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  1. Holy Crap! Fresh sand and tree removal. Must be dreaming! Definitely keep us posted when that sand finally gets in the bunkers.
  2. Pretty much. But, I think the Blackstone development does a slightly better job at blending them in. Look at #4 now at Bowes. Blah.
  3. Playing Dunne when it is not busy is one of the treats of Chicagoland public golf. Rare, but always fun when it does happen. When LD and I played Dunne back in December, they had a World War 1 style trench cutting across the 12th fairway in front of the green. Sounds like they finished that project. Good, since you never know at Dunne. The old bunkers on #16 were GUR for at least four seasons and the same thing is happening on #10.
  4. No doubt. And, there's a better chance I add another putter than actually thin the herd, lol. If my putting still stinks come June, then it might be time for a putter intervention.
  5. That's my perspective too. Unfortunately, my putting stats in 2021 say differently.
  6. Ha, that's funny. I played Chick Evans yesterday. My first round at Chick Evans since 2013. Played with some friends that are the definition of Covid golfers. Guys who now play golf to a lack of other entertainment options. Good course for them. Agree with your assessment of Chick Evans. I did the same. Plotted around the course, hitting mostly hybrid off the tee. Good opportunity to work on the wedge game. Greens were decent, but couldn't buy a birdie putt. And, I had six birdie chances inside 12 feet. Just awful. I own too many putters and rotate through them way too often.
  7. Like the purposed Peotone airport and the Route 53 Lake Co extension, the Tiger Woods course is another Chicago-area project that will likely never happen. Frankly, I think too much time has passed since the original announcement. It has been almost five years now.
  8. The one thing that is really nice at the minute is just how dry the courses are. I can't remember an early spring around here that has been this dry. More like fall conditions, not spring. Cold and dry is significantly better than cold and wet.
  9. The Ridge is my go-to video gaming place in the greater Marengo area! My first trip to the Ridge a few years back, we arrived at the clubhouse early, like 6:30 a.m. There's a guy inside just going crazy on the video poker machines. Until that point, I never actually witnessed someone playing video gaming inside a clubhouse before. So, it definitely stood out. And, good for him, God knows, Illinois needs the cash. Also, LD got a hole-in-one at #11 that round. Quite the day!
  10. No. Mine does not have a spine. Just finished my first round with it. Overall, very impressed. I also have a Jones Player Series, which is what I will be comparing it to. The bag had zero issues handling all 14 clubs. No real issues with tangles either. That said, I have standard size grips and I'm using a small putter grip. If you have mid-size grips or a big putter grip, you might have an issue with a full set. With the bag full-loaded, I had no problems with it not having a spine. I too thought that might be an issue. The clubs provided enough structure
  11. It does not have full length dividers. Bad info from TGW. I just got my bag and will be going out for my first round with it tomorrow. Quality looks very good and the straps are comfortable. I like that it has a nice handle on the top of the cuff. Wish my Jones bag had that. I'll report back more detailed thoughts on the bag after a couple of rounds.
  12. LD and I got out to Deer Creek yesterday. For March, the weather was quite good. The course still had some snow on it and a few of the greens were unplayable. So, it was more of on-course range session than an actual round. Good thing, because my ball striking was awful. But, I did chip and putt well. So, not all terrible. Towards the end of last season, I started to get an over-active right hip on the downswing and it has continued all winter at the range. Going to need some work to correct this. Hopefully, more ranges start to open up soon. The last time I went to the Des Plaines
  13. It doesn't matter. The issue with the seam is inherit to how Srixon is currently manufacturing the ball. Until the design and the build process changes, it will be that way.
  14. Modus 105. I think that played a part in getting my order as quick as I did
  15. Received my order of ZX5 (5-PW) today. Ordered on 2/6 from DD's. They came with SuperStroke S-Tech grips (ordered Tour Velvet), but that's fine by me. Honestly, I very thankful Srixon just went ahead and put on what they had. My first round of 2021 is on Sunday and I'm pumped to hit these irons. The course is going to be soaked, so heaven knows, I need that V-sole, lol. Hopefully, everybody that's been waiting longer than me gets their clubs soon. I feel for you guys.
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