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  1. The wait time for new equipment has basically killed my desire for new stuff. For example, I could probably use a new 54 degree wedge. However, I am not interested in waiting 6 weeks+ for one custom wedge.
  2. The gold course isn't terrible. There's actually a few holes I really like on it. It is the blue course there that's the dog. The tee shot on #18 will make you think. The par 5s are very scoreable. Also, I'm not shocked at your experience at Foxford. What's in the water in Cary??? I find that Foxford's neighbor, Chalet Hills, suffers from similar issues. Prairie Isle is my go-to in that neck of the woods.
  3. Thanks! So far, it is definitely less crazy this spring than I anticipated. I played Midlane this afternoon. While never the busiest of courses, I played thru a foursome on #5, then did not see a soul the rest of the round. And, weather was not that bad. A little cool for the season, but very playable.
  4. As LD mentioned, Stonewall was in terrific shape. I have seen the greens run faster there, but not sure I've seen them run as smooth. With the nice weather yesterday, the round was just a real treat. I even played #18 well, haha. I now live 10 minutes away from Stonewall, so I got to figure out how to arrange the work schedule to get in some more Stonewall weekday twilight rounds, lol.
  5. Thanks for the tip. I have never played Petrifying Springs, but it is on my list of courses to hit in 2021. I'm a fan of Brighton Dale, and usually play there a few times a year. For a busy course, I find the greens to be smooth and pretty consistent. Can't really ask for much more on a county course.
  6. Pilgrims is great. Also, I enjoyed Cedar Chase, which is pretty close to Pilgrim's. Like Pilgrim's, Cedar Chase has a secluded feel and the course conditions have been good when I've played it. Challenging too, especially the back 9.
  7. They got enough water down in that quarry pit to keep HoE Augusta green thru a biblical drought.
  8. I can't believe I'm saying this after the Noah's Ark springs of the past few years, but our area needs some rain. Especially in the north and northwest 'burbs. If the dry times continue and May gets hot, the courses are going to have their hands-full with their turf. Getting flashbacks to 2012 at the minute.
  9. Holy Crap! Fresh sand and tree removal. Must be dreaming! Definitely keep us posted when that sand finally gets in the bunkers.
  10. Pretty much. But, I think the Blackstone development does a slightly better job at blending them in. Look at #4 now at Bowes. Blah.
  11. Playing Dunne when it is not busy is one of the treats of Chicagoland public golf. Rare, but always fun when it does happen. When LD and I played Dunne back in December, they had a World War 1 style trench cutting across the 12th fairway in front of the green. Sounds like they finished that project. Good, since you never know at Dunne. The old bunkers on #16 were GUR for at least four seasons and the same thing is happening on #10.
  12. No doubt. And, there's a better chance I add another putter than actually thin the herd, lol. If my putting still stinks come June, then it might be time for a putter intervention.
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