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  1. At most courses it seems, the marshal or marshals only exist so the course can pretend that pace of play is a concern. In reality they don't care, hence why the marshals do nothing. It is simply an illusion.
  2. It is a bit more open compared to a Saturday, but still very, very busy. Not like past years were courses would be wide open with the Bears on. As long as the weather is good, I think this continues. Once it gets colder, I would say that things will calm down a bit.
  3. Course seems to be a bit polarizing. I get it though. I'm not a fan of the front 9 and the offset tee boxes get old quick. That said, I enjoy the back 9. I think #11-#14 is a nice set of holes.
  4. I would play the White course because the bunkers are in good shape. Nice fresh sand. The bunkers on Blue Spruce are total crap. Hardpan that hasn't been touched all season. I was there a month ago and the fairways were terrible on both courses. They lost the grass during our hot July. However, the greens were good on both. Hopefully, thats still the case.
  5. Duff, I've following the golf YouTube space for years. While the personalities are for the most part not my cup of tea, it has been fascinating watching how an old subject (golf) is covered in a new medium. I too always thought it was a bit weird to have all these English YouTubers, but as someone mentioned above, stronger competition among PGA pros in England for clients and the copycat nature of YouTube is a smart theory. Honestly, the chance for an American PGA pro (a guy in a teaching bay with a launch monitor) to be a popular club reviewer was like 6 or 7 years ago. Way too l
  6. Always walk. I have two bag, both are Jones bags. The classic stand bag and the players series. Carry 14 clubs in each.
  7. Given how busy the courses are right now, I have no doubt others will do the same. Still bs though.
  8. I would agree, the par 5s are the weak spot at Aberdeen. I think #9 is the worst of the 5s. But, the rest of the course is pretty stellar. Glad to hear the conditions were good. LD and I would head out to Valpo at least once a season to play the course. But, our last few trips the conditions were poor. So, it's been awhile. Perhaps a visit is in order.
  9. Played Bear Slide last Sunday. Tee to green, in excellent shape. The greens were good, but did have a fair amount of ball marks. You could tell they have been receiving a lot of foot traffic. I came down from Chicago and it was so nice to play a course that had well groomed bunkers. With the COVID no-rake rules, many Chicago-area courses are either making half-hearted attempts at bunker maintenance, or have given up all together. The bunkers at Bear Slide were stellar.
  10. Not surprised at all. Idiots in carts. Most of the time, it goes hand-in-hand. Last year, I actually witnessed a guy flip his cart at Oak Grove of all places. Right off #17. Instead of parking the cart, you know on the cart path, they decided to park on the hill to the right of the #17 green. Saved themselves about 10 steps. After finishing the hole, the guys jump into the cart and floored it to the 18th tee. They went about 10 feet and the cart just flipped over. Those guys were very lucky they didn't get seriously hurt.
  11. I played Oak Grove on Saturday in the light rain. Soaked is an understatement. My push cart actually sunk into the fairway on #4 walking to my ball. I've never had that happen before. The greens were in nice shape though considering all the rain. I will say, you guys must be sadists playing the tips at Oak Grove in those conditions, lol. I usually play the blues, but moved up to the whites on Saturday given how wet the course was. Glad I did. Though I did play #17 from the back since both the white and blue tee boxes were just mud.
  12. I played HoE back in May during the no-carts/walking only COVID period, but prior to that it had been two years. Why? Exactly for the reasons you wrote above. Somehow HoE finds the dumbest guys in the greater Elgin area to man their pro-shop and of course you need to deal with them directly to get their wonderful walking rate. Back in May, they had a really good pre-paid online system in place at both HoE and Bowes. Played both courses during that period. Booked and paid online, checked in with the socially distanced starter and hit the first tee. Perfect. I guess too perfect.
  13. When Spring Valley's tee sheet is fully booked until 4 p.m., you know we are in unprecedented times, lol. I too I'm looking forward to colder days and more open courses.
  14. Ha, we had a similar experience. Rolled up to the course at 7:30 a.m., first car in the parking lot. I was asking where the hell is everybody. I'm way too conditioned to the zaniness of Chicago-area courses. I think we even surprised the pro. He was a cool guy and let us go out early, which allowed us to finish prior to the rain. I had the opposite experience. Started out woeful and couldn't find the fairway on the front. Which was really sad, considering how wide the fairways are on those holes. Luckily, got it going on #8 and went 42-38. The "rough" was brutal though. Weeds, crap
  15. LD and I went to Indiana yesterday and played Harrison Hills and Bear Slide. Played Harrison Hills in the morning and walked off the course just as it started to pour. Played Bear Slide in the afternoon in dry, but windy conditions. mci, did you play Harrison Hills on Saturday? If so, what was your take?
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