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  1. I think you are correct. I've had some online lessons, but none of these issues were addressed or even mentioned. I have always wondered why that line you drew on my shoulders is so flat. I have no idea why they are so flat or how to correct that. I did get to my lowest HC of 6 this season, but it's now up to a 9. I have a long winter ahead of me living in the mountains, but we have some golf simulators I can use once a week or so.
  2. I don't disagree. I know that I'm dumping some lag too early. However, for the time being I'm trying to work on some other fundamentals before I tackle that problem. Chasing lag is something that really messed up my swing a while ago. But you are correct in what you see.
  3. My head moves too far forward of the ball, or at least is not slightly behind the ball at impact, but I also struggle to get to my left side. If I think about keeping my head slightly behind the ball, how do you still get to the left side and prevent hanging back? Does anyone know a feel or drill that keeps my head in the right position but also at the same time getting to the left side without hanging back? If I think about head position, my tendency is to rotate too much around my back leg. Does this make any sense at all to anyone out there?
  4. Winter is tough for me. Every year I put the clubs away mid-October and don't touch them until April. When I do, I am completely on fire and thinking it's the year to get to scratch. I'm a 6 HC. Then reality sets in around June and I hover around 8-9 until my club championship at the end of August. I blow up and always play terribly during the championship, but then find my groove after men's league/club championship is over until about mid-October. I normally get back to around a 6, then I put the clubs back away for the dreaded winter. I always play my best the first and last weeks of the season.
  5. For me it's the Cordillera Summit Course in the Vail Valley. I've played it a lot and it eats my lunch every time. I've never played in the UK, but I have played every PGA West course and all of the Bandon tracks and I don't think any of those are nearly as difficult as whatever in god's name Jack Nicklaus was thinking when he designed the Summit Course. That being said, I love it. Great views.
  6. Do yourself a favor and don't go play PGA West Nicklaus Private course. Much more difficult.
  7. How many "regular winners" do you think are on the PGA tour? According to my research, we have 6 players to win on the PGA Tour more than once this season, and they are all tied at 2 wins. And most of them aren't nearly as a big of name as Rickie. We have Harris English, Stewart Cink, Bryson, Morikawa, Patrick Cantlay, and Jason Kokrak each with 2 wins. No one outside of die hard golf fans have ever heard of Harris English and Jason Kokrak. Do you think Stewart Cink deserves Rickie's endorsement deals? Fans of golf like Rickie Fowler and he was relevant on the tour for a long time and he's still young and talented enough to become relevant again.
  8. I've never seen one-length irons on any course or driving range, or know of a single person that plays one-length irons. I doubt I even know someone who knows someone that plays one-length irons. I'd be very curious to know what percentage of Cobra's sales are from one-length irons. Maybe I'd be very surprised on how well they sell, but I've never seen any in the wild.
  9. I don't necessarily care if it's amateurs or not, but for me the Olympics are about each country presenting their best athletes in each event on a worldwide scale and competition. It's never made any sense to me for any sport/event to relegate that to amateur status. I'm from the US, so I want to see the best that America has to compete against the best from every other country. Sure, there will be sports that the US will just dominate, but many others will not be the case, such as skiing, and that's fine.
  10. I had lost some considerable distance early this season and took some videos and saw some stuff that looked odd on camera, so decided to do an online lesson. It really helped and I gained back all of my older, longer distances and some, and added some depth in my backswing and got less steep. It only took a handful of range sessions and I was really happy with the results. Haven't struck my irons this well maybe ever. So I decided to do another online lesson from the same guy and he said the stuff he had me working on looked great, but noticed I had a pretty cupped left wrist at the top and he suggested some drills to work on that. However, when working on fixing this cupped wrist, I can barely make contact with the ball. I'm not a great golfer, but decent at a 9 index. I know the cupped wrist is a problem, but I'm wondering if it's worth trying to fix without totally losing my ability to go shoot a decent score. Do better players on here have flaws they know just aren't worth fixing unless they can devote a serious amount of time on the problem? For fixing a cupped wrist in particular, do you think it's a long road to getting a flat wrist at the top? I've typically been able to address certain issues pretty quickly, but this one seems like almost starting over and it is making me wonder if it's worth fixing or just keep playing with that flaw.
  11. I dunno. Could it be the talent level is at an all-time high, including the mental side of things? Talent, skill and athleticism is through the roof compared to previous generations of pro golfers. It's harder and harder to win consistently when everyone can hit bombs from the tee and back it up with great iron shots, short game, putting AND being mentally tenacious. Every week, there's so many players capable of winning. By the way, Brooks had the second highest score on the final day of the PGA Championship. He also choked away the last Masters to Tiger.
  12. What about Louis Louis Oosthuizen?
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