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  1. I have had a TM 40% discount coupon burning my pocket for a few years after they messed up on a P790 UDI warranty issue. I was planning to use this summer anyway but then I cracked my only driver (not very WRX of me) which meant I definitely was. I went a couple of times and hit balls via TM fitters and have gone with a SIM2 8 head with Ventus Black 6X playing -0.50" length and soft 1.0" on the tipping. I also added a Sim2 15 fairway with Ventus Blue 7X playing -0.25" length and soft 1.0" on the tipping also. My fitting was mainly based around the driver and I was actually recommended 1.5" total tipping as I struggle with spin but I'm only a 105-111 swing speed on the course and I was concerned about making it that stout. My plan was to add a 5 fairway also but for my home course I don't think it's most suitable, a 3 hybrid or utility is more useful. I have read this thread a couple of times and most of the internet on this subject so I appreciate all the pages with great information on SIM2 and related info. Shipping is estimated for mid July so we'll see when it comes, hopefully sooner rather than later.
  2. Sometimes it defaults to late 2022. Check back again a few hours later or the next day and you'll likely see it become accurate again.
  3. Oct 2022 tend to be the default on occasions, this is obviously not an accurate build time. Check back again.
  4. I am on the Canadian site.
  5. On the opening page, the selections are; model, hand, gender, head loft, loft sleeve adjustment.
  6. When ordering online on the TM site there is a section for 'loft sleeve adjustment'. If I plan on playing a 9 head at 8.25 and I select -0.75, does that just mean they will line up the shaft graphics/grip logo on that setting or does it mean anything else? Thanks
  7. Based in the UK; https://www.scottreadmanconcepts.co.uk
  8. I am looking at the same and have narrowed down my options to the Sun Mountain 4.5LS - 14 (5.2 lbs) or the Ogio Convoy SE 14 (5.4 lbs). Both have the strap pass through and full length dividers. The Ping Hoofer 14 (5.5 lbs) has the strap pass through but is known for tangle issues, part of that being because they do not have full length dividers. Titleist have a Hybrid 14 (5.6 lbs) bag also which comes in a variety of decent colour combinations, this has the pass through but again not full length dividers (I think). All except the Ogio come in non 14 divider options also if you prefer that. I have an old Sun Mountain 4.5LS - 14 (2012 or so) and have been really happy with it so will likely stick with that. The colour combinations over the past few years have been pretty terrible in my opinion but this year the navy-stellar-rush looks a bit sharper/modern. I would be curious to read feedback from anyone using the Ogio bag, I'm not sure I've even handled one before in a shop? Sun Mountain also have the C-130S (6.4 lbs) which is big and is only really an option if you don't plan on carrying on the course. Same applies to the Ogio Alpha Convoy 514RTC (6.8 lbs).
  9. I sent my stock 6.0 back as I noticed a crack in the shaft. Yesterday I received the replacement and they have sent me a 6.5. I will likely put it in play but can I expect to see much difference?
  10. I bought last years model when I saw this years line up come out. I knew I wanted black and didn't like the mix of red in this years version. The shape and way it sits square to the floor has made lining up puts very easy for me.
  11. I ordered mine in stock stiff on the Taylormade website after e-mailing customer service to check on the shaft. I had planned on custom ordering but decided to go with the stock stiff (was confirmed I would received the 125g shaft) since I didn't want to wait until June. Of course I received the 115g regular shaft, this is what I thought would happen and is why I e-mailed to double check. I'm waiting to hear back about options but am concerned the KBS High REV 2.0 in 115g might launch too high, I do use my 60 for full'ish shots too. I have played KBS Tour S in all my irons for the last 5 years and have never played a wedge shaft before. Perhaps I will try the 115g shaft and it might fit me well, does anyone have any experience of playing with both?
  12. I like something that is silver in colour, it helps reflect light & is easy to find. I have used this Remembrance day Canadian quarter for a few years.
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