70 6.5. Plays at 42.5 very good condition. No headcover. $200—$175-
  13. Wish standard PX was a stock offering. Thinking that would be the shaft for me to help lower that launch. However - that 4 iron offset is quite substantial. Was looking at going 5-Pw so hope 5 isn’t as bad!
  14. Anyone know of any places to get a deal on these? I know Ping deals are hard to come by but I’m just curious. Thanks!
  15. I’m very much considering going ZX Utility 18* and 24*, ZX7 5-PW (maybe even A wedge). These things just look so dang good. I haven’t used a set 4 iron in a few years and if I’m going for a green from 225-230 it’s going to be from fairway or first cut and I think I’d like to look down and feel confident about mishits with a Utility compared to a set 4 iron. Just will need to figure out gapping since I’m dropping to 52-58 this year. Can’t wait to try these out!
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