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  1. Must resist. I know X100s are not for me and I don’t wanna reshaft. But DANG they’re gorgeous GLWS
  2. Whoever bought the Giannini......if it doesn’t work out for you, please shoot me a message. I’m always a day late and a dollar short. Thanks
  3. Do you know how much weight in lead tape you added, or how much the head weight is now?
  4. Been on the forums here for years.....never seen a BOB stroller as desired trade bait!!! Lol. I️ love it. Congrats on twins. FYI—may wanna change your headcover on #3.....your copy and paste is still there. GLWS
  5. That is a GORGEOUS putter!! Too beautiful to game. But damn I'd be tempted. GLWS
  6. Man, that's some nice stuff you have there. Unfortunately, I'm WAY above your fighting weight or I'd take some of it off your hands. Genetics are a b****, and gravity loves me. GLWS
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