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  1. Quick shipping - great prices. Thanks man- enjoy Bandon!
  2. Great course-- water does not come into play on every hole but the long rough does. If this course was closer to the beaches it would be triple the price. Definitely worth it at the price point they charge-- just means a little more of a drive.
  3. Tampa Palms allows walking at all times. Good walk-- flat, some distance between holes but not too bad.
  4. Very active men's assoc. with monthly events, regular Saturday game, Friday afternoon skins, and games everyday of the week once you get to know the membership. Practice area is biggest drawback of the club. Good putting green but driving range is not the best. As a crossbay member you also have access to Hunters Green practice area which is 5 miles up the road and pretty nice.
  5. I am a member at Tampa Palms-- late 30s, I am a golfer, wife is a tennis player. Course is challenging and requires just about every club in your bag. Course, in my opinion, is much better than Hunters Green but you have the option to drive the couple miles up the road to play a round there (easier set up with kids at Hunters). Tampa Palms pro "gets it" and of the 3 clubs I have been a member of (move a lot for work)-- he runs the best golf program. Very varied club membership with an active men's group- some older members (it is Florida) but also a good number of guys in 30s/40s. Also a
  6. Spring Mill is awesome-- my Dad is been out there for year and it is a great course
  7. I don't agree with assessment of Tampa Palms. Course is difficult but in great shape, good men's group and a lot of family activities. Schools in the area are great too- pm me if you are interested. Club Corp owned offers some nice perks too.
  8. Scotty Studio Squareback #1 5 years- everything else in the bag has changed a bunch
  9. Thanks for the input guys- please keep it coming. It looks like Stoney Brook is closest to Siesta Key and offers a reasonable monthly rate. Some of the other clubs will do a seasonal rate or some type of membership for the snowbirds.
  10. My Dad is retiring this year and my parents are looking to spend next winter in Siesta Key. Are there any recommendations for courses to play in the area? He's looking for a regular game and would not be against joining a club that offers seasonal memberships. His home course is in the Philadelphia area and play 6500+ yards- he is a 10-12 handicap. Looking forward to any recommendations on the area and courses. My parents are going to be down in the area late next week to look around and we will likely play any recommended courses while they are in town. Thanks for the assistance!
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