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  1. GSS is a trademark, not actual german stainless steel.
  2. 1. SSS and GSS is the same thing, don't give in to the GSS hype 2. Newport = 009, Tour rat 1. Newport 2=Timeless tour rat 2. 3. Not sure what to answer, but I assume Circle T will be the logo on your putter. It can be whatever. 4. Buy from a reputable seller or have it come with a authentication papers. 5. Interesting facts about question 1, GSS is a trademark and not an actual thing. SSS, GSS etc is just Scottys way of making more money.
  3. I'd say that the toughest part of this is to actually design the putter using a 3D software. I believe everyone can learn how to draw a putter in CAD, the tricky part is to actually make something nice. And people here don't seem to realise that our friends overseas (read China) can make just about anything for next to nothing. I have designed countless of putters for myself since I'm a machine designer, which makes the first part of the job very cheap. Then I simply give the CAD file to a factory in China who produce my prototype for roughly 200-300 USD depending on the complexity. Add 50 USD for shipping and I have a prototype in 303SS for roughly 300 USD including import fees and what not. I wont speak for every factory in China, but the one I'm working with does an incredible job and the prototypes have come back looking exactly like the model with the weight spot on.
  4. I designed these 2 back in 2019. I still game the flow neck putter. I got updates ready to be milled, but we are buying a house in october, so golf equipment comes second atm.
  5. For 2250$ I would expect him to do a better job with the COG then just moving the sight line.
  6. Not exactly how I did it, but works aswell of course That's the beauty of Solidworks (and other CAD software), there are multiple ways of doing the same thing.
  7. I have made a couple of putters in CAD and then had them milled by my supplier. This is the next iteration for my 2021 putter. If you have any questions, Im sure I can help out. My job title is Machine designer and I spend 39 out of 40 hours in front of Solidworks unless a Machine is starting to be ready for building
  8. Huh, I did not know the tour fw did not have all that gimmick on top. Looks amazing, and yes, it looks like it towards the heel.
  9. The golf in "golf pride" should be centered over Pride. So its a fake.https://customcameron.co.uk/blogs/news/15744164-how-to-spot-a-fake-part-2-circle-t-pistolero
  10. Yikes, I will answer myself. After googling for a while, I saw a picture of the bottom of the putters (When the sole plate is removed) that the regular X5 has a ton of milling done underneath to remove weight, while the dual balance dont. So if anyone was wondering what I was, you need a milling machine to turn a dual balanced Scotty into a regular one.
  11. Hello everyone! Im helping my friend find a Scotty Cameron X5 putter and stumbled across a X5 dual balance. On Scottys web page, he states that the head is 50g heavier than the regular one. My question is, how are these 50g applied to the head? Because I would like to convert it to a regular X5. Is the head bigger? Weights heavier? Thanks in advance :)
  12. I just designed and received a 3 ton machine from our supplier in Germany using German stainless steel. I wonder how much I would get for the GSS if I would sell it to Scotty? Because apparently, it is VERY rare and hard to get, and apparently it is super expensive as well. Always funny to visit our supplier, they always get a good laugh when I talk to them about GSS in the putter world. And germans dont laugh.
  13. Or you can go to his website under Trademarks and see "GSS" written. Meaning it is a word he use. not a material. Dont get me wrong, Im not here to argue, but it is stated on his website that it is a trademark, not a material.
  14. GSS is 303 stainless Steel. Its the same thing with a fancier name.
  15. I would do dirty things to see a 18 degree 2 iron launch and spin like a 9-iron and still get it out there 200 yards. Are you sure the launch monitor was set right and that you read the values right?
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