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  1. I played 125 rounds in 2021. Being a working stiff and living in the Chicago-area, that's right around the max number of rounds I can play.
  2. Technically no. Amer Sports was purchased by Anta Sports in 2019. Anta Sports is a Chinese company. However, Amer Sports still exists. So, Wilson is a subsidiary of Amer Sports, which is a subsidiary of Anta Sports.
  3. We will see. On the whole, I feel W/S marketing and branding is all over the map, and has been for awhile. This honestly seems like another example. Is W/S really trying to change their brand identity to capture this golfer? Because it's going to take a lot more than just one marketing campaign for a golf ball to do so. Perhaps, they have more coming, but I see nothing else about the brand that really indicates this. For example, take a look at their brand ambassadors/tour staff. Nice guys sure, but this might be the blandest group out on tour and that says something. My feeling is that two years for now we will look at back at this release and laugh... Remember when W/S launched the Triad trying to get the 20 something White Claw golfer to buy the ball using an obnoxious Instagram influencer.
  4. It looks like Mill Creek is coming back courtesy of GolfVisions. Mill Creek is appearing as one of the options on their 2022 Player's Pass (first bulletin point, listed between Midlane and the always wonderful Oak Grove). http://www.golfvisions.net/players_pass/
  5. I had never heard of the guy until this morning. I guess I need to spend more time on Instagram. Priorities, right. Anyway, I checked him out, wow! I am sure he moves the needle with some, but not me, lol.
  6. I think it is best for Wilson to leave the colored matte balls in the DUO Soft line moving forward. The marketing for the Triad is definitely a different direction for a Wilson ball. For years, it was nothing but soft, soft, soft.
  7. It's the replacement for the Duo Professional. The Staff Model ball (good ball btw) replaced the 4-piece FG Tour ball that was in the line from a couple of years ago. Wilson upped the compression on this new ball. By Wilson's measurements, I believe the Duo Pro's compression was 65. They are saying the Triad is now 85. A real change. In my opinion, the Duo Pro was too soft. This makes the new Triad more in-line compression-wise with the original three-piece FG Tour ball that came out in 2009/2010. That was a great ball and much beloved around here. The "MOI" marketing jazz on the Triad does zero for me... However, if the Triad plays and feels like that old FG Tour, then it is a winner in my book.
  8. These are milled putters made from 303 stainless or carbon steel. If a retailer is carrying Scotty's or Bettinardi's, there's no reason from a materials or manufacturing perspective why they could not carry the Pings. Question is more from a selling standpoint. Will the public buy them? Not sure. In my opinion, Ping has been screwing the pooch on their putter releases for some time. Would a $400 - $450 Ping putter sell to the general public? That said, does boggle my mind that Ping has not offered these (or a similar version) up to select accounts yet.
  9. No doubt. That's where the additional bunkering in my opinion could come in. I realize that won't make them good holes, but maybe not total snoozers.
  10. To circle back on this thread (and sorry OP, this is somewhat off-topic)... It is a true indictment of the Jemsek's that no one is recommending (I don't recommend it either) playing Cog #2 for a group looking to play Dubs on a 36 hole day. Just from a convenience stand-point, think about how bad that is. The other part that makes this sad is that in my opinion Cog #2 has good bones. Elevation is in short-supply in our area, but Cog #2 has some. The ravine that cuts through the course, especially on the back 9, is a good feature. Nice mature trees on many holes. Decent size greens. All-in-all, a lot to work with. However, they maintain #2 like the goat tracks that are #1 and #3. Don't get it. In particular, the greens are brutally SLOOOWWWW. I think the greens have good features, but it is difficult to tell when they are running at a 7. Finally, pretty sure the course hasn't been touched since it hosted '97 US Amateur. A few holes could definitely use some additional bunkering to add a little spice. But, that certainly isn't happening.
  11. The spring of 2014 was pretty bad with snow mold damage. That said, that winter was brutal. I'm not an old-timer, so I can't wax poetically about the winters of the 1970s, but the 2013-2014 winter was the worst of my lifetime. Not only did the area get over 80 inches of snow and brutal cold, the snow coverage was in-place from early December to early March. That's a long time. We still had open and non-frozen turf just two weeks ago.
  12. Club Champion didn't purchase TXG to have them expand into the US. Club Champion is already here. Makes zero sense.
  13. TXG is/was two businesses. A media company and a fitting studio. I don't live in Canada, so I honestly don't care about their fitting business. I will say, being a small business owner in the current environment is tough. Will never critique a small business owner for making a move to improve their financial standing. On the media side, I do watch their channel and enjoy their content. Losing Matt is a big blow though. He had a great chemistry with Ian. Will be difficult to replicate or replace.
  14. Arg, I get the sense that you won't be shedding any tears when Bessie crosses the Florida state line soon.
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