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  1. Yes I know 19.1 does not apply to penalty areas but the OP did not say that Horschell's ball was in one.
  2. If you mean the decision that his ball is unplayable, try Rule 19.1 I take your point about not knowing who know the rules particularly well. Included in a list of those qualified would be (in no particular order!) Sui Generis, Sawgrass, Newby, Rogolf, Mr Bean, Antip, myself and ...... apologies to any missed out.
  3. T I'm not normally as blunt as this in a rules forum, but you demonstrate two problems in this thread. 1. You don't properly understand the Rules. 2. You're not listening to those who do.
  4. You can't beat progress to make a man feel good.
  5. Where do find any requirement on a player to "declare" that he is taking unplayable ball relief? How can you consider "flipping" a ball out of the junk backward into creek was a stroke? How could you consider that it was intended to complete the hole in the fewest possible strokes which is the basic purpose of the game. How do you know he hit the ball back into the creek before he decided to take unplayable relief. No-one is privy to the inside of a man's mind! Forget it. From what you've described (I didn't see the incident) he casually knocked his ball into the wa
  6. Why should you mind. Your WHS handicap has responded better to your injury problem to give you a handicap to meet your needs than your CONGU one would have done at 0.1 increase a time.
  7. Following an extensive survey of four players in one competition, you conclude the entire system is garbage. I think you need to widen the range of your research.
  8. So yes, as Sui points out, you could immediately decide your ball is unplayable and put another one into play from the tee. No need to search for and find the first one. You should also know, however, that if you decide your ball is unplayable without having found it, you can only take stroke and distance. The other two relief options - within 2 club lengths and back on the line are not available to you because you don't have the position of the ball to measure the club lengths from or to work out the line from the hole back through where the ball is lying.
  9. Do you by any chance come from the same hit and hope school of bunker play as I do?
  10. Setting aside the compliments and turning to the disagreement then, the reason for the latter has been well rehearsed: there is no deliberate action to test the condition of the sand. I don't need to be confident of never having.learned anything about the sand since there is no breach in learning something about it when carrying out a legitimate action. I potentially learn more just by walking into the bunker. Would you regard me with suspicion if you saw me using my sand wedge as a walking stick as I get down into a bunker? It happens often. It's an age thing,
  11. Anyone who saw my swing in the earlier stage of my round this morning would certainly endorse that sentiment as far as referees are concerned..
  12. Just listened to Butch Harmon pontificating, at length, on how if you damage a club in a fit of annoyance you can't use it again in your round. Fair enough enough, I suppose. Rule 4.1a(2) was only introduced in January 2019. You can hardly expect a busy man to pick up on changes like that overnight. It's unusual for me not to have the volume on my tv turned down when he is sounding off but I got caught out tonight.
  13. Whilst still deferring as always to your fantastic knowledge and understanding of the Rules from which I have benefited so often, I totally but respectfully disagree with you apart from the first sentence.
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