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  1. Well, there are a few really good options and some you've touched on in there. Rock Hollow is great. I love it. Trophy Club is strong as well, but I'd take Rock Hollow over that. You won't be disappointed with either though. Also, look for Sandy Pines in Demotte, IN and Swan Lake in Plymouth (just south of South Bend). Brickyard is nice, it's a good course and pretty cool. Whenever you come south of Indianapolis, be sure to look for Otter Creek in Columbus. They have 27 holes but the original 18 are the ones to play. The newer ones are okay but they don't really fit the layout I feel. Coyote Crossing is on your list, you could string Sandy Pines in before that. It's about an hour or so north of Coyote Crossing off I-65. I hope this helps, there are many others too and I'm sure the others will chime in.
  2. RH Star shot 34" 1 deg flat Oversized grip Sound slot 340 g Thanks for the contest!
  3. I played the MTB yesterday for the first time and I like it! Distance was comparable to what I see from Z Stars/Pro V1/Lethal, etc off the driver and a little longer off the irons. Spin was just fine (by that, I mean I didn't notice any substantial drop off between this and the others). My one detraction was the durability. I was left a bit underwhelmed and that was surprising because I had heard how these have been played for entire rounds and still looked brand new. I played it for 18 holes and wore the paint off in five area (three were from wedges, once from a wedge out of a greenside bunker and once from an eight iron). All in all, I like the ball and it's a great value in the premium ball market.
  4. No trades please, cash is king and prices include shipping to the US. Three sleeves of TM Lethals $OLD Polo golf performance polo Green with white stripes, size Small. This has been worn twice (and washed twice as well), I just never wear it and I need to clear out some room $19 Callaway Big Bertha 13.5, Proforce V2 stiff shaft, purchased on here last year, no wrench or head cover. The only blemish is a small circle smaller than an eraser on the sole of the club. $old
  5. I had some time so I got in 9 holes at Cherry today. I know I missed out on the toughest holes (16, 17, 18) but the front nine was enjoyable. The greens are wonderful and the layout is varied with enough elevation change to make some of the holes play longer than they are. It is pretty wide-open and would be playable by golfers of all skill levels. The dude in the pro shop was a bit of a turd but everyone has bad days so I'll give him a pass. If I had another chance, I'd check out Kearney for sure. I was in their parking lot but had to go to an impromptu meeting so I couldn't stay but it looks wonderful!
  6. I'll be in the area on business today and hope to get a round in, if it's one of those two, I'll chime in with my thoughts.
  7. I'm not sure why the picture in the original post is cut off but the upside down one works for some reason!
  8. I have 9 brand new B330-s with the logo pictured and I'm not sure what version these are. $20 shipped takes em or make me an offer if that price is out of line. Not interested in trades at the moment. Thanks for looking!
  9. Just one thing for sale today everyone, it's a Ralph Lauren Polo Golf performance shirt in size small. 54% pima cotton / 43% polyester / 3% elastane. I purchased this new and wore it twice. There are no rips, tears, stains, smells, etc. It is mint. I like it, I just have too many shirts. Price includes shipping to the CONUS. pp only please. I am not in the market for any trades right now, but please send an offer if you think my price is out of line. Thanks for looking! $20
  10. [quote name='jeromek' timestamp='1431834660' post='11572106'] is that hat red, or orange? [/quote] That is an orange hat, thanks for checking!
  11. Just a few random things for sale today. All prices shipped to the CONUS. I feel the prices are fair but PLEASE FEEL FREE TO MAKE OFFERS; the worst I can say is no. Thanks for looking! Titleist hat – never worn - $15 Callaway Big Bertha 13.5 deg; Proforce V2 stiff flex, I played this once but didn’t quite get along with it. There is a small dot of pain missing on the sole, but otherwise this is in very good condition. Callaway Xhot headcover included or wrench $100 $90 Callaway Optiforce 460 with stock Project X 5.5 shaft. The grip probably needs to be replaced and there are a few imperfections on the crown (not deep scratches or dents). No wrench or headcover $80 $75 (whichever sells first will get the headcover, but rest assured this will be shipped protected). Fourteen MT28 56* wedge, DG wedge flex shaft, very good shape $OLD Mizuno R-12 wedges 56 and 60 degrees, KBS c-taper 125 shafts. Really good shape. I can sell as a set ideally or eaches. $OLD! Bobby Grace Putters, Fat Man 34” and Pip Squeek 35”. Both of these are brand new with headcover and grips still in plastic. $45 each.
  12. [quote name='alittleoverpar' timestamp='1426625912' post='11161893'] My favorite is the one the guy is smoking 7 fairways over...the one I don't have to smell. [/quote] I wondered how long it would take for someone to come in just to post something like this; what a waste. Good for you sir, I'm happy you don't like cigars. I do. Will you also please come tell me what to eat for dinner, what to drink and how to live the rest of my life?
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