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  1. Not a fan. To me, the Iomic always felt great right after getting put on, but that feeling didn't last very long. A couple of rounds in, the grip always felt very used, even after a thorough cleaning. In wet conditions, they didn't perform well for me at all. That said, I have used their putter grips and I would echo the positive comments from others. Excellent putter grips.
  2. Ordered a T-20 wedge on 11/29. Shipped today (1/6). I was told 4 weeks+, so it ended up being accurate.
  3. Played my 100th round of 2020 this morning at Marengo Ridge. This is only the second time I've gotten to triple digit rounds in a calendar year. My on-course exploits are never worth applauding, but I think this is worth sharing, lol. Marengo Ridge was hardly my first choice, but it worked out well. I was the first guy there and had the course to myself. When I was leaving, it was all jammed up on the first tee, so it definitely paid to get out early. Overall, I was shocked at how dry the course was. For December 23rd, its usually mud balls and slop, but Marengo Ridge
  4. Hard to argue. Same thing happened at the Erin Hills U.S. Open. The proceeding weeks to the tournament were dry and guys playing practice rounds talked about how fast and difficult the course was playing. To the extent, that the USGA actually went out and cut down the fescue in some areas. But, of course, being the upper Midwest, early in the Open week the course was hammered by storms. A couple of inches of rain and a brand new ballgame. Sadly, some golf fans and media then thought that Erin Hills was a pushover, not worthy of hosting a U.S. Open. If the Open had been the week pri
  5. Got out twice over the weekend. LD and I played Broken Arrow on Saturday and I played the Jemsek Course at lovely St. Andrews yesterday. For December, the courses are still pretty green and very dry (for the season). Some of the shaded greens were starting to freeze over, so that was an added challenge. When greens start to freeze, that's when you know the season has come full circle, haha. Let's keep the snow away and the season going. Last December was awesome. I got in a bunch of rounds around Xmas.
  6. The TS2 has a bigger profile, so on paper, it should be more forgiving. That said, how you hit your hybrid may matter more. I like to hit my hybrid like an iron and take a divot, so the TS3 is a much better fit for me. I had 816H1 too, but I was very up and down with that club. That said, it was definitely a user issue, not club issue. The TS3 hybrid is really good. But, Titleist has been making really good hybrids for years.
  7. I tend to agree, but I do think it comes down to the player. And, a number of Titleist guys are still playing older ProV1 or ProV1X models that they like.
  8. I love the look of the Matera. But, this Frankenstein version is barf worthy.
  9. It is going to be awhile if you order with Mizuno right now. I ordered a wedge yesterday, just one wedge, 4 weeks, perhaps longer.
  10. I have the same issues off the tee at GCI. I always drive it poorly there. Just doesn't fit my eye.
  11. I play my iron shaft (Nippon Modus Tour 105) in all my wedges. To me, having the same shaft in my wedges from my irons is a much bigger deal than brand matching.
  12. I think it is more due to the fact that it is difficult to have multiple irons in a new release now that don't have a "tech" story. So, if there's a new blade, there's no room for a one-piece cavity back. See the MP 20 line. My guess is that if the new MP line does have a one-piece cavity back, it won't have a blade release this cycle.
  13. I agree. I understand why an iron like the MP 18 SC didn't carry over to the MP 20 line, but it would be disappointing to see the one-piece cavity back eliminated from the MP line once again. Would love to see an updated MP 64 diamond muscle, with better looking short irons. The look of the PW and 9 iron were the only flaws in my opinion on the 64s.
  14. I wonder if we will see a one-piece forged cavity back, like the MP 18 SC or MP 64. Sadly, I fear this type of iron is going the way of the dodo bird. If Mizuno skips it again for this upcoming MP release, they are saying either play the JPX Tour or look elsewhere (for guys like me that play the 18 SC or the 64, the 63, etc.)
  15. I played yesterday, because I'm stupid. The winds were crazy stupid as well. Hit a course that I knew would be open, good old St. Andrews. Hell they would still be open if the four horsemen of the apocalypse came raining down on beautiful West Chicago. I'm hardily shy about playing in poor conditions, but the winds yesterday were by far the worst I've ever play in. I actually carried instead of pushed, because I was worried that the winds would blow over my ClicGear. That was a smart call, as the strongest gusts were blowing around objects much heavier than my light Jon
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