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  1. Here is the deal....I currently play the 2019 T200 irons down the the 48* wedge. I then have a 52 and a 56 vokey. the 4* gap works nicely when I hit the vokeys correctly (see below for more on this point haha) I got fitted for the 2021 T300 irons which has the 48* but also a 53* wedge - I am not very consistent with my 52* vokey as I usually come up short/catch it heavy. I am thinking of going with the 53* in the T300 set and playing it one degree strong which would replace my 52* vokey. That would keep the same gap and give me more forgiveness. Is this crazy or a good idea?
  2. I went with the TSi2 and love it. I used to play a u510 and I find the hybrid much easier to hit consistently.
  3. Here is a question... Is there any benefit ordering directly from Titleist or should I go through my local Golf Galaxy? Or maybe a local golf course? I've always purchased my irons from the Classifieds here so I appreciate any guidance. Thanks!
  4. Hit the T300 over the weekend at GG and loved them. I think Im going with 5.5 LZ. The heavier shaft (compared to my current AMT Blacks in the 2019 T200) was really working. Assume Id be waiting about 6 weeks if ordered soon?
  5. Looking for a TSi2 15 degree 3 wood head. Thanks!
  6. Trades welcome! Looking for a TSi2 3-wood head (15 or 13.5 works). Don't need a shaft as I have one. Willing to add cash or other items (have a bunch) to make a trade work. 1. The Open Guards headcover - Brand New - $105 2. Titleist TSi3 18* Fairway w/ HZRDUS Smoke Stiff shaft. Standard Length with MCC Blue/Black grip. As you can tell, this club has been used and shows wear on the face/sole/crown. Was my gamer until my TSi2 hybrid kicked it out of the bag. Comes with the TSi headcover - $old Thanks!
  7. SC Studio Stainless Prototype Newport 1.5 $OLD
  8. If these have less offset than the current T200, I am ALL in. I think that was my only complaint about the current set was the offset.
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