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  1. Tour S+ and sounds about right! Like some of the questions like length of swing in particular! Great job! Following on twitter
  2. FYI that is the wholesalers cost on the v4 brand new....should be sold by now! Great price! GLWS!
  3. and FYI it did sell and for more than the listed price here ;-) putter SOLD
  4. SOLD Available exclusively in The Vault, this putter was extremely limited and sold out in 2 minutes. The Spider Limited Red is the putter of the #1 player in the world, Jason Day. It features a new aluminum Pure Roll insert, a #3 slant neck hosel, black shaft, and adjustable weights, not the glued in ones like the retail offerings, and as Jason Day prefers, a removed sightline. The all-red body presents a striking look and color contrast, providing even more confidence on the green. The serial number is in picture 4 ending with a T. This putter has never touched a ball and has only b
  5. Is it worth the price that the one sold for on eBay? Clearly it was worth that to someone. That's all that matters. Will the market for these stay that high going forward? I doubt it, but it's been interesting to watch. Part of the appeal of this putter for me is the fact there is nothing on the putter indicating it's limited. That would ruin it. The whole point is that it's a carbon copy of Day's actual gamer (aside from two small differences). It's a putter that's meant to be played, not hung on a wall. I'm glad that TaylorMade saw it this way instead of going the Scotty route of making it
  6. i got one on its way. I'm on the east coast so didn't get it yet! actually me and 2 guys i work with got one each! quick fingers!! Good to know we own 20% of them made lol
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