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  1. You guys are way better with your gloves than I am . I shove my ball washer pocket thing, tees, repair tool and glove in a pocket without thinking. You guys are so diligent to carefully put it back in the package lol.
  2. I was fortunate enough to go that year. Definitely a gorgeous course. Watching so many of the pros going for the green in 2 on 17 was nuts to me. I would love to play there one day. I've bid on a couple auctions to play there, but always got priced out.
  3. D'Lance is expensive even if they've changed since you've been there. They do good work, however. CC is probably just as expensive when you get to the club building piece. You can pay for the fitting, then take the specs elsewhere. There is no pressure when you're there to buy from them which is nice. I haven't been fit by Dan but have heard great things, and continue to recommend him to others. Another option is Lenny's. Small shop, but apparently has great customer service and is fairly knowledgeable. If you want to get fit outside, there is Club Spec at
  4. Wow, what an awesome contest! Thanks for the opportunity!
  5. Got out to Heritage Eagle Bend Friday. Weather was gorgeous....sad to see this weather today lol. I always enjoy HEB. It's not an overly difficult course, but I find the layout fun. I started out playing great and was +1 thru 11 (started on hole 10), then the wheels started to fall off. I found the bunker on the par 3 12th hole, took two shots to get out but sunk the putt. Then proceeded to put my next tee shot in the water, but managed to save bogey. Was all over the place the next hole but saved par. Talk about an implosion in the works. I just was all over the place, but managed
  6. I go driver, 4w, 4h and it's a really good setup for my game. The Cobra 4w is solid, long, and is easy to hit with the baffler rails. You can likely find a used Cobra 4w (F8 or F9) for dirt cheap. They don't hold their value like the other major brands, but perform just as well, if not better in some cases. Edit: of course I missed your follow-up post saying you tried the Cobra...oops. Might be worth while finding a different shaft with it. The AD for me feels so solid.
  7. No clue, but they are that good . No need for me to upgrade my hybrid anytime soon. It's arguably my favorite club in my bag. Has anyone seen any feedback on the new driver yet? I'm excited to start seeing some reviews and testing since I'm looking to upgrade from my F8+.
  8. Weather has been great lately, so I've taken advantage of it and been hitting up the short game area at the Burb a couple times a week lately to learn how to use my wedges to hit a variety of shots. It's an eye-opener and giving me so much more knowledge around the greens with an arsenal of shots - the time I spent at Titlteist Performance Institute was well worth it. I used to primarily use my 58* wedge for every shot within 110yds. When I'm within 40yds, I used to use big shaft lean for a low pitch, or a bump and run from just off the green. I didn't really know how to hit a shot any other w
  9. Last Thursday was cooooold. Pretty sure it was in the mid 30's the whole round with a slight breeze. Fortunately we had a lot of booze
  10. Hoping we get enough warm temps over the next 2ish days so I can play Thursday afternoon. Gonna be one of the last weekday rounds of the year since daylights savings time is ending
  11. I love my 4h, but it goes waaay further than a 4i, so I recently added a 4i to my bag to help fill that gap between my 4h and 5i. And as others have noted, some experience the hooks with hybrids, but I think hybrids give you more versatility and ease to hit out of many lies. It might be worth going 4h and 5h depending on gapping, if you've got room in your bag or need it, but I know that creates issues. I know for me, I don't want to drop any of my wedges since I don't need longer clubs as often.
  12. I use my 58* a majority of the time, but definitely find value in carrying my other wedges for around the greens. I've started to really learn how to use the bounce with all of my wedges, creating additional trajectories, so I can have several different shots in my bag around the green. For a number of years, I didn't use my other wedges aside from full swing, so you can definitely drop them and still play well. Why not drop them for a few rounds and see what you think...
  13. That's an impressive round with all those bogeys! I have a tee time this afternoon for 9 at the Burb, but the temps are supposed to nose dive later today, so we'll see. I'll likely still play tho. I'm certainly missing the California weather from last week! Had a great week - got to play Torrey South, played twilight at Encinitas Ranch (got 13 holes in) and did a wedge fitting at Titleist. Played Torrey from the tips. Definitely a fun experience but I didn't bring my A-game whatsoever - disappointing since I was so excited to play. I really struggled to fi
  14. 1. What is your nearest Titleist fitting location? Several locations within a few miles of me. Club Champion, Highlands Ranch is probably the closest. 2. City and State? Centennial, CO (Denver metro area) 5. Handicap? 7.4 4. Current Driver Setup? Cobra F8+ 9.5* - Project X EvenFlow 65x 5. Were you fit for your current driver? Yes 6. What TSi head do you want to test? TSi2 7. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Definitely
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