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  1. Really just looking for an update or any information at this point, @TaylorMade Golf. I've responded, provided all the information requested, and followed up. The part that's among the most disappointing is that not one party has taken responsibility, between either DD or @TaylorMade Golf, or offered any sort of apology / remedy.
  2. Per @TaylorMade Golf my reorder will not ship until November 23rd. So due to incompetence of the highest degree and nothing of my own doing, I'm now out $1000+ and with no clubs for 3+ months. Sold my other set just before receiving this incorrect order today, thus officially ending my golf season.
  3. Got my custom order today from DD.... my customized LEFTY combo set. Everything looks great, except I got shipped RHIGHT HANDED CLUBS!!!!!! ? @TaylorMade Golf The reship is looking to now be slated into mid NOVEMBER. Words cannot even remotely begin to express my disappointment in both parties. Why offer options if you can get the orientation correct? Just an absolute disaster from top to bottom. Looking like the full order will just end up being cancelled. @TaylorMade Golf
  4. Just got confirmation from DD this morning that my irons are in route. Looks like they went from TM to DD and are now being shipped to me via FedEx. For reference I ordered a super custom lefty combo set (770 / MB's - with modified lengths and lofts and soft stepped Ctapers) from DD on 8/14 probably mid day.
  5. Yeah I just gave my requested specs as I laid out above to DD when I had my order quoted and was given the green light with no issues. Then when i actually placed my order through the order form I included the specs again and my order was confirmed with the customization. Now, whether or not it all comes in correctly is a different story lol. I plan on having some BB&F customer ferrules installed so I'll likely have the lofts checked / tweaked at that point, as needed.
  6. I pre-ordered last Friday through Discount Dans. Went with a 770 (4-6) / MB (7-P) combo with C Taper 130X (ss1x). Was torn on where to break the set, was between 7 and 8, figured I would go with 7 and can always bump it to the 770 if needed, but I feel great about these MBs. (have played Adams MB2's and VR Pros in the past). Went 4i 1 deg strong, 5 std, 6 1 deg weak and 1 deg strong in all the MB's. Seems to be a good starting place for gapping and will fine tune it from there. As a lefty, I've played mismatched combo sets for years. Always gotten along well with TM irons and always said if they ever made a lefty blade i would buy. Just so happens it came out in combination with the nicest looking iron lineup ever. Love a longer blade length in an MB, so I'm jazzed for these.
  7. Believe everything has been answered. Apologize as my Messages and notifications have been lagging / glitching. Not sure what the issue is, thanks for all your interest.
  8. I am moving and need to unload some gear that's been laying around. Everything is in great shape and I tried to capture that in the photos. No trades of any kind as I'm currently staring at 4 bags of stuff. All prices shipped to CONUS only. TaylorMade P790 4 - 5 - 6 irons: I bought these to start building a combo set, but jest never got around to it, 6i head is still in the plastic, would imagine that the buyer would be looking to do the same with them. The 4 & 5 irons have C-Taper 130x soft stepped in them. All irons are in great shape and would like to sell them as a trio. SOLDTaylorMade TP UDI 2i: This was meant to be the top end of the combo set listed above. Great shape, currently shafted with an s300. If you want to combo it with the above P790's make me an offer. But on its own, SOLDTensei Pro Blue 60TX: Shaft is in perfect condition, tipped 1", is 44.5" from tip to EOG, and has a 1.5deg RH adapter. Bought it for my SIM, but ended up going in a different direction. SOLDCobra F9 10.5 Head: In fantastic shape, no wrench or headcover. SOLD Feel free to ask any questions. Lets find these items some new homes.
  9. Has anyone had a chance to see these or hit one yet?? Veryyy curious to hear how they "feel" in comparison to the standard PX or the C-Taper.
  10. Left Hand options going to be available....??? :(
  11. Might have been discussed somewhere, but I was curious if that extreme dark finish can be stripped, much like the black finish of the Cobra MB's. I like raw'ish irons and was considering getting the PXG's if that finish could be stripped, allowing the irons to sort of patina over time. Thanks!
  12. I just paired a 10.5 Sim up with a Dual Core 70g - TX, playing at 44in. Actually lofted it up to 11deg as the little bump didn't mess with the face angle too badly (cant look at a closed face). Should be able to get out with it this afternoon. In theory, hoping the length and loft should generate some fantastic accuracy, while the head itself paired with a super low spin shaft should create some great launch numbers. From my experience thus far with the SIM, it has been launching noticeably lower than the M5 in the same loft. I have high hopes for this club experiment.
  13. Just picked up the SIM 10..5, will be pairing with the Synergy Black Proto 60g, tipped .5 playing at the standard setting - 44.75'. In Ohio, so no course time yet, but the thought of high low spin bombs is keeping me alive.
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