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  1. Looking to buy ASAP: Tour Issue Sim that is 8.4-9.0 in loft and 1-1.5* open. Would prefer neutral hotmelt to lower spin and a CT in 240+. Can buy ASAP. Thanks, Kobe
  2. Just as title says! Looking to buy!
  3. Alright here is proof of what I’m talking about. Head doesn’t release, great shot. No idea why my head releases and sometimes it doesn’t.
  4. Any videos of this so I can fully understand?
  5. 70-76, but very inconsistent ball striking. It seems like it all depends on the day. My short game is very solid, therefore, it saves me a majority of the time.
  6. I'm going to work on getting the arms to start the downswing. I'll take some videos today.
  7. Oh I agree 100% on the differences, just no idea how to fix it. I feel like this issue is holding me back. Do you think the AMG and Rose drill would help?
  8. Love this, just not sure how to accomplish it. LOL
  9. Any drills to do this besides "stay closed" longer?
  10. Wanted to gather everyone's thoughts on this subject as I go back and forth mainly because I haven't seen a ton of people with the same head move that I have. My head seems to rotate much more than others in the downswing with my eyes rotating towards the target or even left of it. I'm frustrated because I hit balls almost every day, yet my scoring, nor ball striking has significantly improved. I seem to shoot the same scores I was shooting 10 years ago (70-76). Struggles: Chunks Toes Occasional block/pull Is this due to my head movement in the downswing
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