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  1. Wish I could just but the Awt 2.0 shafts from you
  2. No, really interested in both to match my s18 blue ion 60. I'll keep you in mind if something changes though
  3. Final bump before moving to ebay where the same club new in wrapper went for $289 + shipping a few weeks agohttps://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-SWEET-PING-GOLF-CLUB-G400-9-DRIVER-WITH-A-GRAPHITE-ALTA-STIFF-FLEX-SHAFT/293629070508?hash=item445da80cac%3Ag%3AC38AAOSwZtpe9z17&LH_ItemCondition=1000
  4. Sold a G400 to a guy in Colorado and he cracked the crown on the 1st swing. Ping replaced it with this one. Comes with headcover and tool. $260 shipped on Monday July 20th when I return from the beaches of 30a. Only trade interest is a Ping G400 Max 10.5
  5. Nice post! As a Chiefs' fan, I love the deal and remember unlike the MLB, NFL contracts are not 100% guaranteed. This kid is the real deal and has definitely been the bright spot in this 2020 covid year mess.
  6. I will take the Outback if you can send a few more pics to me. Are there any blemishes, etc?
  7. Yes, I can. Does that mean it's real? I appreciate your reply.
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