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  1. Hey OP, I think you're missing your hybrid shaft being listed (AD-DI?). It's in the title and pictures, but not listed.
  2. Best price I've seen on one of these. This is a no-brainer of you've been considering trying an autoflex.
  3. Looking to try a few of these in some different clubs to see where they might work. New or good used condition. Please send details and price shipped to Wisconsin. Thank you.
  4. Can you tell me how the "squared" model differs from the standard 2.1T? I have tried looking it up but searching for "squared" and any of these putters just gets you descriptions of how the face "gets squared up" better and all that. Thanks!
  5. I'm sure there are other threads, but I'll throw in my two cents. I played a Hzrdus Yellow Handcrafted for a while and last year moved to the Smoke yellow. I have always gotten along well with CB shafts as they naturally elevate my AOA, giving me nice launch with lower spin (since I can play a lower lofted head). I have also played Xtorsion Copper, Attas G7, and Tensei PO for other CB shafts. I have found the Smoke yellow to be the best of the bunch followed by the Copperhead. I have paired mine with both a G400 Max 9* head and a TM M4 9* head. I lofted both heads down a bit due t
  6. A bit inconclusive from the info we have. From your chain, it "seems" like someone contacted him with another offer while he was still waiting for your payment. This is a bit of a gray area, but I am of the opinion that the item goes to the first person to pay (particularly when he already had to message you again after sending the PayPal info to see if you were still interested). If he did accept payment and then canceled in favor of a better offer that came after your payment, that is poor form. Just too hard to say from this info. You could invite seller here to comment or just
  7. Just a heads up that you have the same pic of the 90TX shaft listed for both #1 and #2.
  8. Looking to try out a few of these in some different clubs to figure out if there's magic to be found (or at the very least if they ease my tendinitis pain). Let me know what you have and how much shipped to Wisconsin. Thank you.
  9. Looking for a 4/5 hybrid adapter or one of the OEM adapters that don't use specific degrees (instead use +/- degrees). Thank you!
  10. Such a good price on those CBX 119 clubs. Someone will be really happy with those monsters.
  11. Prefer 4-5 hybrid, followed by +/- degrees without specific numbers. OEM only in good shape. Thank you!
  12. Yeah, I definitely don't want it playing softer. I'm already between a stiff and x-stiff and this is an 8-S. I'll just plan to bit e the bullet and get it tipped (1" if I'm reading the Fujikura chart correctly) so the launch and spin are as intended. Thanks for the quick reply, 007!
  13. @Fujikura Golf Quick question for the crowd here... I picked up a Ventus HB from a 3h but I'm planning to put it into a 5h. How imperative is it that I pull the adapter, tip it (1/2 to 1") and re-install it? Obviously I will trim it to the appropriate length regardless, but I'm unsure about tipping it. Thanks in advance for any advice from all you knowledgeable folks out there.
  14. Not sure whether I'm refreshing this page more or my stupid crypto values. I sure as hell know which one is more exciting, at least. Your shaft clearance updates are always what break my commitment to keep my bag intact through the year... EDIT: And is the Hzrdus Smoke Yellow Small Batch a 6.0TS? I'd assume so, but wanted to verify. Thanks, Will.
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