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  1. Just like the title, looking for other wedge grinds that are most like Taylormade TW wedge
  2. I was wondering what type of club, hybrid or fairway wood has the higher COR
  3. What SGI irons do you all think are the biggest and the most forgiving ever made.
  4. Got these at the thrift store, 3-P, can anybody have any info on these
  5. Looks like he is not in Ft Myers during my stay, June and July, thanks.
  6. Going to Ft myers for 2 months this summer, any good instructors that anybody can recommend, want to remake my full swing, thanks.
  7. Do SC REDX2 putters have serial numbers, if so where are they located, thanks
  8. Where have all the weight kits gone, lots of putters for sale on eBay but not a single weight kit with any of them? Did people just throw them away?
  9. Anybody ever think about putting select style weights into the bottom plate. Do you think it could be done.
  10. Played today for 2nd time using a different type and brand of ball for all 18 holes, anybody ever do this, I'am thinking ball makes no difference in your score unless your a scratch golfer, I'am a 14HCP, scored the same as I usually do, 86 and 90, 2 different days and 2 different courses, comments.
  11. Can any body explain the difference between S300 TT and S400 TT , thanks
  12. [quote name='03trdblack' timestamp='1359053208' post='6290199'] The Wishon 870Ti irons have a .83 COR face just like metal woods. Can't get hotter than that under the current rules of golf. Any other distance gains would be due to stronger lofts and/or longer & lighter shafts. Some companies have much stronger lofts and substantially longer shafts than others in their irons [url="http://wishongolf.com/designs/iron-sets/870ti/"]http://wishongolf.co...ron-sets/870ti/[/url] [/quote]Thanks thats just what I was looking for
  13. Looking for the hottest iron face, need more distance with a slower swing speed.
  14. what are the differencesCan anybody tell me the differences in these 2 clubs, like bounce, feel, forgiveness, thanks
  15. Lookig for somebody to golf with in Puerto Vallarta for next week, 5-8-11 thru 5-18-11
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