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  1. Not right now, I'll try to get one over the next few days. And yes, been getting back to basics with the short game. Actually got a lesson it was that bad! First lesson in a very long time. What you mentioned is what we worked on. Still lacking a little feel and confidence but it's just practice.
  2. Thanks SB. I never lost my swing. Spent a year or so when I was 17 changing and ingraining it myself. Did this by reading stuff on here back then! Short game is the one taking ages to come back, don't get me inside 50! But I'm still having bad swings every 1 in 5 right now. Would like to reduce that dramatically. Primary issue is my hips going too fast or sliding forward. Any drills anyone?
  3. I'm just getting back into golf after a layoff for years. Currently playing off 6 and consider ballstriking the best part of my game. I hit 70-80% fairways, ave 280-290 off the tee. Hit most clubs very straight, longer clubs straight to a small fade. Main miss with most clubs is a straight pull left. Would like to tighten it up slightly so any thoughts appreciated.
  4. Badds (LOL) - have to pick an Aussie Tigger Cabrera
  5. Have you been able to play with the PXs yet, Snell?
  6. Did Ryo hit a green today? He's been lucky to keep his ball on the Sandbelt!
  7. Instead of the Americans playing every year, should be like a King of the roost-style tournament. The team who wins the year carries on to defend the next year against the team that wasn't involved. Oh, to dream...
  8. [quote name='johnnypro' timestamp='1321168610' post='3794559'] I love TW but I'm 61 and I play longer courses than they just played. The jury is still out. [/quote] What does that even mean? In relation to him not having to use driver all that much? Course length does not necessarily equal course difficulty. Eg - Matt Kuchar...only missed 3 cuts this year, and that course was one of them. And the cut was at +2!
  9. ^LOL. I don't think two kaymer-like final rounds can happen in consecutive weeks. And @rafal oh dear, tiger saying gd. Shock. Horror. Huge. Quickly.
  10. [quote name='BigPete' timestamp='1320278314' post='3752305'] Nice story but I don't get the bit about it making you feel like you kissed your sister? Cos' it made you feel like a jedi? [/quote] HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  11. Gamer is a Cleveland XL Tour w/NV-55 Back-up is a 910D3 w/RIP 60 or TM Burner 2.0 TP w/stock
  12. ^If they can tip it at least 1/2", bangtidy idea.
  13. There must be better stuff <200. You can get current stock for +/-$500 these days. Have you looked through the BST on here? Or even, I hate to say it, ebay? I know we're selling Cleveland TA7 sets at work brand new for 299, so I'm sure there is similar stuff (and probably more forgiving) under that hanging around.
  14. Or if you want to move into the 21st century, try getting a UST V2 96g X-flex to have something similar in graphite
  15. Mid 120's is preeeettty quick. Custom orders are generally current...there can't be many that also have shaft options heavy enough and stiff enough within your budget. If you're set on a G15 buy one and stick an x100 in it?
  16. Heya, Doing a little bit of research and wanted to hear if anyone had shopped with this website. For eg. they are selling 4-9PAS Burner 2.0s graph or steel at $419.97 without shipping. Now that doesn't seem legit; golfsmith has 4-9PA for $699.00, and Edwin Watts has 4-P for $555 with shipping to Australia, which is consistent with the pricing at my nearest store in Australia...has anyone heard anything or seen anything from these guys? I very much doubt that it's real - it would appear to be below cost price - but I'd appreciate feedback all the same! Cheers Brodie
  17. Winner: TW Contender: Dustin Johnson Dark Horse: Aaron Baddeley Call me crazy but Baddeley's been playing solid this year, has a natural draw and he's a fantastic putter. Someone will do a Larry Mize on him though :P
  18. Pretty set of sticks for a chopper :P That bag looks mint man
  19. Yeah mate, I couldn't believe it when I saw it...it's like an inverted fat shaft haha
  20. Such a pita...it's a bore-thru as well as having a butt diameter of ~1". Is there a better reason not to buy golf clubs from a tennis company? @teamyonex...how do I get a grip over the actual butt quickly?
  21. haha...yeah I think I'm just going to tell him he needs to buy a new club/shaft if I can't get ahold of that tool from a supplier. Probably be as good excuse for his wife as any.
  22. Just had a customer drop in a couple of older-model Yonex fairway woods to regrip and little did I realise they have a HUMONGOUS butt width. Do any of you guys know how to regrip these things and is it at all possible to put a normal grip on them? Cheers Brodie
  23. I don't think the rest of the field made mistakes, as such, just Tiger played that much better. The scoring out there wasnt easy...the greens were, as you said TR, lightning and hard. Would have been interesting if the wind had picked up, though. May have kept the top of the field that little bit closer together. On a side note, I couldn't believe they had a couple of cricket commentators in to help out. Couldn't they find a couple of pros to do it?
  24. ok soo...here's my verdict on their irons. They are OKAYYY...nothing special. Feel is dull off the face, they feel clunky. The FG59's are beautiful to look at but do not feel that nice to hit. FG forged are nice looking but again clunky to hit...btw are these replacing the P series? And Ci9 is imminent for release. haven't seen it in hand yet.
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