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  1. Mr. OP, you just received some great advice. Save and print for future reference. [quote name='JLTD63' timestamp='1359065868' post='6291645'] Golf can definitely frustrating, that's for sure. But life can be much, much more frustrating and stressful. In the future you might just reach a point in your life where the frustration of knocking a tee shot OB pales in comparison to the trials and tribulations of the "real" world, at which point golf can become something more than trying to post a score. Time in the sunshine, outdoors, with friends and family away from the normal grind of d
  2. As far as on course drinking, buy a nice flask, fill and sip it neat. Pure and simple.
  3. You are still young, so it's probably to early too expect you to change what you want from the game. Namely being thankful you are physically able to walk a golf course (assuming you do) and spending time with friends. If you chunk a few and miss some putts, big deal. I'm in the age group now that people I used to play with wish they could, but can't. Or are dead.
  4. Ask about cell phone policy, dress codes and anything else you should know. If you forget, leave the cell in the car and tuck in your collared shirt. Enjoy!
  5. metropolitan or stonetree i'd choose the south bay over the north bay, which gets much more rain. stonetree excluded
  6. [quote name='ryancjordan' timestamp='1356601664' post='6122607'] Pretty sure the thread title is an Oxymoron. Could be anywhere from 30 and sleeting to 70 and sunny. [/quote] No, SF never has daytime highs of 30, ever. 45 is about as low as it gets. No snow or sleet here, just rain. But you are right about the 70 and sunny part. Source: Lived here over 50 years.
  7. cut it and don't worry about it. the ball will never know.
  8. Any guesses to what PGA Tour player mine is? You'd have to go back a couple of decades. It came from a b/w Munsingwear ad and I tweaked it in photoshop. I just liked it, it was very random. Answer: Dave Hill
  9. Today, three days before Xmas, I went shopping at Trader Joes. Got there around 8:15am. No parking issues, no hysteria, no lines. It was great. Drove by the same location at 1pm and it was a zoo. There were more cars than parking places. Shoppers trying to get in and out created a traffic jam and it will only get worse as the day goes on. So what does this have to with anything? Golf and slow play are an age old problem. You may as well try to "cure" traffic on the roadways. You can't. What you can do is avoid peak times and play (or drive or shop) when the sheeple are not out clog
  10. Fog is a summer time pattern in San Francisco. January can have many bright sunny days with temps in the 50s and if lucky, low 60s. It rarely dips below 50, so it's not going to be "cold." In fact, January can (and often is) better than June thru August, where the area can go days without seeing the sun. Summer as most know it does not exist in San Francisco where the golf courses are located. Anything over 70 would be considered "warm." All you really need to worry about is rain, but you never know. It may be a wet month, or a dry one, so it's a crap shoot. Cheers!
  11. [quote name='Jbird33' timestamp='1354115567' post='5989303'] I usually drink my Bourbon on the rocks, too, but the first time I had a pour of Booker's, I drank it like I did everything else....You won't forget that experience all that easily. Wow. Hot is a good description. Table whiskey for me is Bulliet or Knob Creek, and it's a lot hotter than those two. [/quote] If you can track down George T. Stagg, try that. 142 proof baby!
  12. [quote name='mflores' timestamp='1353722701' post='5971105'] Pappy was released today in Chicagoland - I grabbed a 12 year, 15 year and 20. Most store I visited were down to a few bottles - the rye went the quickest. [/quote] You are lucky. In the San Francisco Bay Area, I know of at least one store that has a lottery system and with others it's a waiting / call list and always limit one per customer.
  13. Harding is the only way to go if you are unable to access private. It's hosted the President's Cup you know.
  14. [quote name='MikeMcM' timestamp='1352392346' post='5907913'] Take the train to Leuchers: [url="http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/stations/leu/details.html"]http://www.nationalr...eu/details.html[/url] then a 15 minute cab ride to St. Andrews. [/quote] That's what my wife and I did. Easy and entering the town of St Andrews for the first time was magical.
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