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  1. I've just caught up with this thread and skimmed through it. Another fascinating but horrifying peek into the world of USA "golf". I'm hoping though that there is nonetheless a considerable majority of golfers in the golfing millions over there who play golf as it is supposed to be played and maintain their handicap according to the WHS rules. Am I to be reassured, or am I kidding myself?
  2. Really? I must have missed the Model Local Rule which allows raking and placing in a bunker. Can you reference it for me please?
  3. I'm not actually seeing the difference. Both LCP and GUR give you relief from abnormal course conditions. The only real differences are the reference points and possibly the size of the relief areas.
  4. Perhaps the need for consistency is causing some thought. The same question arises as to what conditions the player is getting relief from when his ball is up a tree in GUR. I don't think it would be wise to have a different outcome for each situation. Or perhaps they're rather busy and the likelihood of the situation occurring is so low that the matter is correspondingly low in their to-do list.
  5. You are entitled to free relief from a ball lodged 20 feet up a tree in GUR. Same concept. But whether or not getting relief from that position using the preferred lie rule is absurd or by analogy with GUR acceptable is not the point. The point is that we dcn't know for sure whether the distance stipulated in a local rule for a preferred lie applies to vertical distance from the surface of the ground or not. If it does then clearly a ball farther up a bush or tree than that distance will not be eligible for relief and you'll be happy as would I. We need to hear from the rule makers once they've finishing thinking about it.
  6. You might want to re- consider this. The local rule says nothing about the ball being on the ground. The ball must be lying in a part of the general area cut to fairway height. A ball stuck in a bush growing in the general area is part of that area. But if you take a look at Interpretations 14.3c(2)/2 and 14.3c1. you will see that the "ground" includes the bush anyway. So, yes, you would be be entitled to preferred lie relief if your ball was in a bush or tree growing in a part of the general area cut to fairway height and the unanswered question remains whether the vertical distance is included or not in measuring the relief area.
  7. Neither do I, but I'm not fussed about getting a re-write. The rule is simple enough.
  8. I think I got as far as the end of the first sentence of the second paragraph before losing concentration. It's an age thing.
  9. I thought you meant carrying two drivers each set to a different loft and couldn't understand what the problem was. As above, Rule 4.1a(3) says it all.
  10. Snap. I was part way through a similar post. Up early down there? Or up late perhaps?
  11. The condition of the ground is irrelevant. Which side of the path the nearest point of relief is likely to be on this situation will depend on whether the player is left or right handed. You need to specify.
  12. You're changing the context of what I was commenting on from a player deliberately adopting a stance that put his foot on the sprinkler when he would not have adopted that stance in reality to a player who sometimes adopts a wider but reasonable stance. With players you've never seen before, there's no way of knowing what they normally or habitually do. Had the player I was helping shown me a stance which resulted in his having a foot not the sprinkler head, he would have been allowed relief. There would have been nothing abnormal about it by way of being ridiculously wide. Had it been a deceitful move, only he would know that. It's down to player integrity, and it was pleasing to recognise this young man's honesty.
  13. It takes but a second to jump from a page of the rule book to the GolfWRX text box on my screen. In that second, I can forget the sequence of numbers in a rule reference. It takes a special kind of mind to do that.
  14. Certainly not in my book. To adopt an abnormal (for him) stance in order to get relief would simply have been deceitful.
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