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  1. 1. Hudson, NH 2. 6 3. Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 4. SS 17 5. Yes 6. Yes
  2. Have a Toulon San Diego for sale today that is in great shape. 34", standard lie and loft w/ Ghost Tape on the sole. Comes with standard Toulon headcover. Asking SOLD
  3. I've had some of my best putting...though I use the Ardmore 3.
  4. Anyone know of companies that make roundback style putter covers? I use a TM Ardmore 3 which isn't a large mallet but won't fit blade style covers. Something in between is needed. Any suggestions?
  5. I like it...money out of the sand. Not a big fan of it for longer or full shots but I use it almost exclusively around the green so it works for me.
  6. It's on option...just looking at all of them :)
  7. My 60* TM High Toe is starting to get worn out. Does Vokey make a comparable grind wedge?
  8. Can anyone compare these two shafts? They seem to be very similar in specs. Looking to put one in a 4 iron.
  9. I think I have in the past. They work for what you need.
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