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  1. Ad restored, members not allowed to remove text, only images! —————————- 1. Sim 2 9* head. Like new $old 2. PXG Sunday bag - brand new $240 shipped (free PXG new divot tool) also included 3. New Ping tip Diamana 70x driver shaft plays 45.25” $100 shipped 4. Vokey SM8 56 and 60 custom set DG120 tour issue shafts 1/2” long $old 5. Tour ADXc 8s PXG tip for a 3 wood in new shape $200 shipped 6. Mint sim2 3 hybrid head $old 7. Custom set of srixon zx5 irons 4-PW,AW tour issue DG120 s400 shafts 1/2” long $1000 shipped. Super shape 8. Ecco biom men’s 13 shoes in like new shape $110 shipped 9. Mint sim2 5 wood head $300 shipped 10. New TM driver shaft - tour ad IZ 7s plays 45” long. New. $215 shipped
  2. I’m still gaming 962 irons (2-W), an i15 driver and an old Adam’s tight lies tour 17 FW. I shoot low 70s on average and just haven’t liked much (if any) of the new stuff.. Anyone else in the same boat? Just haven’t seen anything that’s that drastic of a performance enhancement to replace my old stuff…
  3. 34" putter. In like new condition. Used indoors in a putting training facilities area. I'll include a headcover. Very nice Putter - maybe a collection item!! $300 shipped.
  4. I live on a golf course so I get 20-30 balls a day. Here's a box of over 80 titleist pro v1/v1x balls. All are perfectly playable and many are in very nice shape. $60 shipped for the whole lot. Great shag or practice setup for someone.
  5. Here's 3 items for quick sale 1. Tour rapture Ping V2 Head - 10.5* great shape, with head cover $35 shipped 2. Adams Tour issue 9032TI 13* fairway wood, anti left!!! with head cover in immaculate shape $30 shipped 3. AXIV Tour Green 85 X flex fairy shaft, super tight dispersion, 41.5" from a 3 wood. Fantastic shape. $30 shipped or take everything for $80 shipped
  6. not other than whats posted, crowns show NO pop up or scratches, irons are in great shape, no browning, or chips. All irons/wedges have staff pong shafts and matching serial numbers. First $200 takes everything including a pile of head covers, knit poms and more!
  7. here is a lot of clubs, i'm NOT open to selling anything individually, its a lot only. ping G5 drivers 9 and 10.5, cobra driver, adams fairways, cleveland fairways, ping i5 4-pw +S and LW green dot all matching. Everything for $200 shipped first 200 takes it all. plus a lot of head covers for everything.
  8. [quote name='Fort Worth Pro' timestamp='1444662551' post='12445294'] Hey RussC, welcome back. Question about the trail wrist. Are you saying it maintains the same extension from the top all the way through impact and that the extension of the trail wrist doesn't change until well after impact in a slicefixer release? [/quote] I feel like it never changes, like it's held all the way to the top... It's just the turn that carries it and allows it to go all that way. I saw Geoff in Texarkana for a 4 day Overhaul and have had great success since. This was one of the things that was odd to me because I had always released the club. The other thing was how such a "non=powerful" feeling of a swing (9-3) could hit a ball so far.
  9. I have 2 ping Driver heads that were ordered for me by a private country club. both are G5 heads, Square face angle. 9* is 9.25 degrees 10.5 is 11.00 degrees $50 each shipped or $90 for both. No pop up marks, nice clean heads. 350 shaft size.
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