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  1. If you have sent me a PM, there is a ton of interest and I am trying to respond to everyone in the order they came in. I should be able to respond to everything shortly.
  2. I have multiple items for sale today. They all have light use and many of the putters look brand new. All prices include shipping in the continental U.S. Not interested in trades. 1. 2020 Taylor Made P770s (4-PW). Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 shafts and Tour Velvet BCT cord with 5 extra wraps (installed logo down). The clubs are +1/2” over Taylor Made standard and 1* upright. Some of the clubs have only been hit a couple times. The seven iron which is shown up close in the photos has the most use as that was hit on the range. Most of the other clubs so little to no signs of use. Th
  3. A couple items for sale: 1. 34” Axis 1 Rose Black. Head cover included. This putter has a white Garsen Edge Pro grip on it instead of the grip in the picture. This putter was an interesting experiment but I found a putter I liked a little better. Asking $275 2. 9 degree Cobra Speedzone w/ Accra TZ5 proto 55 M4 flex shaft. Head cover included. Very good condition. I had a couple range sessions with this club and played a couple rounds. Shaft was ordered and pured by Fairway Jockey. Asking $425. I will sell head only for $225 and shaft for $200.
  4. With Worlds having started, does anyone have an update on how the courses are playing and how the tournaments are being run this year? We decided to opt out, but I am curious how things are going.
  5. With everything going on right now, I wanted to take a roll call on US Kids Worlds. Who is going, how are you getting there and where are you staying? Are you doing anything different this year than you have in past years?
  6. Loft and flex of the SpeedZone and SpeedZone Xtreme drivers you want to test? 9.0* and stiff flex in both.What is the biggest factor in buying a new driver? Combination of distance and forgivenessDo you adjust your drivers after buying? I always get fit for my drivers and leave the adjustment to where it needs to be after fitting.Current Driver Setup? 9.0* Ping G400 Max turned down to lowest loft w/ Mitsubishi C6 shaft.Were you fit for that driver? Yes.Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? Yes.
  7. I ordered some Gen3s on 4/15. There was about a 2.5 week wait for KBS to get PXG some shafts that I wanted. Once the shafts came in, I had the clubs about one week later so it took just under 4 weeks from order to delivery.
  8. I agree on their customer service. PXG quickly responds to emails. Unfortunately, I just found out that there is a delay getting shafts in from KBS that is delaying the build on my clubs.
  9. How long are those that have ordered Gen 3 irons having to wait until their orders ship? I ordered a set of 0311Ts with KBS Tour V shafts on April 15 and the tracking information for the order still only shows that the order was received and has not advanced any further.
  10. Agree with above. Clicgear 3.5+ or 4.0 is the way to go.
  11. Is there any reason the KBS Tour V is not offered as a shaft option with the P790s? That has been my go to shaft in the last couple sets of clubs that I have used and I don't really want to buy P790s only to have to pull the shafts and have the Tour Vs installed. What is most comparable of the options that are available?
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