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  1. Thanks. I don't know why they made it so difficult to figure out how to subscribe or purchase the software after the trial. Even customer support did not provide me with this link.
  2. Has anyone been able to purchase a subscription for FSX 2020 yet? My free trial has expired and I cannot figure out where to actually buy the software.
  3. Is anyone else having an issue with the mouse hanging up when trying to use the FSX2020 software? Although I can use the software, the mouse becomes unresponsive periodically and will start back up after waiting about 15 seconds. If it helps, I am running FSX2020 on a Dell XPS with an Nvidia graphics card and 32gb of RAM.
  4. Did anyone else have an issue getting the FSX Live password to work in the iPad app? If so, how did you get it resolved? I get an error every time I put it in. Also, how do I find my FSX Pro license? I can’t find any information on the license in e-mails or otherwise to put into the app start screen.
  5. For those that did a direct connection, where did you find the password to make that connection? I can see the BLP in the Wi-Fi options on my iPad, but it prompts me for a password to connect to the network. I don’t see a password anywhere.
  6. Dallas

    DS-72 headcover

    You can go with either a Ping mini mallet or blade headcover. I have both and both fit.
  7. I am selling a SkyTrak launch monitor along with the protective metal case. This unit was purchased in December 2017 and has had very light use. I would guess that it has been used 30 times or less for brief hitting sessions. The unit works flawlessly and is in absolutely perfect condition although the pictures below show a little dust. This sale includes the unit, case, power supply and supply. Sold.
  8. A few items for sale today. All were very brief experiments that saw minimal use and look brand new. 1. Ventus Blue 6s with Velocore. Plays at 45” in Taylor Made Sim. Shaft is Pured with grip logo down at 9* setting. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord Grip. Tip in perfect condition. Only played a few times as I needed to go with the stiffer version of this shaft. Asking $200. SOLD 2. Ventus Blue 7s with Velocore. Plays at 43” in Taylor Made Sim 3 wood. Shaft is Pured with grip logo down at 15* setting. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord Grip. Tip in perfect condition. Only played a few times as I needed to go with the stiffer version of this shaft. Asking $200. SOLD 3. Bettinardi BB45. 35” with large Bettinardi grip. Headcover included. Asking $175. 4. Toulon Chicago w/ stroke lab shaft. 35” with large Odyssey grip. Headcover included. Asking $225 SOLD 5. Axis 1 Rose. 35” with Flat Cat Grip. Headcover included. Asking $300 SOLD
  9. Since COVID, there now appears to be a crush of people trying to register as soon as tournaments open up. The tournament websites have all crashed and created problems as soon as registration opens. The events are full even with the tours attempting to get enough tee times to expand the fields. It’s incredibly frustrating as every event now has a long list of kids who do not get off the wait lists.
  10. For those who have kids transition away from U.S. Kids and Flynn clubs into adult heads, what irons did you go with? What iron heads are the lightest? What shafts did you end up choosing? I am looking for some recommendations to have a couple demo clubs built.
  11. Maybe I’m wrong, but it really sounds like you have an axe to grind with US Kids. Our experience has been that our local tour is managed very poorly. For example, there was a registration fiasco with the site crashing a few days ago when registration went live, there was no summer tour in one of the largest markets in the country and fields are very small compared to other tours. Nonetheless, the tour generally attracts the best players and the tournaments themselves are well run if you can actually register. Further, States, Regionals and Worlds are good events. The issues you have raised seem to run across all tours. There are parents and kids that are problems, but most are fine. Usually the parents / kids that cause issues play across multiple tours and not just US Kids. I certainly my don’t think US Kids promotes the behavior that you are citing any more than any other tour.
  12. What was your experience with this? Was it playable for most of the field or was it so long that it knocked out most of the kids?
  13. I think the level of difficulty to get in is about right. In my opinion, the tournament was really well run this year. The practice round was completed in just over 4 hours and our tournament rounds were all under 4 hours and 30 minutes. We didn’t see any kids shooting huge numbers and certainly didn’t see 6 hour rounds. The major take away was that there are A LOT of really good players. A good number of kids were capable of shooting under par in any given round and a huge number of players could shoot low to mid 70s. As noted, there is a small percentage of kids who have a good chance to win—the big hitters dominate and in some of the older age groups (9-12) the kids at the top of the leaderboard are huge. Nonetheless, the kids can define what a win is for them whether it be first, top 10, top 50 or top 100. For a large number of kids, the course set ups were long and it was difficult to hit the green in regulation, but some of the short hitters have amazing short games and were able to get up and down from almost everywhere. I personally think the large fields add to the fun of the event as it makes it much different from other local and regional tournaments.
  14. Is anyone else having difficulty with the Skytrak website? It is almost non functional since it takes so long to load pages. It is so bad that I cannot renew my software to use on Skytrak. I am beyond frustrated with it and am wondering if anyone else is having issues.
  15. Does anyone have insight as to how large the fields will likely be at Worlds this year? Will any additional players be added other than those already invited?
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