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  1. What a cool looking bag and head covers. Well done and best of luck with it.
  2. I am also looking for a blank ball pocket for the blue members version the bag if anyone can help.
  3. PM sent. I will take the BeNi remake smooth finish with site dot for asking. Send me your paypal.
  4. Take a look at the Knack Bag. The company was founded by guys whose whole careers were in the travel and luggage industry. It's a backpack that can hold a weekends worth of close as well as your laptop.
  5. Here's my Elliott that is just beautiful to look at and carry.
  6. Naw49Apr 22, 2020 Got mine a few months ago, unfortunately, the course I got it at only had single straps left-- is there any way to get a replacement double strap? Love the bag nonetheless! Send you a PM on what color you need.
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