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  1. Is anyone else having difficulty with the Skytrak website? It is almost non functional since it takes so long to load pages. It is so bad that I cannot renew my software to use on Skytrak. I am beyond frustrated with it and am wondering if anyone else is having issues.
  2. Does anyone have insight as to how large the fields will likely be at Worlds this year? Will any additional players be added other than those already invited?
  3. Does anyone know the deadline for those with priority status of 11 and up to register for this year’s Worlds?
  4. I recommend the stability. I have had it in a couple putters and my putting is noticeably better with it versus other shafts. The LA golf shaft did not have the same impact on my putting.
  5. Does anyone know how the Srixon stock iron lengths compare to Titleist’s standard irons lengths?
  6. I could not agree with this more. It is frustrating to sit on a wait list only to see a repeat offender no show at a tournament your kid wants to play in.
  7. Has anyone found an alternative headcover? Not crazy about the PLD cover.
  8. Three putters for sale here: (1) Mint 34.5” Bettinardi BB-1 Long Neck with Iomic midsize grip. This putter has an LA Golf One 35 shaft (retails for $400). These long necks were made for Club Champion. The neck is welded and the putter is near face balanced. I bought a couple of these to try out. Both of these putters have been lightly used on a putting green. This is absolutely mint. This one includes the stock black Bettinardi head cover. I am selling these because I just prefer the Spider Tour that I have been using for a few years. SOLD (2) Mint 34.75” Bettinardi BB-
  9. 1. Dallas County Club 2. Dallas, TX 5. 3.5 4. 9.0* Sim Max w/ Stiff Ventus Blue w/ Velocore 5. Yes—Club Champion 6. TSi3 7. Yes
  10. Try KBS Tour V. I have been fit multiple times in irons and those and the PXIs have consistently come up in recommendations together. Almost a 1a and 1b choice. I have played both in irons and both have performed similarly. I think the Tour V launch slightly higher but have better feel. The PXI were slightly lower.
  11. If you have sent me a PM, there is a ton of interest and I am trying to respond to everyone in the order they came in. I should be able to respond to everything shortly.
  12. I have multiple items for sale today. They all have light use and many of the putters look brand new. All prices include shipping in the continental U.S. Not interested in trades. 1. 2020 Taylor Made P770s (4-PW). Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 shafts and Tour Velvet BCT cord with 5 extra wraps (installed logo down). The clubs are +1/2” over Taylor Made standard and 1* upright. Some of the clubs have only been hit a couple times. The seven iron which is shown up close in the photos has the most use as that was hit on the range. Most of the other clubs so little to no signs of use. Th
  13. I have the exact same issue. It originally looked like my order shipped yesterday, but tracking has not updated and it does not appear that delivery will be made today.
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