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  1. Strange request and if its in the wrong sub forum please feel free to move, wasn't sure if this should have been in the putter section or this one. Anyway has anyone got access to something similar to these for a project? Plumbers Neck Putter Adapter (hirekogolf.com) I can't find anything here in the UK and I'm happy to pay postage costs etc if anyone can link me to any or has one or two spare kicking about unused in a workshop. Ideally would take two or three of these but happy with one to complete a project. If you have any you would be willing to part wit
  2. What an utterly dreadful advert for golf. Two tortoise golfers who should both have been put on the clock on almost every hole. No wonder golf is dying with that as an advert, time the authorities started to grow a pair and tackle this issue. It was that bad I even switched over to watch Scotland play football (soccer)!!!!
  3. Thank you - what would you suggest that is lower launching? Can't get a fitting/onto a launch monitor at present due to lockdown/Covid restrictions so quite happy to tinker at present plus it gives me a project. I prefer the 60g (ish) shafts and a smoother profile which rules out the PX range.
  4. Has onyone put these two shafts up against each other? If so how did they perform please. Currently use the T1100 in my driver but feel as though I could do with a slightly lower ball flight. SS around 105 usually with the driver. Would an old skool Whiteboard be better?
  5. Was a brilliant shaft back in the day. I had one in my Peter Broadbent Persimmon headed driver. Thing of beauty!
  6. I love my Tensei Blue and it fits the profile.
  7. Can someone help me out please - do Titleist use collared ferrules on their irons or more specifically on the new 620 range? Anyone who knows your help/input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. Initial assessment of the Riptide is very positive. Feel is very much subjective I appreciate that but for me the Riptide is just far better.
  9. I just swapped out my HZRDUS Smoke yesterday for an Evenflow Riptide (non CB version) in my Cobra Speedzone. Likewise I just felt that I had to really work the HZRDUS too much to get the best out of it and square the face at impact. Prefer a smoother profile so hopefully this fits the bill. If not I'll be going for a fitting. I can update once I get a chance to hit her - hopefully Saturday afternoon or Sunday.
  10. Just added a Speedzone 9 degree, Hzrdus Smoke this week, I'll report back once I've had a proper assessment. Launch angle, ball flight were hugely different to my Ping G400 however the acid test will be the on course performance which starts today @ 1500 hours.
  11. Dumbarnie is a fantastic track. Front nine especially is tremendous - a fun filled thrill of golf holes. Probably easier to say just stunning. Back 9, well for me no where near as good as the front side, just lost its links feel a bit and became a Castle Course type of cliff top layout. Last 4 just didn't float my boat. Am I being harsh, most probably as I think any course will struggle to live up to that front 9, up there with Royal Aberdeen for a run of nine. I know people who disagree with me so its best play it for yourself. Glad I've played it but for me I would play Aberdeen and Troon
  12. I have arthritis in my hands, wrists and feet. Had fusions done and bone removed. Swinging steel shafts with cold wet hands takes it toll, especially during a wet Scottish winter on the links. I switched to graphite a good few years back and I wouldn't ever go back to steel in my irons. I was originally filled into i200 irons with Ping's own Alta CB shaft and they were tremendous. Last year I changed to i500 with Recoil but in truth I think the Alta CB are at least the equal of the Recoil. Another thing that I did was change to a much thicker grip and I currently play midsize grips with fou
  13. Toss a coin, I think I would probably prefer West Kilbride over St Nicks. However just as many would say St Nicks.
  14. They are if you imply WK is anywhere near the quality of course of Gailes. Look at all reviews, look at the history and its clear that there is a huge gulf in class.
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