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  1. Tip or shaft with tip? I don’t have the means to pull a tip without wrecking a shaft right now.
  2. Have both and carry the one that fits the course. If it’s a short tight course where tee shot accuracy is a premium the 2hy is hard to beat. If there is room to get squirrely then the 3w stays in the bag.
  3. 11. Callaway Steelhead XR. Super easy to elevate. Feel and sound great. Cheap on cpo.
  4. Throwing these in as they will probably not get mentioned but the Bstone XD series and some Tour B drivers can be found for cheap on the bay. Some JDM fixed hosel heads in the $60-70 range. They are pretty solid drivers, especially the 2nd gen Tour B JGR if you want something easy to hit straight.
  5. Sorry my friend. They must have been picked over through the weekend.
  6. Golfworks deals. TA full cords $.99 each.
  7. I have the 425 max in 9* and it’s dead straight. Not open or shut.
  8. Not certain the ROI would be worth the cost to secure exclusivity unless it was a short run for a new manufacturer trying to build a brand. But then why would a large oem want to push a relatively unknown product? I think the closest we’ll see is Srixon/Miyazaki. I’ve been wrong before... Many times.
  9. Consider the weight of the grip first as that may dramatically affect the feel of your putter. Could feel better or worse depending on what you like. That being said I prefer the pingman blackout or Best Grips leather. Best Grips major leaguer and rancher are fantastic. I’ve been eyeing the Horween leather one as well.
  10. Also play off an 11 and driver swings from strength to weakness for me regularly. I’m coming from the st190 to the 425max. Sound is very unique but I don’t hate it. It’s low pitched but a loudish “wawp” as opposed to the muted carbon head. I do like the sound better than most titanium heads with a high pitched ting. Granted I have 2g of hot melt in the head. Also no issues with launch with the rogue white. It gets up pretty easy. I don’t have gave enough time with it to say it will make any changes in my game or help me more than the st190 but I like it enough to commit to it and give it a ch
  11. https://www.golfworks.com/universal-golf-shaft-extensions/p/gw1047/ these are pretty easy to use with some epoxy.
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