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  1. Correct. Exactly my point. If your goal is to shoot your best score every time, and not necessarily just go out to enjoy the game and play clubs you have fun playing, GI type irons might be best for you bc we all have off days. I’ve learned to just scrape it around and get up and down on those days lol
  2. My mindset has changed on this. To me it comes down to understanding what of 2 things is most valuable to you. 1) Shooting the lowest score possible every time you play, or 2) Just getting out to enjoy the game of golf. If your goal is to shoot the lowest score possible, it makes sense to use something that is more helpful on off days so your misses are "better". If your goal is to just enjoy the game of golf (like mine is now) - I just want to play something I enjoy hitting and buy from companies I like supporting (i.e. DTC companies like New Level, Sub70, Snell, Vice, etc.) Sometimes to people that means playing blades for that butter feeling when you strike it perfect or when you have a great ball striking day, and the value of customer service and personal interaction with owners like Eric from New Level is much more valuable to me than buying from a big company with crappy customer service for marginal (if any) performance gains. Play what you fit into and if your optimal setup for low score happens to align with what gives you the most enjoyment, it's a win-win!
  3. I'm interested in these and the 902 OS. My 902's are legitimately my favorite irons I've ever owned but can always use a little more help in the long irons.
  4. Looking for a Ping G410 or G425 LST head only 9 degrees in mint or like new condition. Thanks.
  5. Got it. In terms of high and soft flight and playability off the turf, it doesn't get any better than the new Mizuno STZ 3 wood IMO. HIGHLY recommend. It went TOO high for me which is why I ditched it.
  6. Wait - how often do you have to hit something high that lands soft from 270?!?
  7. Looking like I'll be ordering a set of Sub70 699 Pro in the near future. Not that the prices are high (at all), but just curious - does Sub70 run any sort of Black Friday deals at all? I'll be buying regardless but just wondering if I should hold off (no rush)
  8. Looking for an excellent condition G410 LST head 9 degrees. Thanks!
  9. My problem is that while I want to try something more forgiving, most of the forgiving clubs are designed to launch high. Being a high ball hitter already, and not liking it, I can't stand the thought of playing something designed to do something I'm fighting against. Not sure how to proceed....
  10. One item for sale. I ship USPS. Thanks! 1) Srixon ZX5 head 9.5 degrees excellent condition. Comes with headcover. $225 shipped. Thanks!
  11. One item for sale today. Thanks! 1) Callaway Epic Max LS head 9 degrees. Great condition see photos. No headcover. $335-$310—$285 SOLD shipped OBO. Thanks!
  12. I'm playing M Type as well. The 60/14 is just too much bounce for my liking personally. The 50/56(bent to 55) are amazing I just wish the lob wedge had lower bounce. Shape, feel, performance on the wedges overall are fantastic though.
  13. Absolutely love my New Level irons and wedges. Only thing I don't like is the lack of bounce options in the lob wedge. 14 degrees of bounce on firm turf is a dangerous line for me in the summer time. Other than that, the clubs are spectacular and a heck of a value. I've converted 2 friends over as well
  14. I have one and initial impressions are that it's going to be good. Had to get some lead tape put on it bc the swing weight was low after cutting the shaft down to 44.5" but I'm playing 2 tourneys next week with it. Will report back what I find!
  15. I love the idea of playing GI irons, but as a high ball hitter with speed, I can't come to grips with putting something in the bag that has tech built in to make the ball go high. Those early spring rounds when it's windy really exposes the high fliers.
  16. Yeah I saw that. I'm just hoping they come down to the $299 in a flash sale or something like they did in August. Easier for me to justify trying something blind for $100 less. I'll keep a watchful eye out!
  17. I'll be jumping on a Gen4 driver if/when they do their next discount. I don't know how I missed the last one but I did. Oh well! Lots of good reviews and comments on this driver so I'm looking forward to getting my hands on one to give it a go!
  18. Got my ZX5 in for a few range balls and 9 holes and initial impressions are that it's pretty good. I requested the 12 gram weight because I play my driver shorter and they sent with the stock 8 gram weight, which is disappointing. I found myself hitting it more left than usual but it could just be the weight was too light and when that happens the lefts start to come in. I'm calling customer service this AM to make sure I get sent the 12 like requested, then I'm going to swing weight it and see what other mods need made to get me to my magic number. Might even dabble with a little toe side lead tape to see what that does. I do like how the look inspires confidence and I can tell it is very stable and forgiving. Just hope it can keep the spin down enough for me. I'll report back once I make those changes to see if it stays in the bag!
  19. One item for sale. Thanks! 1) Mint condition TaylorMade SIM2 driver head 9 degrees with heavy head weight (24G). Played this in a shorter driver and it’s awesome. Comes with headcover. $325----SOLD shipped OBO. Thanks!
  20. As the years have gone on, my frequency of play has gone down significantly and, thus, my handicap has crept up. I’m starting to put less value on equipment and more on just enjoying the game when I can actually get out and play which is about 2 times/month. When I was playing all the time and playing competitively, I was a bad off club hoe. I still have speed, and I can still play when I get it going, but I just don’t have that desire to try the latest and greatest any more since I don’t feel like I’ll even be able to have the time to practice to get used to clubs. I’ve also shifted my club buying from low spin monster drivers and blades (MP 69 are my favorite irons ever) to a slightly more forgiving and high spinning driver setup and more forgiving iron profile and am considering going even bigger (like a ZX5). I say all of this to ask - as the years have gone on for you and you begin to play less, does that change your buying habits? Has it transitioned you to more forgiving or stable clubs? Has it taken away your desire to try or buy the latest and greatest and made you just want to enjoy being out and playing? It’s hard for me to let go of my inner hoe, but I’m in the middle of transitioning my time and focus from myself to my kids on the golf course and I’m looking forward to making sure they are all set up for success in their game as well! You can consider this a former club hoe reflection session to remember the good days
  21. I had these and they were great! What a find!
  22. How much weight does an appropriate level of hotmelt to a head to make it sound better add? Only reason I ask is bc Ping heads are generally among the heaviest out there so I can see how adding any weight could be of concern. I just don't know anything about it - just a point to consider
  23. I typically play 44-44.5" with heavier head weight for swing weight purposes. After messing with a 45" driver the last year, I can say with 100% certainty that, for me, a shorter driver results in much more consistency, comfortability, and overall better play with minimal, if any, loss of distance. For my buddies who are newer to the game or who want to improve, that's one of my first recommendations and I've had multiple friends convert and say the same thing. I will never go back to 45"+ drivers.
  24. I've seen great reviews on the Srixon ZX5. Seems to be a real "point and shoot" driver that's stable, forgiving but has good ball speeds AND it won't ring your ears. I have one coming in the mail. I can report back on my findings if you're interested in that route!
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