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  1. How many "regular winners" do you think are on the PGA tour? According to my research, we have 6 players to win on the PGA Tour more than once this season, and they are all tied at 2 wins. And most of them aren't nearly as a big of name as Rickie. We have Harris English, Stewart Cink, Bryson, Morikawa, Patrick Cantlay, and Jason Kokrak each with 2 wins. No one outside of die hard golf fans have ever heard of Harris English and Jason Kokrak. Do you think Stewart Cink deserves Rickie's endorsement deals? Fans of golf like Rickie Fowler and he was relevant on the tour for a long time and he's sti
  2. I've never seen one-length irons on any course or driving range, or know of a single person that plays one-length irons. I doubt I even know someone who knows someone that plays one-length irons. I'd be very curious to know what percentage of Cobra's sales are from one-length irons. Maybe I'd be very surprised on how well they sell, but I've never seen any in the wild.
  3. I don't necessarily care if it's amateurs or not, but for me the Olympics are about each country presenting their best athletes in each event on a worldwide scale and competition. It's never made any sense to me for any sport/event to relegate that to amateur status. I'm from the US, so I want to see the best that America has to compete against the best from every other country. Sure, there will be sports that the US will just dominate, but many others will not be the case, such as skiing, and that's fine.
  4. I had lost some considerable distance early this season and took some videos and saw some stuff that looked odd on camera, so decided to do an online lesson. It really helped and I gained back all of my older, longer distances and some, and added some depth in my backswing and got less steep. It only took a handful of range sessions and I was really happy with the results. Haven't struck my irons this well maybe ever. So I decided to do another online lesson from the same guy and he said the stuff he had me working on looked great, but noticed I had a pretty cupped left wrist at the top and he
  5. I dunno. Could it be the talent level is at an all-time high, including the mental side of things? Talent, skill and athleticism is through the roof compared to previous generations of pro golfers. It's harder and harder to win consistently when everyone can hit bombs from the tee and back it up with great iron shots, short game, putting AND being mentally tenacious. Every week, there's so many players capable of winning. By the way, Brooks had the second highest score on the final day of the PGA Championship. He also choked away the last Masters to Tiger.
  6. What about Louis Louis Oosthuizen?
  7. You thought about your score at the turn. That's a round killer for almost anyone from high to low handicaps. On the back nine you were playing to defend the front nine score. While you don't want to put the pedal to the metal and fire at every pin, the opposite can hurt you just as bad where you fail to play aggressively enough which might have caused the cold top 6 iron, 3 putts and duffs. Almost anyone at your handicap (consistently shooting low to mid-80s is something a vast majority of golfers would love to do) would be much better suited to not add up your score until the very last put
  8. I tried this drill and at first it felt great, but it caused me to reverse pivot super hard for a week and it took me a while to get back to getting the weight on the right heel at the top of my backswing. It actually screwed me up pretty bad. Maybe I did it wrong.
  9. I try to disintegrate the ball. But in all honesty, taking some off my swing creates different face paths and leads to inconsistency. I swing as hard as I can from the top with good balance. This is pretty much the case on every shot. I control irons by shortening the backswing or choking down, but from the top I try to hit the ball as hard as I can. For me, this promotes much better contact and follow through.
  10. My buddy pointed out to me about 6 months ago that I had a reverse pivot going on at the top of my backswing after a round of hitting some really fat shots. He was right, so I began working on that. However, now I think my backswing is producing a too flat of angle at the top. I've always been a feel type of guy with using drills for feels. For instance, I worked on the drill where you get on your knees and practice the take-away. Does anyone know how to work on the balance between too steep of shoulders and too flat? I'm a bit worried to try to mess around with this too much as my swing
  11. I work Monday - Friday, 9 - 5 or so with an hour lunch break. I go to the gym in the mornings before work on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I normally go hit the range during my lunch break about 3 times a week. Then I'll play 9 holes after work as much as the fiancee allows, which is normally 3 times a week. Then Saturdays are for doing something with the lady, and then I have my league on Sundays. During a full week, it's pretty easy for me to get the following in: 4 gym sessions 3 range sessions 3 9-hole rounds 1 full round There's still tons of time for mountain bike rides,
  12. I just got fitted for a driver at Club Champion. I really enjoyed the experience and the fitter was super nice and not that pushy. In fact, I brought in a new driver I had just purchased previously, along with a stock Nike I've been using for years. I told the guy I wanted to keep the new head, but find the best shaft for it. He was all about that. We also compared numbers on my old Nike gamer. There was a head that was slightly better than the one I brought in, but only by a hair. He recommended keeping the new head with a different shaft. It was just cool seeing all the specs and numbers o
  13. We have a fairly short driving range at my home course. I used to routinely one hop or hit the back net in the air with my driver and this was when I was not hitting it nearly as far as I do now. One year, they changed the balls to limited flight balls. Now I can't reach the net with my driver. I'm normally 15 yards short of the net. From wedges to maybe an 8 iron, the distances seem about right compared to what I would hit on the course with a Pro V, but once you get to the longer clubs, the balls do really funky things. A well struck 5 iron will carry almost the same distance as a pounded
  14. I refuse to play if I have to walk instead of taking a cart. I never obey 90 degree rules when in place. I never mark my ball or pull the pin in casual rounds. I will support the local course by purchasing up to 2 beers, but the other 3 - 4 beers I sneak in my bag.
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