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  1. Company from the early 80's, based in Kentucky, spinoff group from H&B / Powerbilt. Great stuff, produced persimmon heads for major companies. Long gone.
  2. [quote name='CommerceTiger' timestamp='1375070097' post='7558906'] sweet, thanks for the feedback guys, I may pull them and put them on here for around 150, do you think they would sell since I have multi compounds on them? [/quote]What is the tip size? Please send personal message. Thanks
  3. [quote name='dutxdeanster' timestamp='1347901949' post='5651921'] Need a little help please. Does anyone know if Adams actually made a 3 iron for the Adams Idea Pro Gold iron set? I have the 5-PW that I bought which I thoroughly LOVE the look and feel however the hybrids I have tried do not take the place of a four iron or three iron workability and trajectory that I so desire. I have found a 3 iron that goes with the iron set and is have listed by Dallas Golf for sale however I cannot find anywhere that Adams actually made a 4 or 3 iron for this "hybrid, 5-pw" Adams set. Help please! An
  4. 3-PW, Satin Finish, KBS Tour 90, Regular Flex, $285 includes shipping (lower 48). Please contact me if you have questions or need any additional info. Thanks
  5. Check out this link: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/article/magazine/MAG1142641/index.htm Twoputtlouie
  6. Ping I3+ zz65 3-PW Ping G10 4-9 Adams Idea Pro Gold (Satin) KBS 3-PW Bridgestone J38 PC 4-PW Need to clean golf locker
  7. [quote name='El Presidente' timestamp='1291842901' post='2830408'] Srixons. I have a set in the basement that I need to get listed one of these days, in a nice, like new Titliest stand bag and Srixon WG706 gap wedge. Awesome irons. And I search for these all the time to figure out a price to ask for them and never see them anywhere except global golf and they seem a little high there. [/quote] What model Srixon and would you have interest in a trade? Thanks,
  8. [quote name='derekbeaudry' timestamp='1291600841' post='2825476'] Title says it all. I would like to buy a reasonably priced set of blades to mess around with for practice and occasional play. I have played blades on and off through the years and just want a decent set to use now and then. I am totally happy with my ping i15 irons for normal use and play but just want a set to scre around with. I am not really brand specific at all on them i dont care if there factory or componet club i am just looking for suggestions. Thanks [/quote] Adams Idea Pro Gold, 3-PW (3 is still in wrapper)
  9. If the shipping is included, I will take the TP's. Please contact me at [email protected] for payment and shipping info. Thanks, Twoputtlouie [quote name='the_saint_siwa' timestamp='1282159672' post='2647536'] [b][size="5"]1. Mizuno MP-62 Dynamic Gold S-300[/size] [/b][size="3"]Set: 4-Pw All serial number match and verified by Mizuno. Standard Loft, Length, and lie is 1* upright. Grip: Stardard size Mizuno Golf Pride New Decade Cord in great condition. Plenty of life left. Condition: This set has been gamed, sole has some dings due to soft forging, no nick or gauges. Fac
  10. Check out Jekyll Island. Its about 50+ miles north of J-ville and 15-20 minutes east of I-95. 54 holes that radiate from central clubhouse. Should be able to get good one night stay and play rate that would include a breakfast and golf. Golf courses are not Sea Island quality, But a good deal for the price. Have a good trip. Twoputtlouie
  11. I will take the white and shamrock. Please contact me with total cost and method of payment. I will then provide shipping instructions. Thanks, Twoputtlouie
  12. Would you be interested in a trade for TM Burner TP 8.5 deg., S Twoputtlouie [email protected]
  13. 05/17/07 If heads are still available, please contact me with price and method of payment. Thanks, Twoputtlouie [email protected]
  14. 04/09/07 Frankly, I think Sun Mountain and Jones bags are the way to go. Twoputtlouie
  15. 04/09/07 I had the same problem with a hybrid 45 model, paid a premium for the bag and it was junk. The bag was returned to Callaway and they quickly sent a replacement that was junk also. Callaway has treated me well with club matters, but the stand golf bags leave alot to be desired. Twoputtlouie
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