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  1. Yes. Just an awful round. Honestly, that round may have been the last time I played in a cart. It was definitely the last time I played Lost Marsh.
  2. I moved back to carrying instead of pushing, when it is not hot out. With the right bag, I think it is easier.
  3. The mittens definitely look cumbersome. Honestly, if I was a cart golfer, I just wouldn't play in cold temps. While gloves help, what really warms me up is walking around. Many times, after a few holes, I warm up enough for the gloves to come off (especially true if the winds are light). Also, I think it is better to carry in the cold, than push. Especially when windy. Can get your hands in pockets, instead of exposing them pushing the cart.
  4. I always read on here that the ZStar is 5-10 yards shorter off the driver. Seems to always come-up when talking about this ball. The OP mentions it. However, every detailed ball test I've seen with data debunks this. The data hammer provides above from the 2021 mgs ball test is just another data point confirming that. Seems to me at this point this is just a myth that has been repeated so often, people now believe it.
  5. You are thinking about this too hard... Guys pick-up ProV1s and other premium balls that are easy to find. Not the case with Nitro's, Noodles, etc. That's the reason.
  6. I wear Footjoy rain gloves. Works well. Provides enough protection, without interfering with your grip. The Footjoy winter gloves are little too thick and start to become cumbersome when gripping the club.
  7. SuperStroke. The durability of their grips are awful. Because of Covid supply chain issues, my ZX5s ended up getting their S-Tech grips. It wasn't what I ordered, but I didn't want to wait for my irons due to my requested grips being on back-order. Perhaps, I should have waited. Pure junk. Got about 25 rounds on them, before they started to get slick. And, that's with regular cleanings between rounds. Also, the durability of their putter grips has gone completely downhill too. I put a Traxion Tour on one of my putters over the summer. Played about 20 rounds with it. It looks 2 years old, perhaps older. Again, junk.
  8. The TSi3 sounds better and looks better. I would definitely not go back to my TS3. Nice driver, but I prefer the TSi3.
  9. Very good point. Ace is an ace. LD has aces at Marengo Ridge and Palos Hills Golf Course, and they still count, lol.
  10. Yes. It is across the road, next to the #18 green on Dubs. About a 190 yard par 3. Also, as someone without a hole-in-one, I'm conflicted on this hole. Sure, the chances of an ace are .0001 (likely lower), but would I want my first ace (maybe only ace) to be on this hole? Sure, an ace is an ace. Better to have one than none, right? Then again, this is a throw away bonus hole, not part of the round. Anyway, this always something I think about when playing this hole and I'm probably the only person that does, lol.
  11. Not a lot of moisture lately around here. Conditions will likely be pretty good for this late in the year. I played Marengo Ridge yesterday and it was bone dry. The only issue with Cog is they always punch super late in October with the huge holes and then sand the crap out of their greens.
  12. I ordered a set of pre-owned 639 cb this morning. Excited to try them out.
  13. HoE stops watering like crazy this time of year. November is the right time to play it.
  14. I've played the course once before, about 7 or 8 years ago. The front 9 is interesting and the greens are definitely small. While short, this course can beat you up quick. Especially the front. I feel that Southern WI has a bunch of these type of courses. Short, tight and with tiny greens. Get out of position either off the tee or on your approach, good luck making par.
  15. I know I'm crapping all over this release (my apologies in advance), but jeez, even the face milling on the new BB line is beyond basic. Disappointing considering Bettinardi's history of bringing out unique face millings.
  16. Agree completely. At $300, the 2020 BB line was at a really solid price point in the marketplace, with the unique feature of being carbon steel. A lot of putter for the money. This new release is neither unique nor a good deal.
  17. I'm in the Chicago-area, so similar deal on the turf. I play a lot and in all conditions, so I actually moved to having two sets of Zipcores in the 54 & 58. For the summer, I played the mid-bounce in the 54 and low in the 58. For the fall here, I have gone to the full sole in the 54 and mid-bounce in the 58. It has definitely worked well. For me, the mid-bounce in the 58 is significantly better than the low bounce in wet conditions.
  18. I would agree on that. Hell, there was a thread here a few months ago from a guy complaining about his BB putter rusting. Eventually, we find out he stored his putter in his car trunk in Houston. I feel for customer service reps. Personally, I find this BB line to be extremely underwhelming. I get why they moved to 303, but carbon steel on the old BB line is what made those putters somewhat unique for a retail line. While these are well done, it is just another stainless steel putter in the marketplace. Plus, they didn't update the shapes at all. I have always found Bettinardi's blades to be way too boxy, wish they would thin out the BB1 a bit in at least one of these BB releases. I agree on 6.0. The blue was not my cup of tea, the black/silver look much, much better. Combined with RC face, I'm intrigued.
  19. Thanks for the review, Arg. I was definitely interested in your take when you mentioned playing it as part of your trip south. I have read and watched a lot of reviews/info on Sweetens Cove. The vibe I have always gotten from that stuff is that they do things different, just to be different. I guess there's value in that, but that's not the way I really think, lol. If it lacks logic, I'm usually not a fan.
  20. That's pretty bad. I have rust spots on my 5 iron, but not to that degree. As mentioned above, it is from water getting between body and insert. FYI to anyone looking at purchasing a set of ZX5s... I got 115 rounds on my ZX5s, let me tell you, they look like they have 300 rounds on them. Personally, it doesn't really bother me, but if you like to have your clubs to look pristine, I would say steer clear from these irons or use irons covers. I walk using a push cart for most of my rounds, so the clubs really don't click around too much either. And, they are still getting beat up. I can only imagine what they would look if I rode in a cart.
  21. A bit different today than my last round on Monday, lol. Full winter gear on today. Even battled a few snow showers. I got out to Highland Woods this morning. Weather was a bit rough on the first couple of holes, but improved after #5. Woods was in decent shape. It was actually drier than I thought it would be, as I was getting modest roll out in the fairways. Definitely was not a mud-fest, which was nice. Greens were in ok shape. The bunkers looked awful, but I wasn't in them today. All-in-all, a pretty typical November round. Walked Woods in under 2.5 after playing thru two groups. From #5 on, I saw more deer than golfers.
  22. I have an IZ and Ventus Red that I play in a TSi3. For me, the IZ launches higher and with a bit more spin than the Ventus Red. Also, I have also played the DI in the past. I would say the Red plays between the two. Nice chart btw. Great work!
  23. I'm trying to use vacation days prior to calendar year-end, so I had taken today off a few weeks ago. The weather was both a blessing and a curse. On the good side, what a beautiful day. Usually a warm November day comes with strong winds, not today. Perfect conditions. On the downside, the tee sheets were packed. With the lack daylight and the desire not to play an over 4 hour round, pickings were pretty slim. Ended up playing Midlane. Gotta say, good choice. Course was in nice shape. Midlane is an odd place. When I play there in June or July, the course is kind of ragged. Beat up fairways, shagged greens, etc. I guess November is when it shines? The fairways were cut and giving roll. The greens smooth, with some pace. All in all, pretty good for any month, especially November. I got out early and played in 2.5. Hit the ball nicely as well, so an added bonus.
  24. Lol. I played Woodbine once, a glorified executive course. I agree on Sanctuary as well. It has basically three tricky spots, that's it. The second shots on the par 5s, #5 and #17 and the tee shot on #18. When into wind, that's a tougher tee shot. And, of course, can't miss left.
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