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  1. Thanks for these comments. It was exactly what I needed to find out.
  2. I will be vacationing at the Hilton Sandestin Resort in Florida. I would appreciate any input on (1) the relative difficulty of each course and (2) overall impressions on which courses are the most enjoyable.
  3. I've played all of the courses at Crystal Springs and agree with most of the above. I would pass on the Minerals course and play the Cascades 9 holes course for a pleasant short round on a very straightforward layout. While I enjoy each of the 4 full 18 hole courses (and they are very different), I particularly enjoy Ballyowen and Wild Turkey and they will probably be less intimidating for your wife than Crystal (lots of uneven lies and difficult mounding on some holes) and Black Bear (tighter driving holes).
  4. A friend and I are planning a 3-4 day trip to Palm Springs (in mid-December). From my research, La Quinta seems like a good bet in that they have several courses on premises. Never having been to Palm Springs, I am open to any suggestions. Thanks
  5. I've played most of the AC courses and I agree with the previous comment about Twisted Dune. For courses that present less of a challenge and an easier walk I'd try either the course at the Renault Winery or the Bay Course at Seaview.
  6. Another option is Atlantic City. The Stockton Seaview is a very nice resort hotel and there are two courses on the premises, as well as other courses in the area., including the highly regarded Atlantic City County Club. I especially enjoy Twisted Dunes.
  7. I go to Vegas annually and almost always go to Paiute at least once. You should be able to get in a round for about 140/150 in prime time. The three Dye courses have always been in great shape and all the tracks are very enjoyable. Of course, getting there would require a car. (about 30 minutes from the strip).
  8. You might also consider Mystical Golf, in central MB. We paid about 450/person for a 3 bedroom condo on-site (4 nights) , 4 rounds of golf and all breakfasts and lunches included (breakfast ok - lunch so-so). Though not top-rated, the three courses were all different and enjoyable.
  9. [quote name='deadsolid...shank' timestamp='1440422908' post='12198096'] First off, I apologize because it seems like I would have read it somewhere, but I don't think I have. Very simply, I've read the names numerous times, Shortys, the Punchbow, and the Preserve, but I haven't read what exactly they are. Just for general knowledge, can someone enlighten me? THanks. [/quote] Just go to the Bandon website.
  10. By DoubleorQuits definition (which is correct) I would say that Paiute and Bandon are not secluded, just out of the way. The most secluded course I've been on is Morefar.
  11. You could try Revere / Lexington. I found it to be pretty interesting (especially the back nine) and its also close to the Strip. But I agree with the other poster that if you have some flexibility on price, Paiute is worth the extra money.
  12. I'm also going to Vegas in March and tried to book Conestoga, but was told the course is closed on the day we planned on going to Mesquite. We've played Wolf Creek before and found it very memorable - three years later and I can remember pretty much every hole and shot. I would definitely play there again but for this trip we agreed to play something new. Another choice was Coyote Springs, but it didn't seem to have a 19th hole, which is a negative for me. We settled on Oasis (Palmer) as an acquaintance gave it pretty high marks and also because there's a second course and we might ry
  13. If I could bring along a friend, maybe. Half the fun is the shared memories. But if I had 5K to spend and it was playing Augusta or taking a weeklong trip to Scotland or Ireland, then no contest.
  14. You might want to look at Wente Vineyards - a Greg Norman course - in Livermore, which is about 30 miles from San Jose. Many of the holes wind through vineyards and there are some very interesting elevation changes (see the 10th hole). The Web.com tour used to have a tournament there.
  15. I loved Bandon, but I'd give the nod to Ballybunion.
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