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  1. Looking for a set of girls left handed clubs for a 54” girl. Thank you!
  2. One item for sale today. I’ll likely regret it as soon as it’s sold as it’s the best 3 wood I’ve ever owned. Super easy to hit off the deck, easy to launch and HOT. Very balanced. However - I have the second best 3 wood I’ve ever owned in the backup bag that needs some love and I need some funds to get new irons so this is the trade off. Thanks! 1) Mizuno STZ 3 wood with Ventus Black 7X (with Velocore). Very good condition - played a grand total of maybe 5 rounds of golf. Stock playing length and MCC midsize gray grip. Comes with head cover. Retails for $550 plus tax and shipping.
  3. Couple things for sale. Only trade interest is Cobra King Vintage Nova-40, SIM TI 3 wood, or G425 hybrid. Thanks! 1) Titleist TSI3 driver head 9 degrees. Very good condition. Has a few tee marks on the face but good shape other than that. $340 —-SOLD shipped OBO. Comes with head cover. 2) Evnroll ER5 CS putter 35” ordered straight from Evnroll. Very good shape - used only 4 rounds. Comes with head cover. $320 shipped OBO.
  4. I have Ventus Black 6X in my driver and play Ventus Black 7x / STZ in 3 wood and it's the best fairway wood I've ever owned - by far.
  5. I've played forged CBs for years - I can't remember the last time I didn't play that type of club. However - for some reason I just really struggle and the 4 and 5 iron spot. It's not due to lack of speed (driver SS 120+) - I think it's more to do with just lack of playing time and consistency. For that reason, I'm almost positive I'm going the 699 Pro route. I might not enjoy the switch away from forged CB feel, but it's critical to me to have consistency and help in those long irons (especially on attackable par 5's). Going to rock what I have til the end of my tournament season then make th
  6. Is the 699 Pro closer in size/performance to the P770 or P790?
  7. Awesome! This will be something I take a look at when I go all-in on the Sub70 gear in the offseason. I'm actually looking forward to it!
  8. Excellent insight! Is the head pretty low spin or is it fairly neutral for you?
  9. Ugh. I’m just hoping I can get through the year and my last big tourney at the end of October then have the ability to place my order with the specs I need. Shaft options on the website are basically nothing!
  10. Anyone have experience with the Pro Tour fairway? I love the idea of an anti-left 3 wood and maybe even 5 wood. Love the minimalistic look on the site pics.
  11. Here's a wrinkle - who uses both a driving iron and a 3 wood? I've found since I put a DI in the bag - I very rarely use the 3 wood off the tee on tight holes any more. However - if I have 260 in I'm pulling 3 wood all day vs the driving iron. The top of my bag is a beautiful mess.
  12. Looking for a Mizuno STZ driver head only 9.5 degrees. Thanks!
  13. Fantastic, thorough response! Thank you so much! Looks like when I’m ready I’ll be going 699 pro (maybe a 699 standard in 4 and 5). Appreciate it!
  14. @JaySub70 how’s the difference in forgiveness between the 639 CB and 699 Pro? Also between 699 Pro and 699 standard? I’m a pretty good striker of the ball and am pretty long (current 7 iron goes 185) but need some forgiveness/confidence in the 4-6 iron range so am wondering what combo to go with of the Sub 70 range! Thank you for your involvement as a resource in this forum!
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