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  1. Im going crazy with these pictures. Will you be able to buy the woods without the gimmicks on the crown as shown on a few pictures or is that tour only? Last pic of the LTDx driver has me drooling
  2. thank you so much for those pictures and information
  3. Hello! Quick question, does anyone have a KBS CT TOUR putter shaft 0.370' laying around that can measure inside diameter of the tip/wall thickness with a caliper? Thank you
  4. I won't do the programming or fixtures, I will have to rely on the machine shops knowledge in that department. I though about making a die and press it, but that requires making an actual die which takes time and costs go up etc etc. I wanted to keep it as simple as possible by milling them along with the club itself. And the fact that throughout 3-p will have different grooves due to face height I'm going to need quite a few dies. I dont plan to send it to USGA if I ever make one, but my OCD tells me it has to be conforming. And I also dont want to go through all this trouble and end up with something that is'nt conforming
  5. Thanks! Its Solidworks, yes. I started with putters since they are much easier to design but decided to try out irons as well. I do this for a living (not designing golf clubs) but work in Solidworks, so its more about getting it right and look pretty than learning how to actually CAD it. My bottle neck is that I'm not good enough (or smart enough) with CNC machines so I have to rely on the machineshops knowledge, which at best can be described as variable I will keep you in mind if any questions pop up, thanks!
  6. I have not, yet. I will probably make another push after the christmas holidays
  7. The sole will have a leading and trailing edge relief, its better seen on a picture I dont have atm. Im a big fan of the W grind you can order on Mizunos yoro department, so Im trying to replicate that as best as I can.
  8. Good eye, I took inspiration from the Miura Baby blades. So its slightly shorter heel/toe, but a bit beefier to make sure the weight is correct.
  9. I have been working on and off on for the last year on a 100% milled golf iron in CAD. It has taken some serious time and some proper dedication and now I finally feel satisfied with the 7 iron. I got all my drawings/tolerances ready for a order of what would have been my coolest project ever. Unfortunately the milling company could not satisfy the tolerances/rules required for the grooves to be conforming. So this project will probably be put on ice for the time being. Menawhile, enjoy the pictures of the CAD model. Let me know what you think Specs are: 269 grams 36° loft 62° lie 100% CNC milled from a single block of 1018 Carbon Steel
  10. I can't speak for the US market, but I designed a anser 2 model with 2 different necks, flow neck and plumbers neck. Sent it to some random machine shop in China who milled them out of solid blocks of 303 stainless steel for 150 USD each. This includes CAM setup, material and machining, you get it. I ordered 2 each so 600 total with shipping included. Came back perfect, weight spot on etc etc. Now, US market and asia market are not the same, I get that. But atleast you get an idea what it MIGHT cost
  11. GSS is a trademark, not actual german stainless steel.
  12. 1. SSS and GSS is the same thing, don't give in to the GSS hype 2. Newport = 009, Tour rat 1. Newport 2=Timeless tour rat 2. 3. Not sure what to answer, but I assume Circle T will be the logo on your putter. It can be whatever. 4. Buy from a reputable seller or have it come with a authentication papers. 5. Interesting facts about question 1, GSS is a trademark and not an actual thing. SSS, GSS etc is just Scottys way of making more money.
  13. I'd say that the toughest part of this is to actually design the putter using a 3D software. I believe everyone can learn how to draw a putter in CAD, the tricky part is to actually make something nice. And people here don't seem to realise that our friends overseas (read China) can make just about anything for next to nothing. I have designed countless of putters for myself since I'm a machine designer, which makes the first part of the job very cheap. Then I simply give the CAD file to a factory in China who produce my prototype for roughly 200-300 USD depending on the complexity. Add 50 USD for shipping and I have a prototype in 303SS for roughly 300 USD including import fees and what not. I wont speak for every factory in China, but the one I'm working with does an incredible job and the prototypes have come back looking exactly like the model with the weight spot on.
  14. I designed these 2 back in 2019. I still game the flow neck putter. I got updates ready to be milled, but we are buying a house in october, so golf equipment comes second atm.
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