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  1. Selling a TM Spider Tour that is in great shape. I only used it for a couple rounds. 34" with everything else standard. Asking $165 shipped.
  2. Round Slim just came in and I put it on my NP2. Like the feel and seem to be hitting everything more solid. My only criticism is that the right hand feels larger than the left. I would have prefered it the same taper all the way down.
  3. Anyone of know any mallet putters that have plumber necks?
  4. I'm curious what people's thoughts were on the Edel round putter grip. My daughter and I have played a bit of mini golf lately and the round grips feel pretty good.
  5. 1. Hudson, NH 2. Outdoors 3. No 4. Knowing how far I hit each club and dialing in wedges would be huge 5. Yes
  6. Seems like a thing of the past but does anyone make a compact 7 wood? I have a 915F 7 wood but I'd love to find something a little smaller in shape.
  7. 1. Hudson, NH 2. 6 3. Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 4. SS 17 5. Yes 6. Yes
  8. Have a Toulon San Diego for sale today that is in great shape. 34", standard lie and loft w/ Ghost Tape on the sole. Comes with standard Toulon headcover. Asking SOLD
  9. I've had some of my best putting...though I use the Ardmore 3.
  10. Anyone know of companies that make roundback style putter covers? I use a TM Ardmore 3 which isn't a large mallet but won't fit blade style covers. Something in between is needed. Any suggestions?
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