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  1. i have played the 60-04L for about a year and was just about to order the WW 60T. They have a lot of info on vokey.com comparing the 60 06K to the L and the T but very little on the B. Any reason for me to move off the T and go to the B?
  2. I agree. The top line next to the ball would be great. One of the reasons the 5MB is my backup
  3. The tour slideshow on cameron.com showed the Adam Scott T22 with a Long Neck and now Matt Jones wins with a Long Neck GSS. Scotty, how about a long neck NP2 in the new select line for next year? Never should have let me Teryllium long neck go when I move to the NotchBack
  4. Icon in footjoy.com myjoys or the new premier about to come out. The icon black was a different last and not as comfortable as the icon saddles for me Fingers crossed for the new premier and the last it is built on
  5. What shoes are JT wearing, exclusively the new fj premier that is about to come out or still icons?
  6. I have the carbon bag but looking at this one to save a half pound especially as the course dries out
  7. I have played the LD for the last 12 months after testing it side by side with the 19 prov1X. It was longer by about 10 yards with the driver ( SS 95) and everything else was about the same. The last few days I played it side by side with the new 21 X and the new X is longer off the tee than the LD. Probably hit 20 side by side. Didn’t expect this! Anyone else with results compared to the new X
  8. I had the white one last year, best looking bag on the market but a little heavy, I went with the carbon and love it. Does anyone know the weight of the Sunday bag or if there are other new models this year
  9. I can’t speak to the long irons but I just went through a fitting for the IO 5.5 vs my current PXI 5.5 with a 7 iron. The IO launched 2 degrees higher with about 300 more spin and 5 yards more carry
  10. What else besides the 5.5 and the 11, can’t be only two new models!
  11. I upgraded from the TS2 to the TSi2 a couple of months ago. The face is hotter and moving from the smoke to the tensei blue raw stiff at 55 grams added ball speed and distance. Very forgiving, couldn’t be happier
  12. I use this bag walking and riding, one strap or two, this is a great bag except for the water bottle mesh. Never loosened up, usable but not easy when walking
  13. I currently have pxi 5.5 in my irons and love them. I was fitted at Titleist three years ago. I have been thinking about going to a lighter shaft for a little more distance but don’t want to give up accuracy. All of the lighter shafts three years ago didn’t perform well for me. I recently got the tsi2 driver with the blue tensei raw stiff at 55 grams using the same theory. The IO could be the answer. Anyone shift from pxi to IO and have any insights?
  14. Mine shipped almost immediately but it was over a month ago when I was fitted. Worth the wait!
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