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  1. Noles, The head pro and the staff are great but there are 150-200 members too many. Even Merion’s greens staff would have a hard time maintaining LuLu with 600 members and 1000+ rounds per week.
  2. i ordered mine though Discount Dan's and they charged my credit card that day.
  3. does anyone know if TM automatically soft steps irons still? I ordered the P770 with DG 120 X100 and wanted to know if it is SSx1 if i picked "standard tipping"
  4. That actually sounds solid assuming they are using the larger lifts to build the base level strength.
  5. “you had my curiosity, now you have my attention” Would you think that most golfers would see more improvements initially with standard compound lifts? (Squat, deadlift, bench press etc) or do you think that these TPI movements are going to add significant value greater than compound lifts? have you seen gains on the course from these other exercises?
  6. I’m now in that camp. It took 4 rounds to get dialed in but now this putter is en fuego. i hit my mark on every putt now. If I miss it’s due to a misread. I highly recommend the stability tour shaft. It feels glorious. note to others: I find that this putter works best with the ball more forward in my stance
  7. Train like an athlete with compound lifts and HIIT and you will be in the best "golf" shape of your life. Add in some yoga/stretching and enjoy the extra athleticism. Focusing on golf related fitness is a misuse of your time if you are not doing the compound lifts (squat, power clean, deadlift, bench press, shoulder press) first. Start light weight, master the form then add weight.
  8. So I don’t know if I’m quite at the “I’m never gaming anything else ever again” phase, but this putter is growing on me each round I play. I’ve finally started trusting my reads again and not to belabor the point, but the speed control with the stability tour shaft is getting better each round as well. it feels amazing and finished birdie-birdie today to save my round and some $, so I’m a in a good mood.
  9. I'll try moving the ball forward. Good call. Taking less break makes a ton of sense. I was over reading everything last weekend. I had 5 birdie looks from inside 15 feet which was more than typical for me and i kept leaving it on the high side. My speed control was outstanding, especially on lag putts. That Stability Tour Shaft feels amazing. Do you think reading less break is because of the putter or because it is winter?
  10. Potentially, but i got similar numbers when i put it directly in front of the bottom of the swing arc at a 45* angle. I think @clevited hit the nail on the head if it was in some other (baseball) mode.
  11. It was the blue one. I was not aware that there was a baseball setting on it. I thought it was weird that the other one was so much higher. I can assure you ive never hit 120 on any golf swing so that 2nd one was definitely off.
  12. I respectfully disagree. On my GC2 my ball speed was regularly 160-169 and with my SSR setup it was giving max readings of 95 to 97 MPH. The max ball speed a 97 mph chs could produce would be 145 (97 x 1.5 max smash factor). So i borrowed another SSR to see if maybe i had a defective one. It gave readings of 119-122. My SS ranges from 107 to 113 as measured on trackman and flightscope. These things can be way off on both ends of the curve. Like @MonteScheinblum said, use these to gauge your relative SS improvement, not your actual number.
  13. @ZA206 - this is really good info on the SSR. Good luck with your swing.
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