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  1. I've got the TPO in stiff with a Callaway adapter. What would the cash contribution be on my end? Feel free to PM if you'd prefer (I didn't know if you wanted to clarify in the thread or not).
  2. Well I can tell why you're getting rid of them...it's clear from the pics that you never managed to actually hit a ball with them! Seriously clean set of clubs at a fantastic price, as usual with your listings.
  3. 1. Hollow hosel 2. Forgiveness on imperfect strikes will keep distances playable. 3. 46* (I have CBX 2 wedges in 50, 55, and 60) Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the info. I'm headed up there tomorrow for the weekend. I'm going to take a drive through the Woodlands to check out the new look. I'm really bummed it won't be open yet, but I'll just have to make another trip up to play it later this year.
  5. Yes, that process began last season. Most of the fairway bunkers are now just grassy dips. I think overall they realized the tighter fairways plus tons of trees plus awkward fairway bunkers led to a less enjoyable experience. To say nothing for the general quality of the course when played alongside The Links. I'm really excited to see how it turns out. I just hope they dedicated some time to upgrading the Links bunkers as well, as they have been inconsistent at best, and downright disappointing at times.
  6. The reno was fairly extensive, and Josh told me he is really excited how it was going about a month ago. Here is what they describe as the scope of the work: If you’ve played the Woodlands in the past, some improvements we think you’ll enjoy include: Rebuilt and redesigned bunkers on all 18 holes Rebuilt green surrounds on all 18 holes, adding expanded short grass areas Expansion of no. 2 green Restoration of "The Quarry" on no. 2 Opened views to Green Lake on no. 3 Rebuilt no. 3 tee complex Extensive tree clearing and trimming throughout the course Addition of improved drainage in slow-draining areas Fairway modifications on select holes New green on no. 18, with the original green serving as a fun "19th Hole"
  7. Hey, does anyone have an update on the renovations to the Woodlands course at Lawsonia? Also, did they do any work on the bunkers on the Links course? The bunkers are the only thing that really hold the Links course back at all. Thanks for any local info.
  8. Hey Will, any chance when you update 5he thread with new stuff, you could put an asterisk next to new items (or bold/underline them)? I love to check for new stuff, but sorting through the extensive list, it is not always easy to tell what is updated without a photographic memory (AKA too much good stuff). Just a thought. Thanks for keeping this list updated and full of steals.
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