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  1. I just thought of something. The T100 and ZX5 were demo heads with the adapter so you could switch shafts easily. Could this have made the difference in sound versus my glued ZX7? My irons were noticably quieter sounding.
  2. They were all off mats, same ball and shaft, so as apples to apples as I could control. I also swapped back and forth between irons so I could remember the sound of each while fresh in my mind. Just my experience..loved the topline and overall look from address. Maybe I'll give them another shot. I'm thinking of getting a more forgiving 5 iron anyway, so going back to the shop regardless. Cheers.
  3. Some feedback on the new T100 - hit these yesterday extensively (close to an hour) to compare to my ZX7 and the store's ZX5 (initially I was looking to try the ZX5 as a long iron replacement for my ZX7 5 iron). The ball was a TP5, same shaft in all, Modus 105s. I discarded and ignored all mishits with the new T100s to ensure it was a fair comparison, and made sure to note the sound of the pure, centered shots. Personally, I was not a fan of the sound coming off the new T100. I found them quite "hard" sounding, just a touch quieter than the ZX5, and much louder than the ZX7. I recall the old AP2s to sound more dense, "soft", and solid sounding. I'm not sure why this is the case; maybe because of the construction of the new version with the tungsten in the heel and toe and the covered cavity? This doesn't mean they're a bad iron, however - I found them quite easy to hit, pretty forgiving on slightly off center hits, and gave me a nice high flight (I play a draw with all my clubs). This was surprising to me given the size of the head. They looked great at address and framed the ball beautifully. All in all, a great iron. The sound coming off the face just surprised me a bit.
  4. Yes, almost! Saw that thread a while back. Unfortunately, no B60, but maybe the Hovland putter will work with a double bend (I seem to aim the B60 so well because it has just a slight amount of toe hang, close to face balanced, but with a plumbers neck). I may have to call Ping to get some more information. Thank you.
  5. I am praying for this, or the ability to order a custom PLD. I need a backup (preferably milled) B60. I don't putt well with anything else. PING! ARE YOU LISTENING!?!?!?
  6. The OG Rapture was amazing sounding. I've played multiple rounds with players using the 410 models, and those actually sound pretty solid. The 425s were a huge step back in sound (I'm saying this as a huge Ping fan having played their stuff extensively through the years, i5s for 11 or 12 years). Even though my current bag doesn't show the brand too much love, they're one of my favorite companies. I just found the 425 drivers to be obnoxiously loud and distracting. If Ping makes their next drivers with a carbon crown, and if the sound is anywhere close to my current driver, I may return to using their big stick. It'll be tough to out perform the ES TD, but Ping will always have a place in my bag.
  7. Played 919 Forged for a couple years with Modus 120x. They were ok, but for my swing a lot of work to load on the last few holes of the round, and getting enough height and spin to carry front bunkers got a bit iffy. I've been in shape and strong for a long time, but these shafts just didn't fit me and I couldn't time the bottom of the arc. On my fitting late last year, I decided on Modus 105s with my new zx7 irons since they're a notoriously low spin head. They turned out perfect. High shots into greens that didn't spin up too much and balloon. I can also hit little punches to keep them low if needed. Most of the time the ball hits the green and stops near the pitch mark or just rolls out a few feet. Great control and consistency. Love these shafts, feel great, and really perform. I maybe could have gone x flex, but wanted something that could launch the longer irons up in the air with ease. Good luck with your choices.
  8. I'm not sure. But I personally found this head much easier to hit than the SIM2 (probably due to the look of the crown at address as it messed with my head), and at least as easy as the G400 LST and TSi3. Not too different from those last two in terms of forgiveness. I did find that it didn't drop out of the air with sub-1900 spin like the LST and TSi3 for whatever reason.
  9. Yes, correct. For me, I'm up a whole 5cc from my G400 LST!
  10. Yes, I was surprised. Very solid, consistent launch and spin, and very forgiving for a "low spin" head. Sounds great. I think one of the best on the market right now.
  11. Update on the TD LS. Just finished a fitting revisit to compare other driver heads I was interested in. Tried the SIM2 and TSi3 along with my G400 LST again. Nothing came close to the Epic Speed. I couldn't hit the SIM2 to save my life. Mishit after mishit, the numbers and forgiveness just weren't there. The SIM2 just looked strange to my eye, the crown looked to be high off the ground and flat straight back, whereas the others looked to taper down closer to the ground near the back. It didn't sound very solid to me either. The Ti FW on the other hand was great. The only driver that came close to the Callaway was the TSi3, but it was just too low spin and went left more than the TD LS. The Titleist sounded very good too, but not quite as solid and dense as the Callaway; I'm guessing because of the carbon. The spin numbers were consistent with the TD LS, never dropping too low. It's not crazy low like the Sub Zero stuff of old, and not even as low as the LST. The Callaway wanted to stay more to the right and not over hook. FYI, we had the heavy weight set in the back. I was hoping there was something that was comparable to the Callaway as I despised the marketing bull5hit they pulled with the cesspool human Kardashians, but I had to go with what gave me the best numbers. If you have a bit of speed, you owe it to yourself to try this head if you can find it. It's just so solid sounding, and the crown is just gorgeous with that carbon fading to solid black. Callaway has a winner here. Driver SS up from 107 to 111-113. Total distance around 280-290. Cheers.
  12. I have the TD LS downstairs. I hit it really well during the fitting as it gave me more manageable spin than my current G400 LST, even though it's labeled 'LS'. Looks beautiful at address, although the heel portion transitioning to the back looks a bit odd to me. The crown is simple and dark, just perfect. It also sounds great - that carbon-y, solid, powerful sound. I'm just on the fence with keeping it because I'm not sure of its forgiveness long term when I'm not catching it right, and the other thing is I wasn't able to try all the other OEM heads like Sim2, TSi2/3, etc. during the fitting. Going back to try the other stuff soon and then make a final decision. I also cracked the face of my G400 LST, so I have to figure something out quick, considering the shipping delays. I still think the Max LS is the one I should go with. Looks much bigger at address (not quite as nice), but probably has higher moi than the TD LS (Johnny can confirm?), And seems to have a larger face area? I can post some pics of it if anyone's interested.
  13. For sure. I guess the closest "look" is the DS 72? Looks OK, but could you imagine a milled version of that? Maybe some light horizontal milling to dampen impact sound. Come on PING! How about a Vault 3.0?
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