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  1. Correct. I approached him. He has caddied for some other junior players and some lower level pros here and there. I can also say he is not greedy at all. I believe he genuinely cares about her game and checks on her scores and discusses rounds with her etc..at no extra cost for us. As I believe a true coach should. Overall we are happy and he does a fantastic job and I have recommended him to several others players when they ask me who my daughter goes to. Also he would not be "coaching" during the round on for instance her swing etc.. just caddy duties..I do beli
  2. I got fired a loooooong time ago...lol. hell we played today and she gave me nine strokes and two mulligans and we played from the blues....she still beat me silly.
  3. So it's her coach. She is 15 and a top 10 golfer in Texas for her class. Was thinking of getting a caddy for this tournament to see if it could help her with her putts. She is pretty solid on her game. (0.3 hncp) also would help her coach she how she is thinking in a real tournament situation...but the cost..ouch. wasn't expecting that much...lol.
  4. So the person we approached is a coach..so he does know her. I just didn't think it was going to be that much. My wife flipped when I told her to cost but he is losing a day of work as he put it. What typical does a caddy cost? I am ignorant on that as I have never paid for one or used a caddy before? Is there hourly rate usually $25,$50,$100 ???
  5. It's near Houston. Sugar creek CC It's a qualifier for the USGA junior girls Championship.
  6. Daughter will be playing in her first USGA girls qualifier. We wanted to get a caddy but not sure what the cost would be. Does anyone have any experience with this? We approached someone and they quoted $500-$600 to caddy which seems very high as my wifey did not approve. We are in texas if that matters also. The qualifier is a one day event also.
  7. I have not heard of these clubs that are in this article. I would stick with Flynn Golf as my first choice and then US Kids golf clubs as my 2nd choice. These two are top clubs for juniors. If they are just beginning and you want to get a club I suggest getting a 9 iron from US kids with the grip and a putter. Take them to a range and let them start hitting the 9 iron to make contact. Then once they get comfortable with that club put them on the course from 50 yard out. Let them hit the 9 iron and then putt it out. If your kid starts hitting the green on 1 or 2 and making 2 putts then g
  8. Check out this video from our Local News in Houston, TX #prouddad Her hard work and dedication to this great game is paying off. http://www.khou.com/mb/sports/bella-flores-has-game-style-on-the-course/257720730
  9. Check out this video of my daughter flynn golf clubs so you can see them up close.
  10. What type of camp are you looking for? just fun camp that they can meet and have social our and hit some balls. Or a camp with instruction that provides fundamentals in golf? Also with a half day camp I would suggest going to the nearest country club and asking them for their golf camp.
  11. Thanks guys.. She is in 2nd place behind 100 likes. Any likes are appreciated and if you could share the post to your friends that would be great. They have to like the actual photo (not the post). contest ends Aug 21.
  12. [quote name='SwingBlues' timestamp='1439098322' post='12103960'] Great review, nice done video and very entertaining and informative Now, if only Flynn Golf would get up their new website - there is still NOTHING on the Velocity clubs. Are they not expecting any sales? [/quote] Yes I know they said it would be up like in March but nothing yet. I can tell you that we saw alot of kids with the new clubs at the World championship in San Diego so they are getting around and ordered.
  13. well this is a "REAL" contest and its run by the LPGA girls golf program. Thanks for taking the time and hope we can get some more likes. We are in 3rd place.
  14. Can you guys please like and share this link and have your followers like this photo. My daughter could win an all expense paid VIP trip to LPGA CME championship Tour with the most likes. pls support as this would be a dream for her. https://www.facebook.com/girlsgolf/photos/a.10153531971993249.1073741878.34493428248/10153531972238249/?type=1&theater Thanks so much
  15. Hey guys... Check it out. Her dedication and passion for this game makes me a proud dad. KHOU 11 News June 27-31 Athlete of the week. http://on.khou.com/1SexCb7 If you want to follow her journey check out www.facebook.com/bellafloresgolf
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