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  1. Recently picked up a TSi3 15* so this one needs to find a new home.... 13.5 degree TSi2 3 Wood with Tensei White 75g Stiff (Standard Length). Club has seen about 30 balls total. A few minor marks here and there but as you can tell from the pictures, a very clean club. Comes with the original TSi headcover as well. $OLD Thanks!
  2. I picked up 5 dozen AVX @ 39.99 I do not believe they will release a new version until fall of 2021 so the price hike is due to the new ProV1/ProV1X coming to market.
  3. Final Price Drop for the pair. Lets get them moved!
  4. Shi**er Was Full and Battle Plan GONE Price Drop on the other 2...
  5. SWAG Headcovers for sale/trade. Trades would be for SC headcovers Blue and Lava Skulls - New in Bag - Gone. ------------ Battle Plan (Home Alone) - NOOB - Displayed only - $OLD Shi**er Was Full (Christmas Vacation) - NOOB - Displayed only - $OLD
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