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  1. I am looking at the same and have narrowed down my options to the Sun Mountain 4.5LS - 14 (5.2 lbs) or the Ogio Convoy SE 14 (5.4 lbs). Both have the strap pass through and full length dividers. The Ping Hoofer 14 (5.5 lbs) has the strap pass through but is known for tangle issues, part of that being because they do not have full length dividers. Titleist have a Hybrid 14 (5.6 lbs) bag also which comes in a variety of decent colour combinations, this has the pass through but again not full length dividers (I think). All except the Ogio come in non 14 divider options also if you prefer that. I
  2. I sent my stock 6.0 back as I noticed a crack in the shaft. Yesterday I received the replacement and they have sent me a 6.5. I will likely put it in play but can I expect to see much difference?
  3. I bought last years model when I saw this years line up come out. I knew I wanted black and didn't like the mix of red in this years version. The shape and way it sits square to the floor has made lining up puts very easy for me.
  4. I ordered mine in stock stiff on the Taylormade website after e-mailing customer service to check on the shaft. I had planned on custom ordering but decided to go with the stock stiff (was confirmed I would received the 125g shaft) since I didn't want to wait until June. Of course I received the 115g regular shaft, this is what I thought would happen and is why I e-mailed to double check. I'm waiting to hear back about options but am concerned the KBS High REV 2.0 in 115g might launch too high, I do use my 60 for full'ish shots too. I have played KBS Tour S in all my irons for the las
  5. I like something that is silver in colour, it helps reflect light & is easy to find. I have used this Remembrance day Canadian quarter for a few years.
  6. I was planning to custom order with the KBS Tour shaft I have in the rest of my irons but a ship date of June 12th put an end to that. I was tempted to try out the KBS High Rev 2.0 that comes stock anyway, at least that is the 125g stiff version. I doubt I would have ordered had it been the 115g regular version I've seen in-store. What can I expect from this shaft, I have never played a wedge specific shaft before? I have just placed my order.
  7. There are many skilled golfers that think this way. They can manipulate the club better and will play a higher lofted club in different positions in their stance with varying degrees of shaft lean. For many average golfers, and better ones, the opposite is true. I play 47, 51, 55, & 59 but have played 47, 52, & 58 also. If I needed another club in the top end of my bag I could revert quite easily.
  8. KBS have 4 specific wedge shafts, they are listed on their website; Wedge (this is what you have in your 50), 610 (this is what you have in your 56), Tour-V Wedge, and High Rev 2.0. The Wedge shaft is the middle of the road version, a wedge version of their flagship Tour shaft. The 610 is the stiffest tip version of the lineup, they should feel quite different. Whoever had the 56 before you custom ordered it with the 610. Do you like this shaft, it's quite unique from what I've read?
  9. Last season I had a round where I made 6 birdies and still shot an 81 (+10), it was a very weird round.
  10. I'm still playing an i20 3 wood and would recommend. I purchased a Bio Cell + last year but will go back to the i20 this year. What I love about the i20 is the feel off the face, its got a solid stock shaft but more importantly the shallow face which makes it great off the deck. It does have a small head though (142CC off the top of my head?) so you need to be comfortable with that.
  11. I bought I'm sure from the same person & have taken a picture for you for comparison, was only received two days ago. I have not noticed mine being crooked and I can't see a problem with yours from the picture I must add? You have got me thinking so I've looked down on it pretty hard from standing position and it looks in alignment to me. I was pretty concerned about this being a counterfeit product for the price but it looks in order, I've used it once and its a great putter. Mine had some light superficial scratching to the very left side of the insert but it came with the plastic o
  12. Very nice collection, lots of classic looking putters there... I am coming from a 10 year old Studio Stainless Newport II (which feels to firm to me now) and have bee gaming a Protype #7 this year along with a Versa #7 but I am very interested in getting myself a Piretti CW II for next year. I have never seen or held one in person so would be buying blind, they look fantastic. What can you share having played very similar models to what I currently have, would you recommend going for the CW II?
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