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  1. Ventus Black 6x, Taylormade adapter, playing 45” 34-35” Toulon Atlanta
  2. Looking to buy a ventus black 6x with a taylormade tip. Must play 45" in a Sim Head. Let me know what kind of tipping if any. Thanks!
  3. I've taken multiple lessons from Dan C (Iteach) and a lesson from Monte. Can't say enough about them both. Super open and willing to help. Also, videos are straight to the point what you need to work on and why.
  4. Sorry for your loss Monte. Prayers to you and your loved ones.
  5. Disagree 100%, his BS is not set for life. He could 100% change the backswing to gain consistency. He needs to keep working on steeping the shaft in the backswing and making sure the butt of the club points inside the golf ball. In fact, I can show you pictures in which I changed my backswing in about 3 months. When you're shallow on the backswing, it's extremely hard to maintain shallowness on the downswing.
  6. All, I have a Accra Tz5 M5 55 prototype shaft for sale. This is the same exact profile as the one currently on the market just a different paint scheme. I have the e-mail from Accra stating this as well. It’s in near perfect condition with a Taylormade tip. Shaft: Accra TZ5 M5 55 (x-flex) Grip: Golf Price Mcc +4 Standard Length: 44 5/8” Condition: Perfect Price: 150 OBO Trades: Tensei av raw pro orange 65tx (I will add cash)
  7. Monte, Thanks for the reply. Think we could fix this through an online lesson? I’m a little ways from Cali, lol
  8. All, I want to get everyone’s thoughts on the head rotating to the target in the transition. I’ve tried for 2 straight years to fix it with 0 success. Do you think this is an issue that I should try to focus on more? video for reference! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5LhjqO15Ks
  9. We were at Cabot number 17 and watched a guy putt from 125 yards downhill. Even have a video.
  10. Thanks! I’m just more of a hybrid person. I wanted to be able to hit stingers off the tie like the cool kids, but I can’t.
  11. All, I have a Titleist U500 2 iron with a Accra Tz5 M5 95 (x-flex) for sale. It’s practically in new condition, I hit 15-20 balls and decided it wasn’t for me. It was built by one of the best in the business Bryan Golf. Head: Titleist U500 2 iron Shaft: Accra Tz5 m5 95 Ferrule: BB&F Grip: Lamkin Sonar + Length: 39.75 Swingweight: D2 Asking: $250 Cost much more to build Trades: flowneck mallet or tensei raw orange 65tx Happy to answer any questions or send more pictures!
  12. Just as title says, trying to figure out how much this Pro Orange is tipped. It has a Taylormade adapter on it. It’s on a driver btw. Total length with the tip is 44.25”
  13. Exactly, I'm actually going to get fit by BryanGolf in Jacksonville, Florida!
  14. To my knowledge, no different swingweights. Just different shafts in different irons.
  15. Just booked a 2 hour lesson on it, so lets hope!
  16. All, I got fit at truespec and was wondering your thoughts on the swingweight. I got fit into Titleist T100s Standard Length Oban CT 125x with Lamkin Sonar + (going to switch for Aligns) The swingweight I got fit into/the fitter wrote down was D2. Would this make sense? I've talked to multiple people and they all say D2 seems light. My 6 iron numbers were: Club Head Speed: (Can't remember) Ball Speed: 143.4 Decent Angle 48 Peak Height: 110 Launch: 12.7 Spin: 5500 Carry: 213 Driver Fit:
  17. See I do the complete opposite, in transition I get my weight to my left toe. (My instructor told me to do this). I have a tendency to get immediately to left heel, which creates rotation too quick and leaves the club behind. Not a super common issue among golfers, but wanted to share my story.
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