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  1. @Tax77 No your correct. It was the most important topic on this. It was great information for me even 4.5 years later.
  2. @ShowMe Obviously a new member. That would be indicative of my large 29 posts. Sorry if I offended you. Not sorry.
  3. Just my .02 cents. I think what people forget or have not realized, is that every person likes or dislikes certain swingweight. I for instance, cant like anything but D1 or D2 swingweight in any iron. If it it static weight and or swingweight that throws that to D4 im never going to like it. So, I would suggest with all of the very intelligent talk we have seen here, that golfers should know what they need, and like, when it comes to static weight (overall weight of the club) and swingweight ( weight of the club based on a measured point on the club). Remember, you can order clubs for you like i.e. a D2 swingweight. Hope I didnt butcher that too bad...
  4. Great information guys. I appreciate the feedback.
  5. I know shafts are different, and we don't have similar swings. I am just looking for suggestions specifically for wedge shafts. I hit 52 deg gap wedge 115 yards if that helps.
  6. Hello, I just purchased 2 new wedges and had them built with KBS $ Taper stiff. The shaft feels a bit boardy for a wedge shaft. I am looking for a shaft around 100g . What do you suggest?
  7. I think the test would be accurate. At least from a distance point of view.
  8. So what were the results?
  9. Fellas, You can find 2020 Chrome Soft at just about any Sporting Good store (not sure if Im supposed to mention one particularly with a "D" as the first letter) for $46.99/doz. It is a bit cheaper than the Titleist ball, and performs just as good.
  10. Can you please delete or close my ad. No interest
  11. Graphite Design Tour AD DI 6 "XStiff" Callaway adapter, shaft was purchased from Callaway 6/20/21 Played one round shaft measures 44 1/4" tip to grip and plays at 45 1/4" installed $200 includes shipping, Project X Hazardous RDX Black 60gr 6.5 Callaway adapter, shaft came with my Epic Speed driver, Played one round shaft measures 44 1/4" tip to grip and plays at 45 1/4" installed $125 includes shipping, Callaway Epic Flash 10.5 head only minor flaw in epoxy very hard to see with the eye (see picture below)$140 includes shipping, Mack Daddy 4 52 deg 10 deg bounce -1/4" $50, Mack Daddy 4 56 deg 8 deg bounce -1/4" $50. **I added a picture of the topline of the Epic Flash as it has a tiny flaw in the epoxy...very hard to see from the eye, and at address it is very hard to see.
  12. Usually cutting the shaft will increase accuracy, however, it does change the swingweight, which changes the characteristics of the shaft i.e. kick point which affects the distance.
  13. I agree with KWG86. I have kept the same shaft which seems to fit me, and I just use new technology in the heads. I can say that the EPIC Max head has outperformed all the rest (I have had them all) when it comes to distance, forgiveness, etc.
  14. Just my .02. I have played the Callaway Chrome Soft for years now. I played Titleist PV1X exclusively for 8 years or so. I have not found a ball that out performes the 2020 CSX, or the 2020 CS in the winter months. That being said, I do believe that my swing may fit these balls. I tried the CSLS and I noticed a lower trajectory off the driver, and I may not have the SS for that ball. I think most people that have not tried a CSX, would possibly switch to it if given a chance.
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