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  1. I need to start keeping stats like this. I have no idea how to quantify SG. I will have to look it up.
  2. I am a junior golf dad and this has absolutely happened to us. At times he has regressed as it relates to swing speed. My son is undersized for his age. Quite a good player but already deficient when it comes to length due to being extremely small for his age. So going backwards with swing speed can cause issues. It has happened a couple times. It is my belief that when it has happened it is due to his swing getting out of sync, his sequencing being off, and that leading to a loss in clubhead speed. Usually he would get stalled and flipped through the ball. He is a very handsy player a
  3. Ok, thank you. It is true one has to have had over 75 posts to be allowed to post equipment for sale?
  4. How would I go about trying to sell 2 specific pieces of golf equipment? I have tried to post a time or two but I get the sense I am doing it wrong, or doing it in the wrong place. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you.
  5. I see a lot of the top youth players already using OEM, professional level lob wedges to chip with (Drive, chip & putt as well as top youth tournaments). I have a junior player who is a very undersized 12 who is exceptional around the greens with the US Kids TS lob wedge with a graphic shaft. A friend made him a lob wedge (Volkey) that is length appropriate with a steel shaft and took some weight out of it (not sure how or what that even meant). Are there any informed people here who can tell me if they will play/feel dramatically different? I am reluctant to move him into the new
  6. I have not been overly active on this forum. I intend to get more active. I am sure this topic has been discussed a ton. Do people think the incredible distances the top players (and even juniors) are hitting it now is a problem? Assuming you do think it is a problem, do you have an opinion on what (if anything) should be done about it? Curious to get feedback from others who have positions on this topic before I share my perspective. Thanks!
  7. I am a father to a competitive junior player. I see other families sometimes have apps that give course information. I know some have ways to detail all the things their junior golfer did in a round. I have a terrible memory and struggle to recount the details from a round. I stumbled into an app called "precison pro golf" that seems to give some interesting information (I have not used it yet). I think it is new thus no reviews to look at. Anyone here have advice on a good app for the phone to keep track of things like this? Any feedback is appreciated.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. For me, the Callaways 'felt' light but to be fair, I hit 10 shots in a golf galaxy net. I would love to find a place where I can demo them and have them interact with the turf. I need to make it a priority (and I am bad at that).
  9. I am in the market for new wedges. I know all club decisions are personal and involve a number of variables. I tested Volkey, Ping, Taylor made and Callaway last week. Was I wrong in 'feeling' that the Callaway Jaws 60 and 56 degree wedges feel/play lighter? Is there any consensus on wedges these days as to which are the best? Is there a #1 lob/sand wedge on tour? Any feedback is appreciated.
  10. I cannot thank you enough for this information and feedback. I am not overly computer savvy and would have struggled to get that information. I appreciate your post and the one from the previous poster very much. He is other worldly with that wedge around the greens compared to peers. He was a horrible break from making it to Augusta for Drive Chip and Putt 2 years ago (cancelled last year). Given the weight info you gave and how he does use that club in a variety of ways and can play different shots, I am reluctant to mess with something heavier for now. Thank you again for
  11. I am the father of a very undersized 12 year old competitive youth player who is very good around the greens. I see a lot of the kids he is playing with already using adult level, pro level wedges (Volkey, Callaway, Taylor Made, etc). He is using a US Kids tour series lob wedge. His sand, gap and pitching wedge are all part of his Ping ProdiG set. Can anyone give advice on how much heavier the head for an adult lob wedge is compared to a US Kids lob? Anyone with experience in this area have any opinions? Any feedback is appreciated.
  12. I have a 9 year old who has gotten into the game with me. I am single digit handicap player myself. We played in a few of the US Kids youth tournaments for first time where my son finished middle of pack a few times. He is not in over his head from a swing perspective. He needs more experience. However, I have seen the kind of equipment and coaching these kids have. While walking back to clubhouse at the last event I was behind to fathers caddying for their kids and heard them talking about swing coaches and going south for the winter and working at indoor facilities. They had top of the
  13. I am there to see the course. I met one of the Marshalls during a trip to Scotland this past summer. He ended up in my group at St Andrews and we talked at the end of the day. He gave me a bunch of tips and specifically said sitting behind #7 green is a good spot. My plan was to drop of chairs there and then walk the entire course. Then once I get back to 7 park for a while and enjoy some food. Before bouncing around again. Just wondered if there were any MUST SEE or MUST DO things that most people aren't aware of.
  14. Two suggestions for where to sit up chairs and there are certainly other good spots. The second one is the wife and I's favorite place to sit. 1. On the hill on the par 3 16th. Sit them up and then walk the course as you please as it will be awhile before the first group gets to 16. 2. To the player's right of #3 green where you are looking slightly down on the green. You can watch approach shots and putts. Every time I've sit here, the pin has been on the far left side of the green which is the most treacherous pin placement on that green. And, depending on the wind, it's almost a driveab
  15. After years of trying we finally won on the lottery and got 2 tickets for Fridays round. I was curious to know if anyone had any tips on MUST SEE things. Best spots to set up a chair or any other useful tips. I know much of or most of the basics. I know it is hilly, I know there is no running. I have great reverence for the facility and am more interested in seeing the course than the actual golf (though I obviously will watch the golf). Any tips and or feedback from people have been there would be welcomed!
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