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  1. Agreeing with most others, since driver is causing you most issues, get one you're confident in. It's a lot easier to score or have the best chance at GIR when you're in the fairway. It's also only one club you'll need to 'become friends' with, as opposed to new set of irons.
  2. Need to try them, they're awesome. I play the 58 and 64.
  3. Surlyn cover, so not a 'tour' ball for sure.
  4. Other than delicate chip shots, I rarely if ever take a practice swing... I just get behind the ball, pick a target line, then align clubface, take grip, adjust stance as needed, and 'go for it, Roy'
  5. You might be able to buy direct from Cally.....give their CS a call.
  6. Played 7 for years, couple years ago 'upgraded' to Exo Stroke Lab Mini7s, haven't looked back :-)
  7. Rexstar Balata, going old school
  8. Curious to know, what kind of "proof" are you seeking and rely upon?
  9. Looks more like Euro "June Gloom", have fun playing! Any golf played is better than none.
  10. Sun Mountain, as many OEMs do (Ping is one for certain), set minimum advertised prices on their current stuff. I've gotten a few SM bags 'on sale' ... look for 2019 models, once in a great while PGA Superstore has or had a 50% off all bags (in-store only, IIRC) which was awesome, surprised they allowed me to purchase a C130 at that discount. Try tgw, budgetgolf, or other big golf retailer sites, that's where I've found most of mine (I have 9 SM bags in the house) at less than MSRP.
  11. As my fitter explained (Golf Magazine Top 100 in US and worked with several PGA/LPGA pros, including few major winners)..... He said, he can fit clubs to a mediocre swing, but if fix swing they won't fit anymore...... Point being, until shoot consistently in low to mid 80s, spend money on lessons, then get fit....up to you though, it's your time and $$$
  12. I wouldn't use one of those sharpeners, good luck if you do.
  13. No problem with that gap, mine are 3* gaps and adjustable for fine tuning...I just play them at standard lofts.
  14. Someone bend hosel or something? I have a handful of 7s, and as a face balanced putter, none of mine do this. A knowledgeable fitter/club repair shop should be able to figure out why and possibly fix.
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