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  1. Hi all i needed to cancel someone’s purchase through me via PayPal due to damages before shipping of a club. I hit refund via PayPal and as I am in Canada he lost $25 on transaction as I would have but I refunded him in total through PayPal. This was due to currency exchange. What is the process for this ? Should I send him the lost $25?
  2. M5 9.0 w a kurokage XT70 - Flex TX - $275 Ping Glide Wedges 50/54/58 Project x 6.5 - All three wedges for
  3. Lots of good deals in here....Let's make a deal!!! Callaway GBB Epic Sub Zero 13.5 Degree Diamana Thump 85 x flex- Good condition $200 Lajosi Custom Putter made from 303SS - $500 FLO C | ARMLOCK (LAGOLF SHAFT) 41.5 Length - $700 Brand New PXG 3 wood 15 degrees 0341X w Accra tourzx265 M5 - $250 PXG Mustang Putter w Matrix Shaft - $350
  4. > @nandersen said: > @jordandk thanks for the tip i'm a little new-school. i'll keep you posted, i'm more interested than i'd like to admit. how's it feel? (obviously it's for the looks, but, gotta ask) No probs! For me - the face felt very firm...but it just depends what you like...i found out that I like a softer feeling face...but I too bought it for the looks (for a pretty penny)
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