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  1. More face pics were requested. Face pics delivered.
  2. Sorry was MIA for a big running my golf tournament/drinkathon. Back and alive now.
  3. Letting go of 2 today. Prices include shipping Conus. 1. 54* CBX2 black satin all stock. A couple range sessions and 2 rounds. Lost my green side touch because every shot came off like I hit the sweet spot. Went to the zipcore and now my dead, spin-less shots coming off the toe feel just right. $sold 2. Wilson 8802 at 35” and all stock. One of the best feeling and rolling putters I’ve ever used and it encourages a free release. But it turns out I miss the cup by a couple less inches less when my flange has a sight line. $sold
  4. Mx23 was my first set of "real" irons and I loved them. Moved to something better* a long time ago and it was not a smart move. But I am not a smart man. MP54 is the closest I've come since. Ksouth moved a bunch of NOS on ebay a couple years ago. Great sticks.
  5. This setup on the Adidas Samba bags has been my favorite but it’s not common to find.
  6. Not adding anything new but seconding the new Cleveland halos. So easy to hit, want to go straight and they actually feel terrific. Also the titleist 818h1. Looks great and very easy to hit. It has solid rep.
  7. Tip or shaft with tip? I don’t have the means to pull a tip without wrecking a shaft right now.
  8. Have both and carry the one that fits the course. If it’s a short tight course where tee shot accuracy is a premium the 2hy is hard to beat. If there is room to get squirrely then the 3w stays in the bag.
  9. 11. Callaway Steelhead XR. Super easy to elevate. Feel and sound great. Cheap on cpo.
  10. Throwing these in as they will probably not get mentioned but the Bstone XD series and some Tour B drivers can be found for cheap on the bay. Some JDM fixed hosel heads in the $60-70 range. They are pretty solid drivers, especially the 2nd gen Tour B JGR if you want something easy to hit straight.
  11. Sorry my friend. They must have been picked over through the weekend.
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